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Diaz Grimm

 Cambridge, Waikato, NZL
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New Zealand hip-hop album of the year nominee Diaz Grimm has beaten all the odds to release his sophomore album '2077'

Coming 50% from the hip-hop world and 50% from electronic music you can hear the two sounds blending fluently in Diaz Grimm's music. The only thing that tops Diaz's ambitions are his live performances. Quoted from 'Osiris'' 4 star review in the NZ Herald "...Watch out: we'll have a new rap superstar on our hands".


Cambridge, New Zealand rapper Diaz Grimm has had quite a journey over the past year. 

In 2015, Diaz Grimm released his debut album 'Osiris' a soundtrack to the end of the world. A post-apocalyptic sonic journey that saw Diaz nominated for hiphop album of the year at the New Zealand music awards. The album topped the NZ Itunes hiphop charts, reached the official NZ top20 album charts, became the most upvoted self-posted album in the history of the Reddit/hiphopheads forum and saw Diaz become the first self-managed, unsigned artist from New Zealand to ever be invited to play SXSW. 

With help from a public crowd funding campaign Diaz Grimm made it to Austin, Texas for SXSW2016 where he began a three month journey alone around America hoping to build his knowledge and network in the music industry. During the trip Grimm met the likes of Chance the rapper, A$AP Rocky, Alan Kingdom and was invited to meet with major hiphop blog, HotNewHipHop. All meetings that would create the foundations for Diaz's second project and sophomore album '2077'.

After returning home from his trip Diaz finished and released his sophomore album '2077'. A follow up soundtrack to 'Osiris' set in a Noah's ark type spaceship that has left a destroyed earth with the last of humanity. The album is set three generations into living inside the vessel in the year 2077. A culture in which intolerance, inequality and other issues being faced today have been abolished. 

2077 has received rave reviews and has found it's way into international territories. 

Early 2017 Diaz Grimm will be making the move to Toronto to continue his musical journey. 



Written By: Diaz Grimm,Lukan Raisey,Spycc

[Diaz Grimm Hook]

I've been gaining ground for years and looking like a quarterback
Went from rookie to the colonel, rolling with a quater pack
Been real for a minute why you fakers never thought of that?
I live outside the square like "Where the motherfucking boarder at?"

[Diaz Grimm verse]

I'm running circles with a team that's trying to bring religion back
And praying to the game to recognise who's sticking to the facts
40 shows in 30 weeks. Who really out there matching that?
Do it independant till a label shows a lot of stacks
A lot of hits I promise that
Want to hate? I'm fine with that
You trying to bark at me but all I really see is kitty-cats
Perfect way to burn your bridges
Where the future pharaohs at?
It's people over profit
Action over any chitter-chat
I'm running circles with a team that's trying to bring creating back
You can't deny creation when my girl look like she made for that
Only speak the truth, why you fakers never thought of that?
Take an idea make a dollar, got a vault under the cap

[Diaz Grimm Hook]

[Lukan Rai$ey - Verse 2]

Came up off the corner with a couple of these dreams
Knew a couple of these fiends, who'll rob you mans for some piece
Still I'ma hold my peace while I'm tryna stack up my pockets
I've been spreading this wave so everyday I'm gaining profit
And I'm really grinding
This young designer been rhyming
From Auckland city to the Tropics
My mumma know I've been bout it
They talking like we the topic
We strategising to top it
Riding round with my partners like lord knows how we been riding
So yeah we came up out of nothing so I ordered that
Everyday we run into this money like a quarterback
You can go ahead and buy the world and get a quarter back
For all the days these suckers tried to play me
I ain't fall for that
From finding my patience
To finding the basics
The heavenly levitating
No, I ain't claiming I made it
This ability to rap, I ain't focussed on being famous
Been too concentrated on working harder to be the greatest

[Diaz Grimm Hook]

[Spycc - Verse 3]

