DIDIUM & The Black Bonnie Picture

DIDIUM & The Black Bonnie Picture


What would happen if David Bowie and Jarvis Cocker got caught in an elevator together. With an old radio playing only the best of the Thirties. Picture that! Then Imagine the colorful scenery of a fairground bringing you back in our time! Music and lyrics you can relate and feel to!


- Didium & the Black Bonnie Picture -


Danish indie rock comets team up with Paul Schroeder on second album.

Didium & the Black Bonnie Picture started out in Denmark back in 2006 as a 7 piece act with a setup resembling Dexies Midnight Runners' and their characteristic blend of violin and saxophone. Members of the band have come and gone throughout the years. The setup however, remains unchanged and gives the band a special style of playing pop music at its best. 24 year old songwriter Didium's dark baritone tells stories of loss, loneliness, lust and love with an undercurrent twist of irony giving the stories life of their own.

The band released their first album in the beginning of 2009 in Denmark and the Benelux countries. This year their follow up "A Valley" will come out worldwide.
"A Valley" is produced by British producer/engineer Paul Schroeder (Stone Roses, Talk Talk) and comes out in May as the first release on Schroeder's own indie record label Sureleaf.


Out on FRISKER MUSIC // SUBURBAN RECORDS and itunes & cdon.com

Single: You Wanna Stay in rotation on Kink FM (NL) and Airplay on Danish Radio.

Documentary about Didium & The Black Bonnie Picture shown on Local tv, Copenhagen and Youtube.

Live broadcast of Skanderborg Festival gig 2009 on www.Youtube.com/kingsorange

Set List

Starry Eyes
Tell Me, Tell Me
The Twisted Way of Blues
You Wanna Stay
No Drive (Crushed Revisited)
Be Gone by Dawn
Same Memory Shows
Feeling from the Start
Whimsical Beauty (Starry Eyes Revisited)
Its Saturday
A Valley

Set Duration is 45 min. to 1½ Hour.