The good word on the street about DID’s proto-disco-punk floor fillers quickly crossed the border of their native Italy, and translated via the net, into festival favourites and full blown continental touring dance machine.
Taking cues from no-wave, future-disco and tropical beats, DID’s highly infectious songs like Hello Hello and Time For Shopping quickly garnered kudos from tastemakers, landing them a remix gig for British darlings Hatcham Social, while fellow uk band These New Puritans, applied their magic touch to the song Another Pusher.


Ask U2 - EP Web released (September 2008, Kirsten's Postcards)

Time for shopping- EP released (November 2008, Circolo Forestieri Promotion)

Kumar Solarium- first LP (9 october 2009, Foolica Records)

Hello Hello - Another Pusher (These New Puritans Remix) - 7" single (April 2010, Foolica Reconds)

Kumar Solarium - LP (10 April 2010, Saboteur Records (Canada) and Flake Records (Japan))

Set List

Our set is composed of 8/9 disco punk songs
No covers