Diante Strong

Diante Strong

 New York City, New York, USA


Diante Strong was introduced to music in his earlier years as young child who was moved by music. He never really understood his talent until the age of five. listening to his older sisters make music inspired him to pursue music as a career. He always wanted more. Not just for himself but for the ones he loves the most, his family,and friends. He felt he could reach them through music. Everyday he still fighting his way through all the red tape to bring u what has come to be his passion. Now older and wiser Diante Strong brings perfection, creativity, and ridiculous word play to the music industry. He has self-proclaimed to be the "king of hearts” aka Mike Strings, because his words are so heavy of all men and women. When it comes down to laying down tracks and recording, forget books because he does not need them. He came from Brooklyn, New York where life in the projects was pressuring down on him. It felt like there was no way out and choosing the easy way was not the best way. Music was something he grew up around since birth. Pursuing his music career is something he feels he is destined to do. His biggest influence today is his family and the ones he loves the most. He wants to give back to those who are always there for him and will always go by family first, but those who support will be supported."believe the dream, and live it"

Set List

Body Language (4:00)
Story of Love (Acappella Version) (2:00)
Up & Under (3:50)
Talk To Me Interlude (3:13)
The Wave (4:33)