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Diane Kay :
Help Me Decide

Artwork/Design: 8
Production: 10
Continuity: 7
Sound levels: 10
Songwriting: 8
Overall Rating: 8

Radio Tracks: 5, 7, 9
Best Tracks:
Hold On, My Heart
There's a Rainbow
Website: Diane Kay

Diane Kay's Help Me Decide is many things....fragile, deep, Christ-led, intricate, skillfully written, well produced, and soulfully sung; but most importantly, it was meant-to-be.

Dear God is a light melodic prayer with a country flair. The listener instanly feels comfortable musically on this smart lead-off track. Eric Copeland's production influence is prevalent and well thought out. The song is non-obtrusive with Kay's intiguing voice the focus, but the instrumentlists are outstanding, complete with counter-melodies and tasty piano. Diane's voice is alone at the end of track one and drops off which was a nice touch that leads quite well into the next song, Who You Are to Me. Who has a country gospel feel that lends itself to special music for a church service. It's loving and uplifting. By now the listener is paying attention to the heart-felt lyrics of love and joy for the Savior that permeate this album.

Diane sings beautifully and the first three songs are so interwoven that before you know it you're to the gem of the CD, Hold On, My Heart. This track is a work of art, an artistic painting of guitar (Mark Baldwin), voice, lyric and pure unadulterated love of being saved by Him. It's a precious moment in time you'll want to hear over and over again, and Diane's voice has wonderful emotion thoughout, and though her voice is pretty, it's also full of strength and experience.

Praise Him was probably placed at track four so the listener wouldn't be lulled into thinking that every song was similar. There's a Mary, Mary feel to this track and it's likely effective in concert, but this live feel track may have been better placed at the end of the CD where it didn't jolt the listener. The guitar work and organ playing on this song is the highlight! The rap at the end is a bit of a surprise. You do have to give Diane and company credit for the unexpected change of pace as any song written for Him can be used for His glory to reach someone we may have never met.

If I Go Alone is a strong pop track with a fine melody and Santana sounding guitar. The backup vocals are well-woven and the hook is the strongest of the project. By this point of the CD, most listeners are convinced they have found something special, such rains so true on the following title track, Help Me Decide! The production of Decide is flawless as it breathes life into a song that needs a laid back nature at first, yet also needs the buildup leading up to the life that results in the song's conclusion. I'd recommend this song to any woman who has struggled with an unplanned pregnancy. To share a story like this to the world takes inner strength and great conviction. If you shed a tear while listening, you won't be the only one weeping for the children left unborn, or the mothers and fathers whose lives have been changed by that one decision.

Me and Jesus has a cool groove to it. The lyrics are reflective and the counter-melody is effective at bringing us back mentally, yet moving forward musically. The bridge gives a good change of pace and leads seamlessly into an upbeat instrumental. This has strong radio potential.

There's a Rainbow slows the pace back down into the pretty, melodic Diane-style with a piano led song. There is nothing like a piano and one lone voice and the feeling it can bring the soul. To put this on record is special and not enough musicians realize that sometimes less production can provide much more. Thus is the case with Rainbow. A simply brilliant song from a songwriter's standpoint.

Lead Me changes the pace with a clever chorus and staightforward lyrics. The southern rock guitar is excellent, and the backup vocals and drumming are top-notch. This is not the normal track nine song, and if you're listening on an iPod, you'll be tempted to swap tracks 4 and 9. The chorus is the highlight here, very strong with an almost alternative edge. This is a track that could easily get mainstream CCM radio play.

A Mother's Prayer is a perfect way to end an album that centers on the child within, both from childbirth and the Christ child in our hearts. Diane resists the urge to go sappy, and instead writes a beautifully humble song whose focus is upwards. It's another piano song that stirs the heart and leaves you with the peace that He is in control. Songwriting is a gift, best served from His Spirit and Diane's music is the real deal.

Why do independent artists write albums and produce magnificent CDs when so few get a chance to sit down and listen carefully? It's really a simple answer, it's all for Him and for those people who do get to listen and are positively affected. Help Me Decide is such an album. It's destined to make an an impact on all those who hear it.


Lead Me
© Diane Kay Coons and Jeff Coons, 2006

Where are you leading me?
Don't know which way to turn
Looking ahead and not behind me
Do I walk on ahead or do I just stand still?
I'm confident my faith will find me

Your Word says to walk by faith
Not by sigHt nor by my strength
I should not let fear control
For by Your spirit I am whole
I'm going your way, please lead me

Why should I worry when You have me in Your hand?
You are the maker of all things
Why should I tarry in the river of distress
When there is power in You, my King?

