Diehatzu Hijets

Diehatzu Hijets


Diehatzu Hijets are a mix of 90's grunge, 70's lead guitar, and alternative stoner rock. Self evaluating lyrics buried in beds of fuzzy guitar riffs, poppy basslines, and high gain guitar solos.


Diehatzu Hijets began their career in 2009. Their sound: a blend of 90's alt/grunge and post punk
The trio consisting of Layne L'Heureux (guitar), Drew Lamb (bass), and Adam Prins (drums) independently
released two EP's, their 2009 self titled release, and Pud Muddle in 2010.
They released their full length effort Doo Doo Boy on Old Ugly Records, and their 2012 EP Bros... on Dead City Records.
They have received enthusiastic reception and have continued to build a solid fan base with each new release.

Their songs rely on crafty pop structures with lyrics exploring mundanity and the fantastic, all buried under
a wave of distortion, fuzzy bass, lead guitar, and rhythmic drumming.

"The world keeps spinnin' around / how I need it now" pleads Layne L'Heureux, singer/guitarist on
Diehatzu Hijets' "Falling Apart." It's a summarizing moment on Doo Doo Boy: the sentiment is fragile,
but awash in guitars that spit fuzzy haze and amped up soloing,
its power gets pumped up into a higher register. feels like a worthwhile exploration of an
underexposed territory in rock.

- Paul Blinov, Vue Weekly?

"Edmonton’s grunge rock gnarlaters strike again with another full length onslaught of rock and roll annihilation.
Bros is steeped in that unique variety of inimitable and indefatigable bromance that only a band can really share.
The fraternal jam photons that compose each of these head bangers would need a quantum physicist
to pinpoint their constantly vibrating position.
Highlights include, but are not limited to, the eponymous anthem “Diehatzu Hijets” and the unassuming
vulnerability of “Get Real.” Lyrically, Layne L’Heureux can be a joy to listen to.
His material is throroughly approachable and relatable without forsaking the poetic.
If you have enjoyed Diehatzu Hijets before, live or on record, I think you can agree that this band
only ever gets better and Bros is a testament to that."

- Joe Gurba, Arguejob


Diehatzu Hiets, Bros... (Dead City Records)
Charted #7 on CJSR Edmonton Radio
Diehatzu Hijets, Doo Doo Boy (Old Ugly Records)
Charted #1 on CJSR Edmonton Radio
Diehatzu Hijets, Pud Muddle (Independent)
Diehatzu Hijets (Self Titled) EP (Independent)

Set List

Faux Face
Turn It Out
Where's Your Head