Hollywood, California, USA



     Without a doubt the biggest superstar of all time. Diegodiego is recognized by the news media and public as The World's Most Powerful Man,
for being  the number one and most famous entertainer ever by popular
demand. Diegodiego is the first and only Yucatecan artist to succeed and
Conquer Hollywood and the U.S.. Spain, Mexico, Central and South
America. His live music shows and movies, make of him an actor and
singer of international stature on the radio, television, cinema,
magazines and the Internet.


Quema Quema (LP)
Haciendo Escandalo (EP)
La Cuca (Single)

All Tracks are now available for streaming and are currently on Radio airplay worldwide

Set List

Singing live in a 45 minute Show. Latin Entertainer Diegodiego performs along his dancers all of his number one hits. From Quema Quema to Haciendo escandalo. Suitable for all audiences Diegodiego creates a spectacle that leaves everyone speechless. Show is Spanish speaking audiences but when Diegodiego performs for american or mixed audinces he combines a mixture of both worlds ( English & Spanish ) in a must see Show