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Didges Christ SuperDrum

Sarasota, Florida, United States | INDIE

Sarasota, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Avant-garde


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Video: Didges Christ SuperDrum – “Black is the Colour (of my true love’s hair)”"

Should I be freaked out? Well, I’m sure you will be after watching Didges Christ SuperDrum‘s new video. This one is for “Black is the Colour (of my true love’s hair)” and is taken from their album, Alien Technology. The song is also featured on the soundtrack of the feature length horror film Evangeline, currently in post-production for a summer release. However, can the horror of that film match the creepiness of Didges Christ SuperDrum and their video for “Black is the Colour (of my true love’s hair)”. That remains to be seen. Watch the new clip above, and if you’re digging it, show the band some love on Facebook. - Ear Buddy

"Aliens initiate first contact"

Didges Christ SuperDrum is a band that appealed to me right away when I was reading about them before I even began listening to the album. As a bass player and a drummer, my whole life revolves around rhythm. That is why I was excited to begin listening to Alien Technology. It is an album that revolves around rhythmic percussion.

The band is comprised of two core members: ObiShawnKenobi and Lembonious, both of which claim to be extraterrestrial beings. Upon visiting the band’s website, I was very intrigued by the dark, futuristic vibe the band seems to carry with them. They wear skull masks that make them look like voodoo aliens.

The album begins with “Mystic Rituals,” which is a really cool percussive drum jam which sets a nice tone for the beginning of the album.

“Broken Robots” is the second track on the album, which is futuristic and tribal. The vocals on this album remind me a lot of Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails, which happens to be on of my favorite bands.

“Finding Your Way Back Om” has a hook which will have you wanting to sing the words “finding our way back om” right along with him. Could it be an alien brainwashing technique?

“Alien Technology” is another instrumental song that is very heavily layered with percussive elements.

The words to “Stardust+Energy=Me” is what attracted me to this one. “The dead can dance to the drums. They sing to me and I succumb. It’s all a muse to me. I’m just a muse to be.” There was something oddly beautiful about these words that begin the song. Those lines just felt familiar to me in the way that I interpreted them.

If dark futuristic alien funk was a genre, then the song “Black is the Colour” would fit in perfectly. A dark groove that speaks of the color of his true love’s hair. This song has such a heavy groove that you cannot help but dance along.

Skipping down to the final song, “Snake Oil” greets us with a low rumble of a didgeridoo along with other instruments that are pure atmosphere. It was a great song to close out the album. With the lyrics in a low chant, you can really only make out a few words. One think I definitely heard on more that one occasion was “Didges Christ.” Usually one of my pet peeves is a band saying their own name in a song. However, this worked for me. It was subtle enough to actually add something to the song.

If you are in a dark chill out mood, which I am in often, then Alien Technology by Didges Christ SuperDrum is the album for you! - Pagan Radio Network


Didges Christ SuperDrum
Alien Technology



Didges Christ SuperDrum comes from the city of Murdvaw on the planet Grok... Upon arriving in this dimension and space in time in the year 2010 we recorded our self-titled debut album using terrestrial instruments and percussion, and gradually have been adding our alien technology to the sound. This technology can be heard on our YouTube channel and will be featured heavily on our new album titled "Alien Technology" which is due to be released in April of 2013. The music is trance-inducing and you should not operate heavy machinery while under our influence...