Diary Of Demise

Diary Of Demise


Imagine Metallica trying to play the music of Hatebreed, and now add some cannibal corpse and a bit of hip hop.


Spawned in Brooklyn in the summer/fall of 2007, Diary Of Demise likes to create energetic and brutal anthems that hit listeners like a kick to the face. Combining hardcore/thrash guitars, hip hop infused drum beats, and dual vocal styles of death metal and rap, D.O.D's music is catchy as hell. With a string of local shows under their belts and a growing fan base in Brooklyn, D.O.D. strives for more and is willing to play anywhere at any time in the five boroughs including out of state. Unique in their style and with high aspirations, Diary Of Demise want to solidify its reputation as a serious, dedicated metal band with captivating live shows.

Set List

Track 9
Diary Of Demise
Appetite for Death
25 years of Bullshit
Already Dead
Dark side
Prayers on Deaf ears