Beer guzzling, whiskey snorting, head snapping, bone jarring rock-n-roll. If power perceived is power achieved, then Diegrinder has a hard knuckled fistful of it.


Formed in the late spring of ’95, Diegrinder initially emerged as a quartet with the founding members culled from the ashes of defunct hardcore unit Pittbull and disbanded thrash metal act Bludshot. Influenced by Helmet, Quicksand, Unsane, and Monster Magnet, the band quickly established themselves as a visceral and intense Detroit act and they soon released the edgy five track tape IDENTITY CRISIS. Following a demanding year and a half of writing and performing, the line-up reshuffled as a string of tumultuous departures left Diegrinder sputtering. Regaining their momentum, lead vocalist and guitarist Adam Till and drummer John Lehl recruited friend and bassist Henry Pardike from recently folded heavy rockers Surge To Union and soldiered on as a trio bent upon creating a sound that was exciting and dangerous. Continuing to embolden their powerful stage performances, Diegrinder secured gigs throughout their home state of Michigan and, subsequently, by turns, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. In the fall of ’98 Diegrinder completed an eponymous five track tape and in ’99 they released their piledriving twelve song full-length debut THE PAST TO REST (METAL MANIACS called it "damned solid"). Expanding to a quartet, Diegrinder continued to play the greater Detroit area, but a year later were again reduced to a trio. Undaunted, Diegrinder concentrated on writing and performing as they focused upon selecting material for a follow-up to THE PAST TO REST. Delivering upon the promise of their debut while refining their overall sound, Diegrinder released the raucous six track EP GOIN’ DOWN in the spring of ’02 (DAREDEVIL said it "rocks hard as hell" and added it was "catchy and punishing") and they would go on to share the stage with, among others, Disengage, Dixie Witch, Speedball, Throttlerod, Electric Wizard, and Warhorse (in the aftermath of one of their shows VOX POP remarked of Diegrinder, "rock this raw and brutal deserves more recognition"). Later that summer they added friend and guitarist Steve Kapo from dissolved hard rockers Porn Family. Channeling the rock music they'd listened to for years, such as Black Sabbath, Motorhead, AC/DC, and Misfits, Diegrinder recognized that in the midst of a metal scene that had been upended by turntables, sampling, rapping, and the gimmicky, trendy like, their no-frills sound had become increasingly distinct ("this band delivers good high-volume beer-drinking music" as PSYCHOTROPIC ZONE phrased it). Embracing a predatory mantra of "Gibsons, Marshalls, and feedback", well-received shows suggested Diegrinder was now fully and completely “as intended”. Copping attitude and swagger, the act had become wildly “f-n rawk godly” in both musicianship and performance, their concerts indisputably single-minded, incendiary, and rollicking. Sifting through an inestimable wealth of exhilarating, aggressive material they'd written, Diegrinder entered the studio and recorded a meaty new full-length for release when both the momentum and certainty of their direction and ambition was dealt a harsh setback by the unexpected and tragic death of Steve Kapo in the fall of ’03. Diegrinder took the following year to reflect, playing out sporadically until asking acquaintance and guitarist Mike Elgert of melodic riff rockers Super TC to join. With a renewed commitment to forging their own brand of heavy music, Diegrinder has finally mastered the long overdue album DETROIT ON FIRE! and has begun writing and performing new material for eventual release sometime later this year while recent shows with Backyard Babies, Chelsea Smiles, Solace, Roadsaw, and Crash Kelly confirm Diegrinder is a rock act that knows how to throw a hard punch; that power perceived is power achieved.

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DETROIT ON FIRE! press release/While some rock acts struggle for "authenticity" and still others scheme to be perceived as "the real deal", Diegrinder has been in the trenches throwing hard elbows and kicking up the sleazy muck with such an electrifying and determined finesse that their headbanging zeal borders on an unknowable intoxication. Their new full length, DETROIT ON FIRE!, is testament to their unerring mantra of "Marshalls, Gibsons, and feedback". From the horn throwing braggadocio of "The Devil Cannot Be Blamed" to the monnshine boogie of "Snake Eyes" to the gritty malevolence portrayed in "Bullets" to the middle finger anthem "We Ride (At Night)", DETROIT ON FIRE! is an album that is immediately visceral and swaggering, a twelve track release that ferociously extracts a pound of flesh for every meaty riff given. In these cynical days when jaded acts desperately try to manipulate "lightening in the bottle", Diegrinder's DETROIT ON FIRE! is unwavering in the band's core belief that rock music ought to be loud and sweaty, full throttled and messy, reckless and dangerous; a palpable, tangible act of pure abandonment. No gloss, no h


DETROIT ON FIRE! (forthcoming full length)
THE PAST TO REST (full length debut)

Set List

Depending upon the bill, Diegrinder will generally play a 30-45 minute set. Covers are very rare and exclusively the beneficiary of an encore number. A recent set list, featuring recorded material and new compositions, ran as follows:

Heroin Hillbilly
3¢ Gutter Slut
Snake Eyes
We Ride (At Night)
Motherfuckin’ Cocaine
The Devil Cannot Be Blamed
The Blood
Under My Skin
Fist Fight
Symphony For A Tank
Last Ride