Diecast’s intensely forged sound has evolved over the seven years since the nucleus of the band first formed. Originally part of Boston’s underground hardcore scene, their output has matured into a mind-blowing composite of metal, rock and hardcore.


The Boston-based dynamic metalcore quintet DIECAST recently finished recording their highly anticipated sophomore album, Tearing Down Your Blue Skies. This is the group’s first effort since their highly acclaimed debut full-length, Day of Reckoning, released over three years ago. This new offering shows the group’s progression as musicians and songwriters, while the addition of new vocalist Paul Stoddard adds a whole new feel to the band’s dynamic sound. From Slayer-type riffs mixed with Hatebreed breakdowns to Killswitch Engage melodies and massive hooks, DIECAST have broke the mold once again creating an album that will set the mark for all other bands in the genre to try and surpass.


Undo The Wicked on Samson Records 1999
Day Of Reckoning on Now Or Never 2001
Tearing Down Your Blue Skies on Century Media due out Oct 2004