Diana Z

Diana Z

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Warm celestial vocals reminiscent of Alison Krauss...often compared to The Cranberries, Colbie Caillat, Natalie Merchant


**featured on the newly released Film soundtrack of 'Moon Point' - Canadian Independent Film produced by Sean Cisterna and Christian Potenza

Diana Z is a local singer/songwriter born and raised in Toronto. Currently she lives in Alaska, but makes frequent trips back to her native homeland. She released her debut album 'All I Want' in October of 2007 with a full band to a full house @ Jeff Healey's Roadhouse. Diana Z has been performing live on stage for over 15 years, at various venues and festivals all over Toronto, across Canada and the United States. Her title song 'All I Want' is on the soundtrack of the newly released 'Moon Point' movie, an indie film from Toronto produced by Sean Cisterna and Christian Potenza - a sweet and heartfelt story that you must see! Currently Moon Point is being shown across North America at various film festivals -http://moonpointmovie.com.

Check out more of Diana Z at www.dianaz.ca, on iTunes and on Facebook 'Diana Z music'!



Written By: Diana Z

I was sitting by the window, watching gusts of leaves spin around
Then my mind started wandering
and I thought I'd find a pen to write things down

All these thoughts started to flow
From my heart and into my hand
With every beat every thought knows
That I'm here for you always

There may be times when you question:
Do we have the strength to make it through?
Will the wind lift us up high?
Or will it drop and release us?
Like autumn leaves we are so fragile
But I'm here for you always

When I'm gone you know I miss you
When you laugh my heart wants to kiss you
When you smile you bring colour to my life
Without you life would be grey

All these thoughts started to flow
From my heart and into my hand
With every beat, every thought knows
That I'm here, that I'm here for you always


**All I Want, full length cd - released 2007, produced by Dan Reid
available at www.dianaz.ca or on iTunes

**featured on the Moon Point soundtrack, title track 'All I Want'

Radio airplay: KNBA, The Wolf 96.3FM, various local radio stations in Alaska, college radio in AK, internet radio, CBC radio 3

Set List

Available for corporate gigs, special events, weddings, private shows...can play solo/duo/trio/band - upbeat or mellow or a mix of both! Generally 3 45minute sets, all depends on what you would like

Originals plus a good mixture of folk/pop/rock/eclectic/bluegrass..ranging from artists like: Alison Krauss, Neil Young, Blondie, The Carpenters,Bruce Springsteen,John Prine, The Tragically Hip