Dian Katz is a gifted singer, songwriter and musician. Her love for music is expressed in her passionate, high-energy performances. She has played the LA and OC circuits and continues to rock her audiences throughout Southern California.


DIAN KATZ is not only an accomplished performer she is also a phenomenal entertainer. She captivates her audiences when she spotlights her powerful drum solos. Katz began drumming at the age of 10 and has always been a natural born performer.

With extensive theatrical and stage experience, Dian has refined her talents in a variety of venues ranging from radio and television appearances to studio recordings and live performances.

Katz's credits include winning second place in Guitar Center's National Drum Off, filmed for MTV and being recognized in the national magazine, Modern Drummer.

Dian Katz definitely has what it takes to make it in the music industry. She has the ability to capture her audience with her seductive lead vocals and she'll leave your heart pounding with her phenomenal drum solos. With her charismatic and passionate stage presence, Dian has developed quite a large following of fans which is growing nationwide. Katz's band rocks with an electrifying chemistry and together they have a unique and quality sound worthy of a record deal.


Follow Your Dreams

Written By: Dian Katz - Lyrics and Melody

Music by: Angel Garcia

What do you have to lose
if you give it all you have...
Where will you go from here
if you give it all you have...
Some say your a dreamer
Now you know that's
not the truth now don't you
In your heart, you're a winner
So give it all you got and win!

Foll, foll, follow your dreams
There's only one other voice to tune in to
Foll, foll, follow your dreams
A static free connection that's all true....

Roadblocks will try to stop you
but don't you let them
Lessons to be learned
don't prevent them
It's all part of the journey
Enjoy the ride with its
hills and valleys
Make up your mind and don't worry
Brighten up those long dark alleys


Clear your head...
Start your dream talkin'
The past is dead...
Your fears are ease droppin'
Your heart has bled...
A passion no one's stoppin'
Your spirit's fed...
Come on, come on, come on...



Forever Love

Written By: Dian Katz - Lyrics and Melody

Music by: Angel Garcia

I often wonder
what it's going to be like
when I look into your eyes.....

I'm destined to find you
It's a matter of time
I'll send a message in a bottle
With your name right on it
For you to find...

I await to kiss you
I want to feel
Face to face
Your embrace
To know it's real


Forever Love,
fate can't keep us apart
Forever Love,
it will be right from the start
Forever Love,
it will be like a fairy tale
Forever Love...

Broken promises
From every failed romance
Left empty handed
With my heart left stranded
No partner to dance

I believe in destiny
And what is meant to be
I know I'll find
A love so divine
For eternity...


What else can I do...
To make my dream come true,
finding love when I least expect it
I'll be waiting for you
I hope you're searching too,
Baby find me


Second Chance

Written By: DIAN KATZ -Lyrics and Melody

Music by: Angel Garcia

I've got my smile lines
No longer a prisoner
Freedom in my mind
Made my challenges my friend
I never gave up from believin'

Life's not always fair
Countin' on a prayer
Miracles can happen
I'm filled with gratitude
Time's been passin'

Getting a second chance
Livin' the life I've always
dreamed of
Getting a second chance
These are what dreams are made of

At times I've closed my eyes
Knowing I'd open them
And be surprised
Made my challenges my friend
I never gave up from believin'

Right where I'm s'posed to be
In possibility
It's like a brand new season
Knew eventually
It'd make sense to me
There's always a reason


Everyone deserves a second chance
Everyone deserves a second chance
Everyone deserves a second chance
Everyone deserves a second chance



2003: Single - Leap of Faith
2004: Dian Katz Drum Video
2005: Hit singles - Follow Your Dreams,
Forever Love and Emotional Blackmail
2006: Upcoming CD - Second Chance - Featuring
10 new songs plus and an exclusive Katz Drum Solo

Set List

Set one: Approx 45 mins

Follow Your Dreams
Forever Love
Emotional Blackmail
Second Chance
Play It Safe

Drum Solo - Approx 15 mins

2nd Set: Approx 45 mins

Innocent Soul
Guardian Angel
Leap of Faith
Love Addition