Diane Ligon

Diane Ligon


Mother Goose & her Fabulous Puppet Friends has performed at festivals, libraries, and dozens of schools in the DC & Baltimore area. The show was asked to return to the National Theatre's "Saturday Morning at the National". Video at www.youtube.com slash MotherGoosePuppets.


For this particular show, we took well known Mother Goose rhymes in the public domain and set them to different styles of music including country, opera, rock and roll, rap, classical, modern jazz, disco, and salsa. The show has a unique quality because it has a strong Eastern European influence - the puppets are made by Ksenya Litvak, from Russia, and the show was directed by Lilia Slavova, from Bulgaria.


Humpty Dumpty Rap

Written By: Diane Ligon

Can’t fix this.
You’re broke now.

I heard your mom say just the other day,
“Humpty, Humpty, don’t you sit that way!”
My oh my oh my oh my,
What were you thinking, that wall was too high.

It’s a long way down – bye bye!

Can’t fix this.
You’re broke now.
Can’t sit now.

Your eggshell cracked and you got all smushed in,
And your Mom said, “Humpty, where you been?”
My oh my oh my oh my
Don’t tell a lie now, don’t even begin,

Humpty cried loud, “Mama – I been..

“On that wall
“I did fall
“Oh mommy
“I’m sorry”

The doctors worked on Humpty night and day,
And they didn’t ask for any pay,
My oh my oh my oh my,
Humpty just lay there,
With nothing to say,

They put him together – hurray!

They fixed it,
He’s back now,
All right now,
He’s happy,
His feet go,
Tap tappy.

Humpty Dumpty Rap-2

Written By: Diane Ligon

Can't fix this.
You're broke now.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

Can't fix this.
You're broke now.

I heard your mom say just the other day
Humpty Humpty don't you sit that way
My oh my oh my oh my
What were you thinking?
That wall was too high!
It's a long way down,
Bye bye!

Can't fix this.
You're broke now.
Can't sit now.

Rock-a-Bye Baby Lullaby Disco

Written By: Public Domain

Rock-a-Bye Baby
On the treetop
When the wind blows the cradle will rock
When the bough breaks the cradle will fall
And down will come baby
Cradle and all.


Mother Goose and her Fabulous Puppet Friends - the CD - was released in June of 2008 and is available at Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes. Samples are available on each of these sites but all the songs in full are available on Sonicbids. The CD also has all the songs without vocals to give kids the chance to sing on their own.

Set List

I've listed the songs paired with the music style of each song:
Hey Diddle Diddle - country
Humpty Dumpty - opera
Humpty Dumpty - rock and roll
Humpty Dumpty - rap
Jack and Jill - classical
Little Miss Muffet - classical
Little Jack Horner - march
Polly Put the Kettle On - modern jazz
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - lullaby
Rock-a-Bye Baby - lullaby, then disco
Mary Had a Little Lamb - salsa