Gypsy and Flamenco by nature. His music comes from deep roots and advances mixing with other cultures, breaking down borders. Defined by Mario Pacheco as "Ray Charles Gitano" he has caught the attention of great musicians such as Charlie Haden, Birelli Lagrene and Path Meteny among others. Unique


As well as the Flamenco music was born with the forefronts, close to other artistic manifestations, Diego Amador is the forefront of the Flamenco. He approaches with nonchalance, without complexes and without resigning his andalusian gipsy flamenco,  soul other musical expressions, fundamentally - though not only - to the jazz and, also, he leaves that this musical others approach, across him, the Flamenco.

Diego Amador has had the best teachers who can be had: his  family and his own artistic talent. It is what make him a total Renaissance sense artist .
Not only he composes, produces and interprets his own works, but he dominates multiple instruments in which he leaves his personal stamp. To the battery, to the bass, or the piano there joins something that, surely, will give very well to speak his voice. A voice that when he sings does not conceal his inspiration. The art is first of all a feeling, and these feelings move us to moments that leave fingerprint and remain forever in his way of understanding this of the Flamenco.
Diego Amador (Seville, Spain 1973) was born into a gypsy family steeped in flamenco tradition. He grew up in the neighborhood of the 3000, a housing conversion project of the old gypsy quarter, Triana.
His musical background is strictly nonacademic. Growing up in a family of guitarists, his first instrument was naturally the guitar.  Nevertheless, at the age of 11 he started performing extensively, playing the drums for the group Pata Negra. Around the same time, many different instruments have started to interest him, most importantly the keyboard, and with these instruments he started accompanying many artists such as La Susi, Remedios Amaya, El Potito, Diego El Cigala, and Tomatito.
Diego has also shared his music with dancers Israel Galvan and Belén Maya, both brilliant artists in their own right, and at the cutting edge of vanguard Flamenco. At the same time he has collaborated and shared the stage with musicians such as Chick Corea, Birelli Lagreene, Luis Salinas, Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Alex Acuña, Abrahan Laboriell, Larry Coriel, and Jerry Gonzalez, Path Metheny, Charlie Haden, amongst others.
His deep pre-occupation with music has turned him into a multi-instrumentalist, and equally into a composer, recording artist and producer. All the while, his career as a solo artist defines him, without a doubt, as a pianist and singer.
Diego has entered the world of the piano, an instrument he considers “his”, not through the door of Spanish music, but discovering it through the world of jazz , a music which has captivated him in his childhood, and has made him open to share projects with the greats of this genre.
His inspiration for composing “Flamenco” carries on being the guitar, which gives him a natural feeling of playing solea, bulerías, rondeña...Singing will be at the heart of the work he is currently preparing, together with the piano, making him simply unique in his genre.

Diego Amador is Flamenco for nature, but the reason why he has turned into a pianist was his Passion for the Jazz music.
Slightly common in his way and at very early age, he was interested for the Jazz. The records of his olders brothers had gone to his hands and soon he was extending his collection. It was his first attraction, to the Piano. Throughht the years he had the opportunity to share music, scenes, recordings, projects, with bigs tigures demonstrated the mutual interest between theirs music. His meetings with Larry Coriel, Chick Corea, Path Metheny, Bireli Lagrene, Charlie Haden, is a part of his present in bigs Jazz festivals with the peculiarity of contributing not only his music but his voice with the Andalusian gipsy singing turning it in unique in his genre.

Nacido en el seno de una de las familias gitanas, con mas tradición flamenca; ha crecido en la conversión del barrio de Triana en 3000 Viviendas.
Su formación musical es estrictamente “no académica”. Respondiendo a las enseñanzas de sus familiares mas directos, en su mayoría guitarristas, su primer instrumento, ha sido naturalmente la guitarra. Sin embargo ha comenzado a recorrer escenarios, con solo once años, tocando la batería con el grupo “Pata Negra”. Al mismo tiempo, llegarían a sus manos, nuevos instrumentos , con los que acompañaría a la Susi, Remedios Amaya, El Potito, Diego El Cigala y Tomatito.
Paralelamente, ha colaborado y compartido escenarios con músicos como Chick Corea, Birelli Lagreene, Luis Salinas, Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent. Alex Acuña, Abrahan Laboriell, Larry Coriel, Jerry Gonzalez , Path Metheny y Charlie Haden entre otros.
Su inquietud por la música lo ha convertido en multinstrumentista, a la hora de componer, grabar y producir. Sin embargo, su carrera en solitario, lo define claramente como pianista y cantaor.

El Piano, al que considera “su instrumento”, y del que nunca ha tomado refere


-Anticipo Flamenco, Universal , 1994

-El Aire de lo Puro, Nuevos Medios,2001

-Piano Jondo, Nuevos Medios, 2008

-Rio de los Canasteros, Nuevos Medios,2010

-Live in Paris Flamenco Jazz Tribute 2012

- Scherso Flamenco 2013