DIEAWAY are an alternative/stoner rock band from Madrid. They sing in English, like the bands that most influenced them: from Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Tool or Porcupine Tree to seminal bands like Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin.


Formed in 1992, Dieaway went through some changes in their first years, but the line-up has remained the same since 1998, a fact that has allowed them to consolidate their musical identity. Dieaway songs are usually based on a simple guitar riff which is then developed into a somewhat complex composition, marked by a characteristic and easily recognizable sound. Some of the venues the band has played are Gruta77, Sala Live, La boca del lobo, Silikona, Metropolis, Honky tonk, Arena/Heineken (Madrid), Fanatic (Sevilla), Imagina (Cádiz), Festival del oeste (Cáceres), Moon (Santiago), Mardigras (A Coruña), etc.


I can´t remember

Written By: Dieaway

(Hey) someday you will see that I show what I feel,
I only express myself loud so you can think about it.
But now I can't remember.
The words I say and I don't overdress,
I don't conceal.
My game is like a game of chess where I ate the queen.
But now I can't remember.

Without face

Written By: Dieaway

Scalds created by a trace,
cracks in a dry skin,
but too down
to hold them with your hand,
plenty of grooves to drain.

Heat that burns your face,
erasing uncovered deeds,
too long
too much time for you,
too much pain in dreams.
Hold on...
Hold on...
Grow on a world without a face.


Dieaway are about to release their first album, which is now in the final mixing stage, and they will be presenting it live in autumn 2012.

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