Your Word says to walk by faith
Not by sight nor by my strength
I should not let fear control
For by Your spirit I am whole
I'm going your way, please lead me

Where You lead I will follow
Where You lead I will follow
Where You lead I will follow

Your Word says to walk by faith
Not by sight nor by my strength
I should not let fear control
For by Your spirit I am whole
I'm going your way, please lead me

Where are you leading me?
Don't know which way to turn
I'm going Your way, please lead me

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MOUNT JULIET, TENNESSEE, APRIL 18, 2008- A Benefit Concert will be held on April 26, 2008 in honor of the McDougal Family at the Charlie Daniels Park Amphitheater in Mount Juliet, Tennessee FROM 12 NOON UNTIL 8:00 PM. Performances and Proceeds from CD Sales will be donated to the McDougal Family from Diane Kay and over 17 other artists INCLUDING Greg McDougal, The Whites, Irene Kelly, Mike Cowart, Jennie Matson, Kate Carlson, Michael Vance & Rodney Indigo who will be performing throughout the day from 12 noon to 8:00 pm. The City of Mt. Juliet has declared April 26 "The McDougal Family Day". Diane will be performing at 2:00 pm.

The benefit concert will be held in honor of the McDougal Family for three of their four children who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis with the oldest son who has developed a resistance to Aspergillus, a common mold in homes. The McDougals need a home that is allergen free. Greg McDougal, the father of the children is a former songwriter for EMI Nashville and was pursuing a record deal. He even had a song recorded by Atlantic Recording artist John Michael Montgomery. Greg soon learned that God had other plans for him that changed his family's life. Greg will be performing after Diane Kay.

Christian Singer-Songwriter and Pro-Life Advocate Diane Kay is a resident of Acworth, Georgia which is a northern suburb of Atlanta. Her new CD "HELP ME DECIDE", produced by Creative Soul Records of Nashville, was released in March of 2007. The album features Diane's original material and is a compilation of 70's style rock, alternative, a little country flair and ballads. The new album is described by CD BABY as "Emotional, real life songs of Christian faith and some rocking praise as well". SOCKSPIDER ALBUM REVIEWS quotes,"Diane Kay's "Help Me Decide" is many things....fragile, deep, Christ-led, intricate, skillfully written, well produced, and soulfully sung; but most importantly, it was meant-to-be".

The title song "Help Me Decide" is Diane's personal testimony of an unplanned pregnancy in her young adult life and how Jesus gave her the strength and courage to give life to her son, despite the great adversity she faced at that time. She hopes to reach many through her music with songs of her faith, hope and love for Jesus Christ. She currently serves as a volunteer counselor at Cobb Pregnancy Services in Marietta, Georgia and is a member of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church also located in Marietta, where she serves in the adult choir as well as a 3rd Grade Choir Director. Diane Kay's music is available in the "i-Tunes" store and can be heard on www.thespiritradio.net.

To learn more about Diane Kay and her Music Ministry, please visit some of her websites:

To learn more about the McDougal Family, please log onto:

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Diane Kay of Acworth was nominated for three IndieHeaven Momentum Awards, including "Contemporary Artist of the Year", "Inspirational Artist of the Year" and "Female Vocalist of the Year". IndieHeaven.com is the leading organization supporting independent artists in Christian music.

Kay's new record, "Help Me Decide", was produced by Creative Soul Records in Nashville and was released in March 2007. Kay is a 1981 graduate of South Cobb High School and a member of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church. She can be heard at www.thespiritradio.net.

To vote for Kay in any of her nominated categories, visit www.indieheaven.com/momentum_awards.php. Her album is available at www.cdbaby.com/dianekay



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Coffee Shop Concert:

Diane Kay Coons is an artist with a lot of heart who shares how God used an unplanned pregnancy in her life. Enjoy her music on our Coffee Shop Concert page.


Help Me Decide
There’s A Rainbow


“Lord, Help Me Decide.” We’ve all prayed these desperate words. But singer-songwriter Diane Kay has seen the words come full circle, as not only were they words she prayed to God about her unborn son, but choices she see her grown children now having to make. “There have been many bouts of adversity and despair in my life,” recounts Diane. “But my faith in God most always pulled me through.” Now, with her new CD “Help Me Decide”, Diane sings and speaks about the stories and trials of her eventful life, and how God was there every step of the way. Proceeds from her CD sales go to Cobb Pregnancy Services in Marietta, Ga. to help save the lives of the unborn!

www.dianekaymusic.com, www.shoutlife.com/dianekay, www.indieheaven.com/artists/dianekay, and http://cdbaby.com/cd/dianekay
Help Me Decide: For My son, Geoffrey
Words and Music ©2006 Diane K. Coons
This song is about the story of an unplanned pregnancy when I was 19 and how God helped me. (See complete testimony on my websites.)

