Dichroi does not write to impress or in search of admiration. Dichroi writes simply to unleash what each member feels inside; be it anger, frustration, sadness, joy or any number of emotions. An instrumental band capable of causing rising tides of emotions from lightness to darkness. Making music!


There were no plans, no goals, just music. In late 2003 J. Hannes, K. Graves, and S. Peterson got together on a jam-to-jam basis. Just to make music. As time progressed so did the material.
Between '03-'05 they played numerous shows in Olympia, Seattle, and Tacoma and recorded their first album entitled, " the Alphabet Failure "
Now the continue to write and gig, but most importantly just make music. Dichroi is making music.


Dichroi " the Alphabet Failure "
Dichroi " a ruff demo " Ltd.

Set List

1. Move that Gigantic Cotton Candy
2. The Cheshire Smile
3. Fhantom Pains
4. Adrift
5. Phage
6. My Genetics make me sad
7. Grendel
8. Isoteric
9. Seafoam
10. Sleeping Pills
11. The Proprium
12. Anticipation of Love