Solo Singer/Songwriter with an edge - ALWAYS stand out amongst acoustic artists, offering powerful songs with emotive and strong vocals


Coming originally from a heavy rock/metal background and formally being a frontman to a band of sorts, DiceJar takes this edge and applies it to his unique acoustic style.
With the experience of the early 'band' days, it offers a far more commanding show in the usual more laid back acoustic environment.

As DiceJar, waves have already been made and crossed - with a small Canada tour undergone in summer 2007. More recently was a semi-finalist in a national talent competition and currently working on a new release - also, gigging constantly in and around London.


As DiceJar:

'DiceJar EP' - DiceJar.
released 2007, Sold Out of hard copies (CD), now available on iTunes Worldwide.

Also, as a producer, he has made a concept album released Feb 2008:

'COMA a safer place to live' - Jay Dice
Available from website and on iTunes worldwide

Set List

I play only original material.
A standard set consists of around 6 songs, making a 30 minute set. However, sets up to an hour are possible, given the time - London usually limits you to 30 minutes.