Seattle, Washington, USA
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“A young emcee and singer already known for her glaringly honest and sonically powerful songwriting”


Born 1987 in Ventura California, the songstress/emcee moved to the evergreen state in 1998 and now resides in Seattle Washington. With four projects released and her first full length album "Reflections in broken glass" due to release late 2011, Dice is proving a promising representative of her region with her eclectic mix of intelligent rhymes, sultry vocals and surprisingly old soul .


Things I couldn't Say

Written By: Dice

These are, the things I couldn't say out loud
I've been holding it in, its time to let it all out. x2

My belief is one should always live in truth, try to live in love, me I got it tattooed so i could constantly/
see a reminder of the person I try so hard to be, I search to find her but in dark times been hard to see/
I built a berlin wall around my heart thats guarded me (peace), I want inside my veins and arteries, a part of me/
I've been misguided in my choices and decisions, I've been embarrassed, put myself in bad positions/
I've seen the light to just jump off another cliff when, I can see where heaven starts, but cant see where this hell ends/
Some nights I struggle with myself to shed a tear, other nights I tear my hair and scream 'why am I here'/
What is my fear and why was my gift, put in my hands to write it like this?/
Given a mind capable to see the bigger pic, in the body of the most oppressed thing in the world, a woman/
In an industry thats run by boys and men, I'm juggin. This wasn't in the playbook, it's got em kinda shooken/
Not in the sense of oh shit, but in the sense of who's this, music's legit, are you sure she isn't mixed?/
And we can all make mistakes, but if I believe in one thing it's we can all change/
Grow beyond the games we been raised with, see the sun through the rain/
An incredible pain, letting this ink drain cuz....

Hook x2

It seems no matter what I do, all the struggles I been through, I've nothing left to lose, and if it don't improve, I don't think I can go on/
And after all the ups and downs, disappoints and run arounds, my cups half empty now, see the poison chug it down/
I'm so tired of being strong/
No one really knows, pain inside my soul, never let it show, its time to let it out/
Grab a stone to throw, I can hurt no more, huddled on the floor I'm a broken child/

Hook x2


Dice has released two mixtapes "Then and Now" and "The Foundation". She release an EP with NW artist Outrageous "518". Her third mixtape was released June 14th 2011 "@ONLYoneDICE The Mixtape" a combination of classics from all projects, as well as some new exclusive tracks from her debut album which we are in the process of recording now as well as exclusive tracks only available on the mixtape.

All of these projects are available for free download at www.thanorthwest.net/dice

Dice just released her debut video from the first single off the album "Things I Couldn't Say"

This track is also getting lots of love on the radio stations 93.3fm and 90.3fm.

Dice keeps her www.reverbnation.com/onlyonedice page updated with shows and events, press, new music, and videos!