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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Peter, Prawda Records"

„Die by Design sind coole Leute und musikalisch absolut top - wir haben mal mit „Cwill“ mit ihnen gespielt und ich muss sagen, von „Cwill“ her war es eines der schlechtesten Konzerte überhaupt, aber der Abend war trotzdem toll, weil bei Die by Design hatte ich einfach das Gefühl ‚Hey, die sind geil’, das hat den ganzen Abend gerettet.“

- Realrocker Music Magazin

"CD-Review, 2007"

It always surprises me for some reason when something load and aggressive comes out of Switzerland considering how laid back they are, one of the last places I’d expect a screamo band to appear from was there anyway. Die By Design certainly aren’t just a bunch of kids with matching hair cuts and a lot of eye liner though. The band’s founding have spent a lot of care in choosing the perfect members for the band, and with the release of Now It Starts To Make Sense it is all beginning to pay off.

The band have happened up on the perfect mixture of technical aggressiveness and melody, and with their influence stated as ranging from Coheed and Cambria, Tool, Led Zep and At the Drive In, Die By Design have been feeding themselves on a healthy diet of quality musical nutrition which is bound to turn out something impressive.

Stripped down to its basic’s, yes it is just typical screamo/hardcore. What makes this band stand out is the intelligence in the song writing and the good use of technical riffs. A Silhouette reminds me of something that could have been by a early MCR way before the black parade came marching through town. Although seeing two singer in one band isn’t so uncommon these days, Die By Design have a good balance going on, unlike some band I’ve seen lately where the vocals are so similar it’s hard to tell who’s singing what, and it’s just even worse to hear live.

If Die By Design can push themselves out to the right crowd they can go a very long way. Finally screamo is starting to come back from this watered down, carbon copy trend that has been slowly taking over most scenes at the moment. Die By Design just could be your new favourite Screamo band. - Subba-cultcha.com

"CD-Review, 2007"

Switzerland's Die By Design have been together since 2003 and in the time the band have been together they have toured with Strike Anywhere, Converge, Tribute To Nothing which has helped the band clock up a steady fan base. Die By Design are now releasing their debut album 'Now It Starts to Make Sense' on Mother Should Know Records.

Die By Designs sound is hardcore mixed with a bit of metal and a duel assault of vocals. The album opens with 'Burn Well my Dear' which starts with a heavy metal riff and hardcore shouted vocals which mix well with the more sing a long vocals which make for a powerful start to the album. 'A Silhouette' is a huge song with immense guitar work and the mixed vocals sounding huge working together. The introduction to 'Fear No Ghosts' is stunning and show this band know how to make a noise and maintain a catchy vibe at the same time.

'For A Second' starts with an assault of hardcore vocals before the guitars kick in, but it’s not long until the mellow vocals come in with the hardcore vocals shouting over the top. 'Plastic Mosquito' is a rocking track and focuses more on the bands instrument playing rather than the vocals, and these guys sure know how to hit some killer riffs.

The album finishes with 'Sinners' which is a fast energetic song full of noise for the first half and then mellows down to slow drumbeats and spookily quiet vocals that get louder on every drum beat, finishing the album nicely.

The good thing about Die By Design is the fact they are so talented and have produced an album where each song sounds different from the last and the more you listen to each song the more you are going to get into it and enjoy this album. I’m sure it won’t be long until Die By Design unleash their sound on the road in England. - Morehastemorespeed.co.uk


2004 - Demo-CD Aufnahmen
2007 - Now It Starts To Make Sense



Müsste man Die By Design in nur einem Wort zusammenfassen, dann wäre dies wohl ‚Tempo’. Nicht nur, dass ihre Musik hart am Limit kratzt, auch in Sachen Bandgeschichte wird auf der Überholspur gefahren: Im September 2003 gegründet, spielten Die By Design nach zwei Monaten schon ihren ersten Gig im Vorprogramm von Strike Anywhere (USA). Nach diversen Konzerten und Demoaufnahmen im Jahr 2004, starteten 2005 die Arbeiten am Debutalbum "now it starts to make sense". Mit dem ersten Rough Mix davon wurde Die by Design 2006 vom englischen Label Mother Should Know Records unter Vertrag genommen – einem Unterlabel von Lockjaw Records, auf dem unter anderem auch Tribute To Nothing zu finden sind. Im April 2007 wird ihr Erstling auf Mother Should Know Records erscheinen, eine erste Tour in England ist bereits in Planung – das Tempo ist hoch, doch den sechs Ostschweizern ist das nur recht.

Musikalisch bedienen sich Die By der gesamten Bandbreite des Hardcores wobei die beiden Sänger der Musik sowohl auf Platte und aber auch speziell an Liveshows eine ganz besondere Wirkung verleihen.

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