Dick Desert & The Shotgun Country Club

Dick Desert & The Shotgun Country Club


Dick Desert & The Shotgun Country Club have effortlessly become the wildest and loudest country music band in Australia and have now locked their sights in on the world stage. If you're looking for an act that will add a bucket load of grit to your lineup than these are the guys n gals for you!


Dick Desert & The Shotgun Country Club have cemented themselves at the forefront of the Australian alternative music scene through unparallel live performances at some of the nations top festivals and the recent explosive release of their critically acclaimed self titled debut album.

Few contemporary country music performers have had their work likened to the legends of the genre such as Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Frankie Lane as often as modern day exponent Dick Desert. In common with these outlaw country legends, Dick's songs are often 'fire and brimstone' fuelled fables of lust, death and drunkenness.

To the surprise of many an uninitiated punter, the punk country collision of The Shotgun Country Club has thrown petrol on the seemingly lifeless ashes of contemporary country music. An ever-growing list of some of this country's top musicians and performers have made guest appearances alongside Dick and the uber-talented stalwart members of the Shotgun Country Club, ensuring the uniqueness, unpredictability and jaw-dropping standard of every performance.

Be scared ... country music is again moving in the loins of the underground. It may already be pulsating within your little sister or it may be in your grandpa and before long, if it isn’t already, it will be in y-o-u !

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Official Website - www.dickdesert.com
Myspace Page - www.myspace.com/dickdesert
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Big Day Out 05
Edinburgh Festival 05
Tamworth Festival 06
Straight out of Brisbane 06
Valley Fiesta 06
Nimbin Mardi Grass 07
Dreaming Festival 07
NAIDOC Week Family Fun Day 07
Woodford Folk Festival 07/08

Past Tours
Northern NSW

Supported the Likes of -
The Beasts of Bourbon
Jimmy Little
Sons and Daughters (UK)
Kev Carmody
Tex Perkins & Tim Rogers
Lola The Vamp
Blue King Brown
6ft Hick
The Gin Club
The Remains


George Bush's Chicken

Written By: Dick Desert & The Shotgun Country Club

George Bush had a chicken its name was Ned
Now George Bush's chickens dead
George took her out behind the garden shed
Called her a terrorist ... blew off her head

George Bush's chicken
George Bush's chicken
George Bush's chicken
George Bush god dang chicken yeah

George Bush's chicken wouldnt fight no war
The only thing she would fight is George
Became a Muslim at the age of four
Then on in a berkas what she wore


Ned didnt go to Guantanamo
No George liked to torture her at home
Wind, rain or snow
There'd be George dressed like GI Joe


I sing this verse like Mr Ed
In honour of all the animals George has bled
Chickens, cows, humans all now lead
By the craziest son of a gun Texas ever bred


Country Music Star

Written By: Dick Desert & The Shotgun Country Club

Well I got your email Ma
And I agree that this has gone too far
But all I did was stay up late
Playing this here red guitar
Now Ma I'm a two bit country star

Ma I'm a two bit god forsaken country music star
And I dont know how it went this far
Now my liver shes a 24 hour whiskey bar
Yeah and my lungs two big sacks of tar

Well it started out Ma down at the horse and cart
and by night 3 yeah we'd packed the bar
Now its up all night with god damn movie stars
Now that Ma I'm a star


Well the roads been good Ma But this is just the start
I'm living on dope and crack cocaine yeah and caviar
Washed down with champagne and a god damn big cigar
Now that Ma I'm a two bit star

Well keep them home fires burning Ma
I'll soon be there in the Shotgun Country Club car
And the grape vine she's going to light up like a xmas tree
They'll say "There's Dick Desert & The Shotgun Country Club!
Two bit country Stars!"


Well I got yourgod damn mutha fukn email Ma
And I agree that this has gone way too fukn far
But all I did was stay up late
Playing this here red guitar
Now that Ma I'm a two bit country star


Self-titled debut album lunched in Nov '07
No 1 played Album on 4ZZZfm for the weeks of 17.11.07 & 05.01.08
Tracks also streamed from www.myspace.com/dickdesert

Set List

Mad As Sin
Country Music Star
George Bush's Chicken
Ghost Riders in the Sky
Smackwater Jack
Maggies Farm
Amphetamine Cowboy
My Dad
Deserts in Heaven
Folsom Prison Blues
Heart Bleedn Red
*We usually play one or two covers in a set