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"Artist to Watch"

New Age Rock-Hop Popadilic is a breath of fresh air for the music industry. - Gambit Weekly


I was very inspired after going to your MySpace page and reading about you. I wish you the best of luck and continued success in bringing hope and new life back to New Orleans. I've only been there once, but it was beautiful and full of life. The culture there and people who live there have not been given near the assistance or continued support this nation should have provided.

You are blessed. Keep the music coming! Peace. Teresa
- Teresa


The Ghettodreamz Movement "Songs inspired by the New Orleans housing developments"
The Ghettodreamz Movement presents " Broadcasting live from the streets of New Orleans days before Katrina.
Dragons breath records " Restless Natives



Hailing from the slums of Ninth Ward New Orleans, multimedia artist Dick Darby started the Ghettodreamz Movement with one objective in mind: to create art that pushes the boundaries of modern media and inspires people to find the courage to follow their own paths in life. Darby’s innovative marriage of multiple musical genres has created an unforgettable blend of alternative rock-hop, funk and soul, plus the unmistakable New Orleans second-line style, all rolled into one. Darby describes his original sound as "New Wave Rock-Hop-Popadilic".

His debut CD The Ghettodreamz Movement, (Songs inspired by the New Orleans housing developments) (http://cdbaby.com/cd/ghettodreamz), was an instant New Orleans street classic, due to its unique sound and energy. The project featured several local artists and definitely helped to create a buzz for them within the New Orleans music community.

The rich musical culture that has fueled Darby’s creative energy for all these years is so unique and inspiring that one of his prime goals is to ensure it continues, for years to come. To that end, Darby is devoted to promoting multiple forms of homegrown New Orleans art, media and culture. After Hurricane Katrina, Darby moved to New York to pursue a career in the movie industry, working on motion pictures that featured Halle Barry, Martin Lawrence, Denzel Washington and Samuel L. Jackson, just to name a few. But soon, his heart pulled him home to New Orleans, to be with his family and community and join the rebuilding process. It took only moments after his return for Darby to comprehend the great destruction and pain that had taken place in his city – and to realize that he needed to do whatever he could and use the gifts he had to uplift his wounded city in any way possible.

Performing shows in New York City, Boston, Jackson and anywhere else that would have him. Darby spoke out for attention for the damaged city of New Orleans. His passionate campaign even won the attention of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, rapper and activist Chuck D and political officials across the country.

"Without media, there is no way to express viewpoints to the masses," Dick Darby proclaims. "The people must be heard.” That statement, captured by a CNN reporter, made national headlines and turned Dick Darby into a local hero for youth throughout the Gulf region. It also created a platform for his unique style of music, "New Wave Rock-Hop-Popadilic."

An avid skateboarder and fashion affection-ado, Darby heads a brand of apparel, Skull De Lys, which is creatively fueled by his love of music, art and skateboarding culture as a whole.

"Twenty years and grinding," Darby proclaimed to Lance Dawes.

(Independent Truck Company Team Manager) recently, on the team’s tour stop in New Orleans. The legendary pro skater and longtime Independent team rider Sal Barbier told Lance, " When in New Orleans, you have to hook up with Dick Darby. He is the funniest dude I know, and knows all the hardcore skate spots in the N.O.” Taking Sal’s advice, Lance got to laugh all day during his visit to New Orleans – and capture skaters Alex Olson, Fred Gall, Kenny Anderson, Omar Hassan and the rest of the team doing some remarkable skateboarding that day.

Dick Darby and his brother Coach Al Collins assisted director Tim Story and the Weinstein Company complete the film Hurricane Season, shot on location in New Orleans. The sports drama, based on real events, starred Forrest Whitaker as Al Collins,, a high-school basketball coach who leads a ragtag team to win the state finals just a year after the Katrina disaster.

Darby said: “It’s another day at the office - trying to get our vision out without losing your soul, if that’s possible. In the end we just want to put out good media.”

Next up, Dick Darby is preparing to release a audio project entitled "New Age Rock-Hop-Popadellic,” scheduled to drop early 2011 on the Ghettodreamz Movement media company. The project has distribution thru Apple’s iTunes, Amazon.com and Wal Mart. The recently released single “I Can’t Get It Right” has been making listeners crave the full project. Currently, Darby is busy finishing up the last pieces of that epic audio journey, which is already rumored to be a genre-creating classic. Stay tuned with the latest details on www.dickdarby.com