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Coming of age in Eastern Long Island, New York..

Beau Taylor was instilled both with homespun values and a punk-rock mentality. With knuckles bruised and blistered from a Catholic school education, Beau has always been the fiendishly debonair type. Drawn to music since he could remember, Beau started his first band at age 13. He discovered Long Island’s local music scene and quickly became adept at its nuances, writing songs with simple driving progressions and catchy-hooked lyrics. As time went by, Beau honed his vocal abilities, and grew to become what he is today - the voice of Dice.

Not far away, another young hooligan was himself discovering his passion for music. Born Rocco Pallatto, Rocky definitely shares commonalities with his famous boxing counterpart; as a born athlete and street-wise scholar. Rocky stumbled upon his gift for laying down the sickest of bass-lines like generations of musicians before him – in trying to impress a girl. The rhythm has always been in Rocky, so it wasn’t long before the bass he built for himself in his Uncle’s shop was popping with funk. After meeting Beau, they quickly made a name for themselves in the Long Island Underground, via their outrageous antics and upbeat lyrics and melodies.

Wailing prodigious lead guitar solos for Dice is Douglas Sawyer. Growing up, Doug was always a bit of a loner - ever armed with his guitar and sunglasses. Doug has spent countless hours, toiling at his craft, defining those epic characteristics that make a lead guitar player who he is. A towering individual, Doug can be seen as a diamond in the rough. With diverse and eclectic influences, Doug brings it to every performance both with his fiery finger skills and his on-stage bravado.

Daniel Lysogorski can be considered the heart of Dice, he provides the pulse. Danny spent most of his drumming career playing in local Long Island hardcore and heavy metal bands. While he may seem to be the mysterious, introverted type, ‘G’ Danny,’ is one of the warmest, nicest people you could hope to meet. Dan is most well-known in the Long Island music community for his virtuosity with the double-bass pedal.

Together these four musicians comprise the pulse-pounding, head-banging, sweat pouring, heart wrenching music of Dice.



600 miles, Closer, Broken toenails, Born too late, Wait, Piss and vomit, Stretch, Believe, Lights Out, Dont Know