Diddly Deux

Diddly Deux


Diddly Deux is a genre bending acoustic duo that blends the sounds of World music, jazz, bluegrass, folk, bosa, baroque, and other acoustic sounds.


Diddly Deux consists of mainly vocals, guitar, and udu. With high energy and an old-timey sound, this duo gets the toes tapping! Their sound is a blend of Ragtime, Jazz, Folk, Bluegrass, World music, and acoustic sounds. The new album titled Reasons is now out and available.Amira Porporina is a mesmerizing vocalist with a unique sound. Amira also plays hand percussion, harp, guitar, and writes songs. Chris Puente is a diverse and talented guitarist who plays a range of styles. Chris is also a songwriter and vocalist and can play anything with strings. Together they form Diddly Deux. Thanks for stopping in! And thanks for listening.


Reasons 2007

Set List

Diddly Deux likes 45min. sets and would prefer to perform two-three such sets.
originals such as:
Diddly Doo, Harper's Tune, Let's Take A Walk, My Head, So Crazy, Psycho, Whiskey Mamma, Piney Woods, Train To Daddgad, Words, Reasons, Ultimate Betrayal, Out Loud.....
Covers such as old traditional tunes given a newer Diddly Deux sound. Although Diddly deux strives to stay as original as possible, They have been known to mix other material into there set list.