Rosemead, California, USA

Die Fast is a pack of snarling gentlemen fighting to keep raw, raucous, rapid-fire punk rock from choking on its own tongue and flat-lining; filth spewing, friendly, familiar faced bastards crashing through burner after burner.


In late 2000, frontman Tod Jünker drove a black Dodge van from Houston to LA, leaving behind legendary Texas hardcore rockers Spunk (with whom he’d opened for the likes of White Zombie and L7) to found Die Fast.

With the first incarnation of Die Fast, Tod took his DIY attitude and aggressive approach into the studio and recorded Live Ammunition. As good as the album turned out, it lacked the grit and grime that Tod craved. Die Fast disbanded, and Tod recruited a fresh garrison of cannon fodder.

Jimmy Fusil of Bloody Robots took up bass duties, bringing his penchant for blown out noise, dissonance and percussive thump to the mix. He has yet to be clued in that there is no such thing as a lead bass player.

Jimmy Douglas of Calling All Destroyers joined on lead guitar, bringing an encyclopedic knowledge of rock riffage, subtle melodies, sophistication and complexity to counterpoint the driving punk crudeness that is Die Fast’s meat and potatoes.

LA punk/heavy metal scene vet John Spangler (aka “Spangaloid”) formerly of Duchess De Sade, Maniacal Genocide, and Hatred, provides the tight, relentless, driven guitar grind that propels every sonic assault.

The drums are pounded out with nimble energy by Chase Meyer. Chase is barely into his 20s, so he has yet to do anything notable, but in five years you’ll all pretend to have known him way back when.

The new, filthier, more flavorful incarnation of Die Fast has been working with famous band-ruining Hollywood producer Mudrock on an album-length blitz scheduled for release in April, tentatively titled Star Spangled War.

They’re out there paying tribute to the dirt under your fingernails, machine guns and diesel engines.

Set List

Bad Girl
Guns & Knives
Slow On
Freak Flag
Nothing's Wrong
I Wanna Be Your Dog
Knock Me Down
Wanna See