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"(Rolling Stones, Paste)"

And it's important in a world where just a rhythm and a hook can validate a song, that Diego Sandrin is bringing back the story to music.

- Bud Scoppa

"(Virgin Online Oct 14)"

Singer/Songwriter Diego Sandrin pulled another all celebrity crowd at his show in Hollywood Tuesday night. Danny Masterson from "That 70s show" introduced Sandrin to a packed house....
- Virgin


After only a year at the game DS has quickly made a name for himself in Hollywood. Strong songwriting and delicate musicianship power this surprising new star-in-the-making. We suggest obtaining this EP, This is Hollywood. Not only it is a gem but also will be a collector's item. The buzz is on full gear for this one....

- (MP3.com)

"Industry reSource Sept 7"

D.S. has been the topic of discussion for some time in the Los Angeles circuit, and it seems that he has something to be talked about: his shows are always packed with celebrities (Lisa Marie Presley, Daryl Hannah, Juliette Lewis, Giovanni Ribisi, Jason Lee, Kelly Preston just to name a few). his sound is eclectic and raw. He is not afraid to explore avenues that most musicians dream about and delivers songs that will explode someday on radio. - Industry reSource Sept 7


It was a very touching moment when the smokey-whiskey balladeeer DS delivered his song about growing up in Venice, last night at The Gig. - (BMI)

"(say what! edition 7)"

At the Troubadour I realized that I was privileged to see one of the few artists of my generation that will leave a mark in the music business: Diego Sandrin. His magnificent voice floored me. He sang acoustically and he had a 5 star performance. If you have not heard him or seen him play, you should!

- (Edwin Camacho)

"(Lava nov 9)"

It was a delight to hear Diego's songs. The show was actually quite a production a combination of acoustic and electric guitars, very solid bass and drum grooves and a rare treat for rock fans: a full strings section! And the Celebs who cheer him on are a plus! - Lava Player

"Billboard Magazine"

Number 5 of Top Ten Picks of 2004 -Diego Sandrin, New talent. Brilliant results. --Thom Duffy, Billboard Magazine, December 25th, 2004(On-Line
- Thom Duffy

"HOUSE OF BLUES Emerging artist of the month"

He sang in a church choir (a boy soprano if you can believe it!), learned a few flamenco guitar licks from a cousin and listened to his father play war anthems on the harmonica. But with a pitch-perfect ear, a poet’s soul and an eye for the human condition, that was all the training Diego Sandrin needed.

Go here for the web page:
http://www.hob.com/artistfeatures/emergingartists/0501diegosandrin/ - House of Blues


New CD release in July " A fine day between addictions"
buy it here:



Diego Sandrin Biography

The first time Diego Sandrin realized he wanted to be a performer occurred at age 8, when he dressed up like a cowboy and sang Adriano Celentano songs—emulating the Italian singer, songwriter, comedian and actor.

That’s an unlikely starting point for this “son of sailors and bricklayers” who, as a teen, turned away from an offer of a professional soccer contract to pursue a passion for punk. His first success in the music business occurred at age 16, when his band Ice and the Iced scored a recording contract. Compulsory military service ended that portion of the dream, but he was undeterred.

He made his way to the States, landing first in Baton Rouge where he was taken with delta jazz and blues. Sandrin returned to Italy and formed Sentemo Records—a jazz label—before realizing that he was spending so much time on the business side of the recording studio glass that he was ignoring his creativity.

Sandrin sold Sentemo and once again returned to the U.S. for inspiration—this time landing in Los Angeles, where his first band included an all-female quarted. He got his big stateside break when Lisa Marie Presley literally grabbed him off a stage and co-wrote a song, “Gone,” which appeared on her To Whom It May Concern album, which would sell over 900,000 copies.

He’s clearly traveled the “road less taken.” as An almost-pure experiential songwriter, he not only writes what he observes—he lives it. “I have this strange technique for my writing; I observe something or imagine it from something I see and then I try to become that character.”

Sandrin has kept his eyes closed for a day to experience blindness, spent a week in a wheelchair to write about a person with a disability, and lived in a rented trailer in Vegas to effect a “white trash” experience. The result is lyrics that are poignant, deep and lodge in his listeners’ souls.

The result is songwriting that touches a wide range of universal themes: “45,000,000 and 1” is an anthem to everlasting love; “Aged 14 Years” tells the story of a boy on trial for killing his abusive father; and “My American Friends,” a commentary on the consequences of shallow friendship.

“I want them to feel like they want to have the CD and be alone in their cars so they can listen to the stories and imagine it’s them singing; that the songs are about them and their life,” he says.

His listeners will experience that with a new CD, A Fine Day Between Addictions, which was recorded at Acustic Studio in Treviso near Venice and will be released at the end of July. He veered away from convention here, too, by having Romeo Toffanetti produce the album. Toffanetti, a movie director, had never stepped into a recording studio before working on the album.

“I thought he would give the songs a fresh slant because they’d be driven by the world of storytelling and image synching,” Sandrin says. “He always kept the connection between my word-pictures and the images on film in mind.” In the song "45.000.000 and one,” the drummer used roses instead of drumsticks—an arresting visual in itself, but even more striking when the sound is actually captured as part of the recording.”

He is an indie Renaissance man, a collector of scotch; sailor; painter; and regular in L.A. rooms such as HOB, Viper Room, Troubadour, Gig, Dragonfly and Luna Park. His regular following includes Lisa Marie Presley, Juliette Lewis, Daryl Hannah, Giovanni Ribisi, Jason Lee, and Danny Masterson. He has written for Brooklyn South and indie movies.

Through it all, Diego Sandrin has managed to maintain a very practical, level-headed view of the industry and the challenges he’ll face as a recording artist. “The biggest challenge is to get someone to listen to your CD not once, but twice,” he says. “That will bring a deal with a label that can offer me financial security while I write and play.”

Maybe he’ll take an unusual path to achieve that, maybe he won’t. One thing is certain: once A Fine Day Between Addictions is released, this multi-talented artist will see his popularity grow exponentially.

For more information about the experience that is Diego Sandrin, check out his website at www.diegosandrin.com.
Buy his new CD here: