DiCarlo Gonzalez

DiCarlo Gonzalez

 Port Saint Lucie, Florida, USA

Every where I had the pleasure of performing been of great response from the public and promotors. I perform with a 10 piece band or full 12 piece sound (orquestra). In the Salsa genre style, we deliver the classical hard core Salsa sound. Now I'm interested in presenting the gospel thru SalsaMusic.


Time passed and went back to Paterson New Jersey, where playing as a singer (walkdreaming), recorded a full eight tract production “Enterate” along with his friend Eliel Chaparro. From here “La Cosecha” (The Harvest) from NewYorkCity was his next adventure as a singer. Even thought he never recorded a production with such orquestra, he recalls a great attention by the crowd that followed them. The music that “LaCosecha” performed was hardcore SALSA, with a social focus lyristic from education, abuse of drugs to spiritual health. For DiCarlo this was just his beginning of his musical track as a professional. After working in a salsa production produced by him self “Escenas de la Vida” (Scenes of Life..."you gotta have this") and directed by Nelson “Gazu” Jaime and Luis Aviles assistance with Francisco “Kiko” Hurtado in the mixing at “Blessings” Recording studio at the Bronx, N.Y., DiCarlo was offered to meet Isidro Infante in Puerto Rico when at that time was Willie Colon’s Band director. The pianist and music producer needed a singer for an already done production. This was the first CD ever produced by I. Infante as a solo artist in which he named “Ganas Que Tengo De Ti”. This production was of great demand in New York, where everything started. DiCarlo’s first promotional single capture the first places of radio spins, press articles and fans acceptance from the city of NY, winning some of the awards held in the city such as “Premios Casandra” to Colombia, “Feria de Cali”. In a little after the first month a “Gold Record” was giving to everybody that worked for the production at “COPACABANA”. It was a great PARTY…Tony Pabon recalls. Pabon went outside and asked, and where’s DiCarlo?. The A&R from SONY Music Latin at that time, Mr. Angel Carrasco found out about DiCarlo’s status as an artist and proceeded to offer a deal in which he didn’t ignore. This new project was produced by then, the hits maker, Sergio George in which is “QUE SERA” recorded at DLG ( Dark Latin Groove ) home based Studio in Bergenfield N.J.. This production became S. George’s first for SONY and almost his last for RMM. ( Marc Anthony & India )


Enterate - produced by Eliel Chaparro,
Ganas que tengo de Ti - produced by IsidroInfante,
Que Sera? - produced by SergioGeorge
Escenas de la Vida - produced by Nelson Jaime "GAZU"

Set List

Time Lenght of presentation per set is 45:00 mins

Genres: Salsa,Bomba,Bolero
Typical Repertoire:
New Release Album:
Escenas de la vida
Dependo de Ti
Confia en El
Solo El
El Hombre
Su Obra
Radio Hits:
Ganas que tengo de Ti
Haz Quedo Retratada
Eres Tu
Ya No Tiene Sentido
Para Olvidar
Inteligente Amor

Cover Songs: (Hector LaVoe)
El Cantante
Mi Gente
Todo Tiene su Final
De Ti Depende
Periodico De Ayer
El Todo Poderoso
Juanito Alimana
La Murga
La Verdad
El Rey De La Puntualidad