Anybody wanna box with a god?
I'm probably Mike Tyson in 92'
With a little bit of Ryu
Act like a Pyro how I hate the blues
It's too late, you're snoozed
I'm up
Let me break the news: you're done
Put a fork in em
I sunk in to some raw denim
That's ocean blue
You acting like a mac to me just don't compute
I know the mute button too well when I play your shit
Take a nap on their grave
You think they gave me that? Behind backs the dissed
That's fakery
Why does you giving me shine feel like shade to me?
I been ill since six years beyond 83'
If my grandmother was alive today she'd probably say to me:
Keep it wild vae and chase your dreams

[Diaz Grimm Hook]


Written By: Diaz Grimm

[Verse 1 - Diaz Grimm]

Culture Change, my main goal
Aiming for nothing but net
You mourning for things you don't have in this life?
Me? I celebrate not being dead!
Mummy, Mummy...
I'm not too good in the head
I'm not at all like the rest
No hope for me?
...That's what the teachers all said when I failed the listening tests
Now I'm out here living life like I'm free from the shackles they put around me and my people
You can overthrow! Just team up with your equals and wipe out the hate that's still feeding the evil
It's time to take action!
They begged for a leader with love and compassion
I fill that position: I love finer things and my hearts on a mission to get me a mansion
Fuck what you heard about me!
I came to take the game right out from under your feet
The bigger the team, the higher the pyramid be and the further our vision will reach
Find if you seek
Actions will teach
Leaders get chosen, I practice and preach
I'm playing for keeps
Shout out to my peeps
Rather die on my feet than live life on my knees...

[Interlude - The O'Jays]

Lord, I'm so tired
And I know you're tired too
Look over the horizon, see the sun
Shining down on you...

[Verse 2 - Diaz Gimm]

Culture change, my main goal
Fuck all tht negative living!
I'm giving advice to the Children who Chilling with hopes that I'm keeping them all steady driven
And keep them challenged, keep it raw
I can't see you from this floor
Diaz Grimm, New New Zealand
You ain't ready for this war
If it's equal, then it's first to draw
My pencil sharp and your wrist is sore
Forget sketchy rhyming, be honest
Lying here thinking what's a threat to a promise
Can't change the past but the future mine!
Illuminate me, it's time to shine
If you don't know me just give it some time
I'll be etching your brain with this pyramid sign


Last Train Out

Written By: Diaz Grimm,Raiza Biza

[Oscar Fernandez]

The promised land's ahead, if the hope still remains
But I ain't in no hurry, the future's as certain as gold on my brain
I'm moving, moving along. I'm travelling far, just to find my way home
The brigdes were burning, the world had stopped turning, I spent all my earnings on un-holy things
Cause I'm moving, on the road to be kings

[Diaz Grimm - Verse 1]

My fish bowl was too small, this whales a killer, I'm big city bound
I came from the bottom but got no more time to stay stuck underground
My future look brighter
Beheading the fake. We be heading upstream
Dip your head in the water cause lying's a sin man it's time to come clean
Come to a show, breathe in all of the vibes, I'm crop dusting them feels
Fuck rapping. Fuck rapping
I don't do no rapping, I'm just being real

[Ji Fraser (Six60) guitar solo]

[Raiza Biza - Verse 2]

Fool I'm lacing my shoes
Facing this future, this trains on the move and I'm changing your rules
Say I changed but what changed was the view
You complain but I changed just for you?
Used to spent all my days in the room with my pen now we all outta space with the moon
Like the haste of the bass is in tune
At the top I'll be waiting for you
Tryna live, even if it kills me
This is the real me, that's why the real feel me
Only time will reveal me
On the rise till we filty, ain't hear what they tell me
A steam powered locomotive is a similie for everything, the journey, the falls and the victories
The landscape transforms like a western...

[Oscar Fernandez]

The promised land's ahead, if the hope still remains
But I ain't in no hurry, the future's as certain as gold on my brain
I'm moving, moving along. I'm travelling far, just to find my way home
The brigdes were burning, the world had stopped turning, I spent all my earnings on un-holy things
Cause I'm moving, on the road to be kings


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Sinse 7
Koming Home

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