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Diane Jessurun

Band Christian Adult Contemporary


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"Can't Let you Go"
Beat by Rock It Productions www.rockitproductions.net

This is really nicely produced. Less is more. You have a really sparse arrangement going that still has enough change-ups to keep the listener fully engaged. Smooth as butter, soft but not mushy.

You know what? I was thinking the other day, ‘Man, it would be nice to have a good voice.’ I mean even if I wrote a mediocre tune my voice – if were more euphonic – would make the whole thing work. You, young lady, have a really nice voice: great tone, great control and good range. (I hesitated before that last one, because I don’t know if I’ve heard you stretch yourself too much at the high end. You sing ‘within yourself’ – knowing your limits. Still, as far as I can see those limits can be drawn with a very large hand. The low tones that you inject are so strong that one would almost think you had a male back up.) The harmony work on this is lovely, truly wonderful. Out of curiosity: what is your vocal range?

Melody…good. You know; your voice is so nice that it makes the melody seem better than it is, I believe. Because the melody is a darting thing: a here and there affair. I like the passage: ‘…that’s still in LOOOOVVVE with you.’ That’s pretty sans vox, on the melody alone.

So…where’s the contract?

--Cam Bastedo - Soundclick.com 10/09/05

Dizeazed is a 20 year old rapper from California who I had been totally unaware of until a name we had in common put us into the same space. Take Me Remix is this emcees remix of a Diane Jessurun original and that will be a name known to people who regularly read my reviews. I first came across Diane (and producer/musician hubbie Ron) at the end of last year when I reviewed and absolutely loved Silence...Then The Sun. There's a professionalism allied to her vocal talent that really shines out in her performances and one I would not have readily associated with something like the Hip Hop that Dizeazed specializes in.

As Dizeazed states on his site 'this track shows a side of me that most won't ever see... ' I'd have to agree. I listened to Dizeazed vs Junior Twine (Blast Last) and Kickin Shit v4.0 to see what the guy was normally up to and I gotta say here's a hip hop artist who knows exactly what works and then goes out and delivers it. There are many obvious reference to another famous white rapper but IMHO I think Dizeazed has a professional enough sound and flow to easily overcome that slur. Much more to the point the boy does it with s-t-y-l-e, from the out of the ordinary arrangements and the inspiring choice of instrumental sounds to ornament them. I'm sure neither Diane or Dizeazed will mind me taking the time out of this review to say that here is a hip hop artist well worth checking out.

OK, so back to cases. Take Me is, at least structurally, pretty much what I would expect from this sophisicated chanteuse; the arrangement is lush and opulent and as full bodied as I have always found their work to be. Diane sounds in great shape, that remarkablely sultry vocal teasing your ears, as well as teasing the bejeebers out of every note she emits. It's a superlative performance all round musically and both the music and vocals were worthy of the makers of Silence.... The rap that Dizeazed lays over the top of this is excellently pitched to the general mood and tone of the peice. The rap flows eloquently and fairly understandably for those who happen not to live in 'Da Hood' - wherever that is and shows yet again that Dizeazed is also adaptable enough to take on a challenge. After playing the crap out of this for days I'd say all parties should give themselves a very large pat on the back because they've worked a small aural miracle with this track.

and of course it's a Must Have...

Steve Gilmore

"Silence Then The Sun"

Bloody marvellous work, arrangement, production and performance are top notch with not a hair out of place. Diane has a powerful voice that carries each note without flaw, switching from the impassioned verses to the slower more considered choruses with consummate ease. An excellent song that is a class example of how to combine good, intelligent lyrics with a dynamite arrangement.

Steve Gilmore - Soundclick.com

- Steve Gilmore


"Don't Forget Me" wins 5th place for December 2004 “Best Vocalist Of The Month" Competition at SingerUniverse Magazine Online.

"You Wanna Fly" wins 5th place for November 2004 “Best Vocalist Of The Month" Competition at SingerUniverse Magazine Online.
http://www.singeruniverse.com/competitionwinner2.htm - Singer Universe Magazine


Diane Jessurun - Self Titled

Currently being aired on College and Internet Radio Worldwide.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Vocalist/Songwriter Diane Jessurun will light up a room with her voice, smile, and passionate singing style. Voted second place in the 2005 Song of the Year awards with her original song "Can't Let You Go", Diane has performed in many local Southern California venues such as The OC Pavilion, San Clemente Street Fair, Irvine Spectrum, Bistro400, SOKA University, Sol Grill Restaurant, SIDS Foundation Charity Walk, Our Place, and the Gypsy Den, and she was also a Lead Cantor at Corpus Christi Church in Aliso Viejo.

Singing everything from Jazz Standards, Bossa Nova, Pop, and R&B, her versatility entertains music lovers of all kinds. Diane’s influences include Tori Amos, Joan Osborne, Seal, Carole King, Jane Monheit, Julie London, and Nancy Wilson. She also is a huge fan of the music of Cirque du Soleil and cites them as one of her major musical influences. She has studied voice and music with many gifted teachers and mentors and has also had the opportunity to write and record locally and internationally with amazing musicians, songwriters, and producers. Her music has been played on radio stations from as far away as Korea and has had success in international sales of her debut self-titled CD.

Her heartfelt performances are always well received because of her intense connection with both the music and the audience. Listen to her once and you will no doubt be impressed by her voice, her passion, and her warm, sultry style.