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Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



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Contact Information:
Votum Management
151 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009
- for Dicktionhead:


Self released LP
"...because the scene could suck less..." (2007)

Disc available for purchase at www.digstation.com
Album ID: ALB000007669

Track List:

1) Writerz Blok
2) Difficult Child
3) Plane Coincidence
4) Joan Riverz Of Babylon
5) D.G.A.F.
6) Senior Day
7) My Slutty Wife
8) J.U.G.S
9) Suicide City
10) Bomb Squad
11) Death Before Tact
12) Slurred Eulogy



Mike Fagan, “Dirty Uncle Mike”, was born in Milwaukee, WI. He sang for the ska/punk septuplet The Free4Allz, opening for such acts as The Lawrence Arms, Unwritten Law, Spring-Heeled Jack, Blue Meanies, The Straight Edge Crack Whores, 5 O’Clock Charlie and many more. The band dissolved in late 1999. After finishing high school in the summer of 2000, he drove west to Seattle. Within 3 months he met Ben “Benny Big Bones” Holland, the would-be, well-fed drummer.

Ben has been playing in bands since age 13. While spending most of his childhood years between eastern Washington and Arizona, he decided at an early age that music and eating is what he does best. Ben is a multi talented musician with both song writing ability and instrument proficiency. When Ben met Mike in 2000, they realized they shared a common taste in music. For five years they talked about starting a punk band. In early 2006, DICKTIONHEAD was formed. Joining Mike and Ben, the other original members were Adrian Bustos (guitar) and Yari Brozyna (bass). Adrian eventually moved out of state and was replaced by long time friend Wil Case. and the band began getting serious and developing a unique, unconventional punk rock sound infused with hardcore and metal.

On St. Patrick’s Day 2006, DICKTIONHEAD tumbled out of its first show at a house-trashing party in Seattle. They quickly sparked the interest of various labels, but decided to hold out for a label able to give more tour support and future distribution as they were discussing recording their debut album, ...Because the Scene Could Suck Less...”.

In 2007, new and exciting opportunities arose for DICKTIONHEAD. With gracious donations from friends and family plus leftover financial aid and student loans, the foursome recorded their first full-length album at Fastback Studios in North Seattle. That year they continued to tour the regional area and get increased radio play as well. During the sweltering summer, DICKTIONHEAD embarked on its “Tare Out the Heartland Tour” across much of the country. Drawing at times hundreds at shows, they played all-ages venues, DIY co-ops, as well as punk clubs and assorted dives alike. They powered the van over 10,000 miles that summer to promote and perform to anyone that would listen.

At the end of June 2008, DICKTIONHEAD completed a series of shows, when Wil decided to take an indefinite leave of absence from the band to focus on his Blacksmithing career. The remaining members began seeking another guitarist. After much discussion, the band decided to also replace their bass player. Yari has since pursued various projects ranging from funk to hip-hop. Following this reorganization, Ben and Mike began seeking out alternate members to continue the project. As fate would have it, they had to look no further than their immediate group of friends.

In January 2009, DICKTIONHEAD began playing shows with their new line-up. Eric “Eejus” Johnson took the role of guitar. Eejus was born and bred in New York City, and moved to Seattle in 2002. In addition to playing in several local bands, he is a student and teacher of martial arts.

Mike “Sober Mike” Chenoweth, from Grays Harbor, WA, stepped in at bass. Mike had been a fixture in the local scene for over a decade before joining DICKTIONHEAD. His tenacity and personality suited the band perfectly. Both gentlemen have been close friends with DICKTIONHEAD for some years now.

Currently, DICKTIONHEAD is back on track and booking shows, hoping to tour the world and continue writing excellent songs.

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