When I was young, barely nineteen,
The world in my hands, or so it seemed
I was in love with a young man,
Things were good, we were making plans
To be together, our love was forever
One fateful day everything changed,
I always remember that cold rainy day
Told him a baby was coming soon,
With words of anger, he said I must choose
My heart fell to the floor, as he walked out the door
As I sat there alone with tears rolling down
Conflicting emotions just spinning around
I fell on my knees and in my shame
Raised up my hands and called out His name
Dear Jesus I cried, please help me decide
With all odds against me how can I even try
Please tell me how, can I do this now
And leave the life I’m living, for the new life that’s growing inside
Please help me decide
As I prayed, I felt arms of love,
Comforting me and a voice above
Said “you know in your heart what to do
Don’t be afraid, I will be with you”
Oh, I embraced, oh the task that I faced
With anticipation the day had come,
I looked in the eyes of my precious son
I kissed him gently and held him close,
And with all my strength, I prayed for us both
Dear Jesus I cried, please help me decide
With all odds against me how can I even try?
Please tell me how, to be a good mother now
And teach him that life is worth living and the way to the truth and the light.
Please help me decide
All grown up, my son came to me and said “mom, she’s having a baby”…
Dear Jesus I cried, please help him decide,
With all odds against him, please help him to try
Please show him how, he can do this now
And leave the life he’s living, for the new life that’s growing inside
Please help him decide…………………………..

There’s A Rainbow
Words and Music ©2006 Diane K. Coons

(I wrote this back in 2006 when I was suffering from a ruptured disc and was going through a real hard time emotionally, spiritually and physically. I had enough and laid my head down on the piano and cried one day…and then felt like God was telling me that “there is a rainbow ahead for me” and He gave me this song.)

Lord I need you now,
Get me through this somehow.
I don’t know if I can take another day;
I don’t know if I can take the pain.
Don’t have the strength to do,
Daily things I used to.
My mind is growing weary fighting for
The faith that I so easily found before.
Yet somewhere deep inside I know,
There’s a rainbow up ahead for me!
But the clouds keep bringing in the pouring rain,
Open the skies so I can see!
There’s a rainbow…………….
You have plans for me,
It’s what I want to be.
Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy;
Doubtless will come again with rejoice!
Yet somewhere deep inside I know,
There’s a rainbow up ahead for me!
But the clouds keep bringing in the pouring rain,
Open the skies so I can see!
There’s a rainbow ……………..
Lord help me find, my rainbow



CD "Help Me Decide"-Released March of 2007; Produced by Creative Soul Records, Nashville, TN.


CD Baby, I-Tunes, Indieheaven, Napster, Limewire, Soundclick, MSN Music. Music is Here, Tradebit and many, many other sites......

Radio airplay in several other states, (Kansas, Indiana, KAJC-90.1 FM-Independence, Oregon, Wisconsin, CA); Radio airplay as "Featured Artist" on Moody Broadcasting South, Atlanta' s J93.3; ; Power Praise Radio


*Live performance July 2008 on "Atlanta Live";
*Atlanta's J-93.3
*Interview with "The Dagger", My Hometown Sports;
*Fire Escape & Sounds of Inspiration- Bloomington, IN;
*Featured Artist-Moody Broadcasting South
*Featured in the Comfort Cafe Magazine
*Marietta Daily Journal-Marietta, Ga.
*Music Industry News Network
*Indie Artist Alliance

*Nominated for the 2008 Momentum Awards for "Contemporary Artist of the Year", "Inspirational Artist of the Year" and "Female Vocalist of the Year"

Songwriter/Composer: COONS DIANE KAY
Current Affiliation: BMI CAE/IPI #: 532150986






Diane Kay is a Singer-Songwriter from Acworth, Georgia.

Diane's freshman CD, "Help Me Decide" was released in 2007 with Creative Soul Records of Nashville, TN. and is a mixture of contemporary, ballads, alternative and rock styles. She is currently working on her sophomore CD that will have a couple of easy listening songs but is swaying toward her "rock/alternative" side.

Diane's songwriting is considered to be more of a "down to earth, realisitc" approach to life as a Christain and the struggles that most don't talk about, least sing about. Diane has turned many heads of those who are not "into" Christian music.

Since the release of her freshman CD, Diane has formed a group of musicians to reflect the quality produced by Eric Copeland, who provided Diane with studio musicians that have played for Rich Mullins, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Peter Frampton. Bob Segar and Johnny Cash. Together, Diane and her band are reaching out to all walks of life and are currently on rotation to the Metro Atlanta Youth Detention Centers to share a message of hope and love to the inmates.