A fun, drunken, energetic, hardcore/metal band in the vein of Soulfly, Pantera, and Slayer w/a groove. THE END!!!!


Andrew Scott- vocals

Born and raised in Maryland, works as a body piercer and has been singing for 5. Already making a name for himself in the piercing industry, Andrew Scott now plans to make a name for himself w/ his brutal deep yells and his powerful screams. With his intense, high enduring energy , he is anything but boring. His likes: asses (only women's, regardless of what you hear), good beer, smoothies, anything nasty, himself and face and body lotions.

? - Axe
we are currently working with a new guitarist wich will give us a new, more powerful, duel guitar sound.

Frank - Bass

Frank is the old man in the band. He's been playing for 15 years but can't remember the bands he used to be in. He likes good beer, brunettes, blonds and anything in between, and he also likes sports (especially dodge ball). He pays for his ESPN TV by being a human vibrator... so watch out ladies, he's a catch!

Robby Rule - Axe

The youngest and most fertile in the band, Robby has been playing music for 11 years. He likes cheap beer, big butts and boobies, and he supports his alcoholism and his 8 children by working at a local music store 24-7. He's been in other bands but none good enough to name.

Sandy - Drums

Sandy (aka: The Sandman) has the best hair in the band. He's been playing for 19 years, once played with a band called Hooray For Humans, and also Depristo and the Sandman. His likes are: beautiful faces, beautiful places and anything that makes him smile. He pays for his hair products and drum sticks by fixing things that other people damage.


We recorded our first 4 song EP(No Progress) in 2005. We currently do not have any songs on the radio. However, we feel that some of our songs (that are'nt recorded at this time) are radio friendly. Bands we've played w/Stuck Mojo, Dog Fashion Disco, Hidden Hand,

Set List

Depending on the set time were given, we play anywhere between 20-45 min. sets. Which is 5-9 songs. We constantly change our set so its never the same.