Dickaluscage featuring Superyes-d

Dickaluscage featuring Superyes-d

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Tired of the same ol' hip hop are you? Does your radio constantly play the same songs created by the same artists who aren't selling any records? Do your kids like it but you hate it? Have you been asking yourself who is the next big thing? Well let me introduce to you the future of Hip Hop!


Born under the government name Marcus Berry on December 5th, 1979 to Cynthia and Julius Berry, Dickalus Cage was soon to be the product of a broken home. As his mother struggled to make ends meet for her children, his father's flirtatious and irresponsible ways destroyed their family. While his father spent a great majority of his time and money tending to other women's children his own family was left neglected.

At an early age Dick developed behavioral problems which could easily be contributed to his single parent environment. A bastard child with no apparent escape he found comfort in music. With his innate talent and unwavering dedication, Dick soon proved to be an unstoppable musical force.

Upon graduation from Benton Harbor High, due to a lack of funds, Dick enrolled at Lake Michigan College where he pursued a degree in music education. Despite a 3.7 grade point average, Dick still felt incomplete. During this period in his life he decided to allow his heart to make a decision that his mind could not comprehend. He choose to leave college. Destined to be so much more than what his current course in life would allow, he took his future into his own hands.

Already lyrically inclined Dickalus decided it was time to take his talent to the majors. After a string of successful underground singles he entered a production deal with Yes-D, a multi-platinum production figure. This was only the beginning of his successes. Dick soon began to taste the stardom that his heart knew he was destined for. He was doing shows with multi-platinum artist such as Eve, Styles P from the Lox, and Sheek Louch who at one time headlined the prestigious Bad Boy record label owned by Sean "P Ditty" Combs. After meeting a successful promotor Dick was able to further show the world he was meant to be a figure in hip hop. He started opening for Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, and 50 Cent who create the super group known as the G-Unit, Dick also has also opened for Terror Squad, The Dirty Boys, and just recently Mobb Deep.

With his Third album, "Grand Opening", in the works Marcus Berry, after copious transformations is Dickalus Cage, which is a metaphor for "the truth locked down". Through adversity he has triumphed, through evil he has prevailed, and through it all he has succeeded. With stardom at his doorstep, we wish him well.

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I'm An Idiot (2002)
I'm An Idiot(Radio)
Happy Father's Day
Here We Go Again (Idiot Part II)
Number 1 Champion(Radio)
Oh Ah(Radio)
and much more.....

Rest Assured (2004)
I'm Just Playing(Radio)
Happy Father's Day Part II
This Is My D$%k
Mind of A Soldier (Idiot Part III)
Number 1 Champion (remix)(Radio)
Bird Man
and much more.....

Grand Opening (2006)
Grand Opening
Be in You Tonight(Radio)
Hotts for Me(Radio)
Go Head
and much more.....

Set List

Total time: 45 minutes
I'm An Idiot
I'm An Idiot Part II
Champion Remix
This Is My D$%k
Oh Ah