Didge Project

Didge Project

 New York City, New York, USA

The Didge Project music collective blends world rhythm and jazz with the sounds of the didgeridoo, the aboriginal wind instrument known for its mystical resonance. A high-energy full band experience that gets the crowd moving, Didge Project brings the best of improvised music to a new dimension.


Where world rhythm and tribal beats meet modern jazz and hip-hop, Didge Project creates music both ancient and progressive. Each live performance blazes new sonic territory, blending the sound of the didgeridoo, an aboriginal wind instrument used for ritual and ceremony, with keyboards, saxophone, flute, drums and other ethnic winds and percussion. In addition to performing, Didge Project offers beginner workshops and master classes on how to make, play and tap into the power of the didgeridoo. Through its emphasis on breath control and connection to vibration, the didgeridoo has led Didge Project's AJ Block and Tyler Sussman to a shared vision of spreading awareness for the instrument. Uniquely fusing live performances, learn-to-play workshops and didgeridoo events, Didge Project transcends conventional notions of a band and its community.


As One (2011): http://didgeproject.bandcamp.com/
Didgeridoo Meditation: An Odyssey Through Consciousness (2009): http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/didgeproject