Didges Brew

Didges Brew


Being of the Pioneers of the Didgeridoo in Europe Didges Brew is not only recognized in the Didgeridoo world. They contribute their exceptional skills to wild Jazz & Club Beats mixed with entertaining Didge Funk and tight House woven to their full spectrum of driving rhythms and sublime soundscapes.


Didges Brew´s Didgeridoo Artist Marc Miethe influences the European Didgeridoo Scene since 1992 through the great diversity and creativity of his playing. His experience as a Jazz Bass player and Singer at the Childrens Choir of the German Opera in Berlin took influence on becoming one of the true innovators of contemporary Didgeridoo Style. At Festivals, Clubs and Corporate Events all over Europe Miethe proves the widely varied possibilities of this simple wooden tube. Sometimes listeners forget to close their mouth and Didges Brew reminds them to simply close it and start to dance to their high energy BIG BEAT!


“... a real discovery ... absolutely convincing interpretation of the term “World Music” ... intensity and wealth of invention which is hard to match ... Didges Brew create a truly organic fusion of different music styles ...“ (DNN) „...a real bomb!...“ (sonomag.de) "...brilliant..." (Berliner Morgenpost) “... storm of enthusiasm ... unbelievable variety ...“ (Bad. Zeitung)

PERFORMANCE HIGHLIGHTS (Didges Brew & Marc Miethe):


Official opening 12th IAAF World Championships, Brandenburg Gate / DidgeHeadRadio Festival UK / IBORT Festival, Spain / Austria Didgeridoo Festival / Israel Didjeridoo Festival / Böllerbauer Open Air, AT / OBOA Open Air / Eurofolkfestival 2007 / World Music Festival Loshausen / FreakWeekNoEnd 2006 / Weltjugendfest (world youth fest) 2005, Bonn / Dreamtime Festival, Berlin / Powermesse 2004 (CH) / Residência de Didgeridoo, Portugal / Popdeurope, Arena Berlin / Folk´n´Fusion Festival / „InMotion“ / Tribales 2003, Spain / Tanz- und Folkfest Rudolstadt 2002 with Gnawa Impulse / Immeldorf Open Air / Tempodrom - Berlin (opening concert of the `Fète de la Musique´) / Fusion / Festival für Folk, Lied und Weltmusik 2001 / New-Age-Musik-Festival, NL / Love-Parade 1997 / Open Fairport Festival


Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG: Global Conference 2008 (setting up a 12-piece Ethno-Pop-Orchestra / Reminders Day 2008 / 20 Years Joey´s Pizza / Akzo Nobel / BMW Munich (FIFA World Championchip 2006) / BAT / AdventureOZ Tour for yellow tail / BMW Formula one 2005 - Party, Monte Carlo / Hannover Trade Fair (Night of Innovations, CeMAT) / Wintershall / Thomas Cook „Premiere Travel Summer 2004“ / Kempinski Hotel Bristol, Berlin / Kunstherbst Berlin (Christo exhibition) / Asia-Pacific-Forum / CARGO-Lifter hall opening 2000 / Real IS / European Patent Office, Munich / A. Racke GmbH + Co / Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung / SAP Trade Fair 1998, Nizza / GfZ - German Society for payment systems / Middle German Airportnight


KIKA-TV / MTV Select (Interview with Dannii Minogue)


Didges Brew: “Dreamtime Festival Sampler” (2001), “Urban Freakuencies” (2004+09), “Live Experiences” (2009) / Boobinga: “The inbetween Thing” (2001), “5 years Folk´n´Fusion” (2009) / Circular Breathing: “Live in Cafe Zapata” (1994), “Living Structures” (1995), “Currents” (1996) / Peshkar: “Maya” (2001) / Gnawa Impulse: “living remixes” (2002) /
Seeed (Tayfun on didgeridoo) „New Dubby Conquerors“

Set List

Festivalsets: 60-90 min.

Events/Trade Fairs: 5 min. - 8 hours

Clubs: 90-120 min.