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"Best albums 2005"

Best albums of 2005: [In September] Exeter's Died Smiling unleashed the best, most dynamic and creative metal album of 2005 in the form of Evolution of the Fist - Cornish Guardian

"Potent brew"

On this album you'll find elements of hardcore, thrash, stoner, anthemic and 80s metal all wrapped up in one potent brew of originality. The songs are well written with an eye constantly on the melody lines while the arrangements are much more powerful, enveloped in a whirlwind of guitars, driven by the hurricane rhythm section with dual vocals that reflect the 2 sides of the metal coin, with King X style harmonies sitting happily next to raging lead vocal above this canopy of guitars that power up and burn - Music Services November 2005

"Highly recommended"

Having just released their debut album ‘Evolution of the Fist’, which is an accomplished first effort combined with steady live activity, Died Smiling are laying the foundations for their own evolution. This is an interesting sounding release that combines a controlled sense of heaviness with a progressive nature, which immediately puts a mark on the album as one to digest. This album comes highly recommended - Meta4Life November 2005

"Fast and fierce"

Evolution Of The Fist is assured, brash and confident. That in itself is impressive, coming from a band which met at school and only formed last year. But impressive too is how fast and fierce the music can be. That and how it manages to blend a wide range of influences together well and still have its own character
- Powerplay November 2005

"Great CD"

Faith No More, Pantera, a splash of Fear Factory here and there: the influences of these Englishmen seem to be recalled in these three names....however, the style of this band is decidedly personal and intriguing. Aggression combined with healthy doses of melody and really clean vocals is the right mix to make this sound varied and listenable. Great CD – give it a listen - Babylon Magazine, November 2005

"Stands out and shines"

Progressive enough to stand next to Faith No More, heavy enough to open for Mudvayne, and good enough to push Disturbed and other radio whores off the dial. If you're willing to give music a chance for the sake of finding a diamond in the rough, Died Smiling might just be your jackpot. Much like Mudvayne, they stand out and shine high above the crowd and live on long after most other fellow genre-men have fizzled and died. If you're up for an interesting, albeit rewarding listen, give Evolution of the Fist a listen...or two. If corporate radio can eat up bands like Slipknot, Mudvayne, and Disturbed, then in a perfect world, Died Smiling would be on top of the rock radio throne. - Deadtide, September 2005

"Died Smiling have it all"

Died Smiling have produced a sound any metal band would be proud of and one that stands as one the best underground metal albums of the year in Rockbeast’s eyes combining melodic vocals with sheer brutality. With ear screeching solos, pulsing drums and heavy bass Died Smiling have it all on nine tracks. The future seems very bright for Died Smiling indeed, they just get better and better. - Rockbeast, September 2005

"Incredibly original and fresh"

Drawing a strong influence from Tool and blending it with the unique power that Sepultura could offer, Died Smiling hit you with an incredibly original and fresh sound. Died Smiling have favoured complexity over noise, and as a result you have one of the most openly creative bands the last few years have seen. This album is a journey of dynamic creation and innovation...pick up "Evolution Of The Fist" as soon as you can. 12/13 - Room 13, September 2005

"Huge credit to UK metal"

Devon’s Died Smiling definitely extract their influences from the American heavy rock, megaton blast-hitting community. Pantera, Sepultura - the list is endless yet this debut effort draws necessary, and flattering, comparisons to those monoliths. Died Smiling are set to be a huge credit to the UK metal fraternity. - New Noise, September 2005

"Bloody buy the thing!"

Bloody go and have a listen of the 9-track album at your local record store...most probably, you'll end up buying the thing! 90/100 - Concrete Web, September 2005


Evolution of the Fist - album, released 2005
These Four Walls - album, released 2004



Died Smiling are based in Devon and have been together for a year and a half, although they first met and started writing music at school. Brought up on a diet of bands like Faith No More, Pantera and Sepultura, as well as various obsessions with film scores, punk and classic metal, they have distilled their influences into their own unique sound - powerful melodies ripped through with agression and energy.

Recent months have seen Died Smiling getting fantastic reviews in the national and regional music press, as well as great live reaction. The band's demo caught the attention of Casket Records who have recently released the album Evolution Of The Fist. In 2005 the band supported US legends Stuck Mojo on their UK tour, and have recently played the UK's great metal festival Bloodstock 2006 where they gained glowing reviews.