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"What are industry Insiders Saying?"

"Reminiscent of bands that you'd find on Reconstriction back in the mid 90's..

Monster is definitely the highlight track...Strong break-beats mixed with power chords."

-Shannon, Metropolis Records

"Die Brucke takes the Electro sound and raises it to a new standard."

-Benny Hell, VF Magazine

"I like the sound. The guitars work well in their tracks, especially in the track called "Golem". The vocals are working well too. "Monster" is really cool as well. Has an old school Skinny puppy feeling to it, yet sounding fresher. Sweet."

-Sebastian R. Komor, Icon of Coil and Zombie Girl

"They sound great. The guitar adds that crunch I love but still makes you want to dance your ass off."

-Nick Cage, Clear Channel, KTCL 93.3 Denver/Boulder
- Evil Poodle Productions

"The Bridge or as they call it, Die Brucke"

by Alyx Webb, The Evil Poodle

Die Brucke, comprised of former members of Emergence, Darker Days Tomorrow, Electrophile, Rogue Angel Seven, and Dragon Tears Descending, are getting ready to hit the world with their first EP album “Monster.” Die Brucke, in german, means “The Bridge”, which in the early 20th century was a group of artists that were seeking a way to bring the older traditional forms of art to a newer modern style based on vivid color, emotional tension, and violent (bold) imagery. Who are the members of this deeply creative expressionist band you ask? Solice Seven (Patrick Hogan) on main programming and some guitar, The Apostate (Rob Holman) on main vocals and co-synths, and Drake (Corey Drake) on lead guitars, synths, programming, and back-up vocals.

A lot of this bands influence spawned from early 90’s music in both the Goth and Rock movements, including Gravity Kills, KMFDM, Front 242, Neuroticfish, Razed in Black, New Order, and Nine Inch Nails. In their opinion it seems like music has lost something over the years, like either it’s too much rock and needs more dance music, or too much electronic dance that needs more rock. The boys of Die Brucke are trying to create that bridge.

In a very short amount of time the band has come together, re-written most of the songs, wrote new songs, changed programming tools, and become as tight knit as any band that has been working together for several years. As someone who speaks to a lot of bands and gets to hear new releases before they are released I am very impressed with what the band has put together. I have also been witness to DJ friends sneaking in unreleased tracks into their set lists at the clubs, and I have seen people perk up and get to the dance floor for a song they have never heard before (which is highly impressive).

They have goals to tour nationally and internationally, which they know will take time but they are ready to do it, and very excited about the new project and prospects it could bring to them. They plan to take over the world and are not worried about hords of plaid skirt japanese girls chasing them through Japan!- They welcome it!

We would like to say that you should decide for yourself what Genres this band will fit into, I myself would place them at Industrial/Darkwave/EBM. But you can make up your own mind when Monster is released on Tuesday, November, 20th, and you can even come see them live at 3 Kings Tavern for their CD Release Party on Saturday, Novermber 24th. - Colorado Music Buzz

"What we do on the weekend: Die Brucke"

Diurnal creature that you are, you might not have noticed that Denver has a thriving Goth/Darkwave scene - has for years, really. But then, that's why you flip to this page first thing every Friday, so we can fill you in on stuff that happens while you're asleep. (P.S.: Your neighbors are bizarre.) And good thing that you do; had you not turned to us, you might have missed the slithery, stomping Goth club rock of Die Brucke. Not to mention the chilling tale of their recent weekend activities.

* What did you do last weekend?

"Lately we've been working on live versions of some new songs that will be included on the album due out this fall or winter. We have incorporated several of these songs into recent live performances and have settled on a final form for these tracks (until we change them again!). A secon d keyboardist has been added to the live lineup, because while the chemistry on stage is good with either of our two keyboardists, it's twice as good with both of them. Other than that, we've been hanging out with friends and fans at The Shelter on weekends and generally just goofing off and having a good time. You know, anything to keep us from thinking about our day jobs!"

What do you have going on this weekend?

"On Saturday, we'll be tearing it up at The Falcon with The New Waveforms and Simple Shelter. We've been organizing teams for a little bowling action before the show, so if you think you're bad enough, come down and see if you can beat us. If you make us cry, we'll give you a Die Brucke shirt. On May 25, we'll be representing Denver as the local headliner at the Colorado Dark Arts Festival at The Church. In preparation for these outings, we've been streamlining our stage rig and adding some new music to the set. We hope to see you at one of our shows in the near future, and keep in mind that shots of Jägermeister are always welcome!"

- Rocky Mountain News


Monster EP (2007)



Die Brücke was formed in late 2005 following the break-up of the darkwave/EBM group Emergence. That project included at the time several musicians who would go on to form the fledgling DB, after creative differences forced Emergence to disband. The moniker of the new project was inspired by an early 20th Century German Expressionist movement of the same name, who were famous for their primal, unscientific approach to art. These artists named their movement "Die Brücke", or The Bridge, because they had envisioned a school of art which would be a symbolic link between old and new, between the past and the future.

This vision is shared by the band Die Brücke, who bring many influences into the mix and strive to create something new, yet familiar. The tone of their work is dark, sometimes energetic, sometimes brooding, and involves the use of gothic, rock, electro, classical and even tribal elements to form a new and powerful sound that is avante garde, and yet sometimes reminiscent of the dark industrial-rock sound of the early 1990s.