Dickward Codgers

Dickward Codgers

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Rap/Rock sprinkled with cocaine. We do and speak what you think but are too scared to say. Galaxial and shit.


Dickward Codgers ia a raunchy comedy rap/rock artist from Dallas, TX. Dick started to make a name for himself in August 2012 with the release of his controversial "Bathsalts" single and music video, which made national headlines. He has since opened for acts such as Mickey Avalon, Dirt Nasty, Riff Raff, Paul Wall, Digital Underground and 2 Live Crew to name a few, as well as many headlining gigs in and around Dallas.

Dickward is the antedote for what is wrong with the world, and music. There is no line that he is not willing to cross on any topic. Dickward says what everyone else is thinking, but can't say. In late 2012 he released his debut EP "Fuk Off" under the name JReal, who he has since killed off in favor of Dickward Codgers. "The name is razor sharp and you can't forget it once you hear it." "Fuk Off" featured the singles "Woodstick" ,"The Man" and "Smoke It" , which have had relatively good success on youtube with almost 300,000 views between the 3. "Bathsalts" has garnered almost 200,000 views alone in 1 year with little to no backing or management.

"Johnny Cash Sauce" is sure to be the single that takes Dickward to the national stage. A brilliant and witty homage to the late great, while launching an attack on pop culture. The hook is infectious with a sing along, classic bridge and the one liners get better as the song goes. The official press release and music video are coming September 27th, 2013 leading up to his next EP titled, "Hello, I'm Dickward Codgers", slated for release in late 2013.


Woodstick - Single - Fuk OfF EP - 2012
The Man - Single - Fuk OfF EP - 2012
Smoke It - Single - Fuk OfF EP - 2013
Fuk OfF - JReal aka Dickward Codgers - EP - 2012

Bathsalts - Single - Hello, I'm Dickward Codgers EP - 2013
Johnny Cash Sauce - Hello, I'm Dickward Codgers EP - 2013