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Diane Marie Kloba

Band Alternative Avant-garde


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Your Imaginary Friend"

Reviewed 2008-10-28
Outsider music. Stuff that’s sounds so bad that you realize that its intentional and a higher art form than we are mostly used to. Just really strange songs, not so much pop or singer songwriter. Mostly just electric guitar and female vocal duets. Not a cliché or pop pandering bullshit melody or guitar line to be found. But file under Song Poems, Rodd Keith, Tangela Tricoli. Great stuff, if a bit demented. If I may editorialize/appeal: about every band I’ve played in each musician feels obligated to contribute an onslaught of their “talent”. These recordings have the players drop out here and there. Its refreshing, so non-narcissistic, proving empty space is as important to a song as triple dubbed scales.

1) strange plod beat with some simple offkilter lyrics, huh?
2) “hello world”
3) flute/recorder gives it a slight 60’s feel then it psyches out bashing
4) instrumental, nice
5) it just gets weirder with her lyrics
6) simple childlike twee pop almost, like Lilliput on Prozac
7) almost a fragment of a song
8) funky strumming
9) urgent guitar with vocal phrasing, these guys are cool
10) instrumental
11) instropective somehow
12) “I’m always in this world... sounds like
a trippy one, but comes across sorta poppy, the music dropouts make it pretty damn sophisticated 13) another strange introspective one, pretty minor toned eastern instrument
14) electric guitar bursts in the fray, slow phrased vocs, low fi drumming (a “wall of paper” shall we say), so good
- KZSU Zookeeper Online


2008: For You Stranger
2005: Messages from the Ionosphere
2003: I Kid You Not



We create music in hopes of making others happy when they hear it. We put on an energetic and happy performance, have a family friendly style.