Die Driving

Die Driving


Perfectionists, we strive for this show after show. We play tight, aggressive, and powerful music. Ambition and determination have gripped us all, and we will except nothing short of glory.


Just as their name sounds, die driving has been leaving the same impression on every listener's face... shocked!!! Captivating audiences in the indie scene wherever they are, the Toronto natives, Carlos Fachada, Frank Piro, Marco DelGallo, Mike Kossov, and Rob Ientilucci, put on a stellar performances combining roaring guitars, intricate rhythm grooves, and absolute stunning vocals. Already opening for such huge acts as Thornley (604 Records/ Roadrunner Records), Three Days Grace (Zomba Label Group/Jive Records), and The Marble Index (Key Music Group),
they've been able to grip and mezmorize colossal sized audiences by their booming stage presence and propensity for putting on mind-blowing shows. Using influences such as hope, turmoil, love and ferocity, they let the music take over and write itself.

This is their natural behavior, their savoir-faire, to write beautiful, hooky, memorable music and serve it to audiences with a destructive blow. There's nothing else to it.

die driving do not try to explain, they hardly even try to interpret, they mainly do what feels right to them: make remarkable music people feel stoked about.

"All Yous,"

/die driving


www.myspace.com/diedriving has links to our songs.

First EP demo recording is now out Titled "All Yours".

Songs have been played on 97.7 HTZ FM, U.of.T University Radio, and York University Radio.

Set List

A or Nothing - 3:25
All Yours - 4:22
Never - 3:10
So Far - 3:45
A Fraction - 3:50
Dfi - 4:35
Hardley Even Tried - 5:30
Mirror - 3:47
Mutant Fox - 2:36
Total Set Time - 45-50min (breaks/talking)