.DieKotic. is a versatile LI metal band that is passionate about their music and their eye-catching stage performance. The band's talent and determination have led them to share the stage with national acts Chimaira, Trivium, Damage Plan, and more.


DieKotic encompasses a passion for heavy music that is shared by its four steadfast members. It is a passion that is strong, driven, and undeniable. While most bands are quick to shy away from, and seemingly dread, an identity with any classification or category that may fit their sound, the members of DieKotic embrace their footing in the grounds of metal. But do not be mistaken, as the band’s creative approach to its music is never narrow-minded nor is it complacent. Instead, the members continually challenge themselves to progress their sound in an effort to break new ground, remain original, and reach out to a broad musical community beyond the overlooked metal scene of Long Island. One only needs to attend a single show to realize the energy and professionalism DieKotic puts forth not only into their music, but into their intense, engaging stage performance as well.

DieKotic’s sound is undoubtedly rooted in metal with respect to all of its forms. Taking influence from bands like Killswitch Engage, 36 Crazyfists, Nothingface, and Pantera, it begins with Mike’s schizophrenic guitars that pound out crunching riffs, harrowing hell chords, and soothing acoustics to provide each song with engaging variety. From there, Joe’s drumming ranges from simple, steady beats to all out chaos with churning double bass pedals – all appropriately placed. Then SaKe’s clever bass lines become the glue that holds the rhythm section together as he accents each movement with his own creative style. And finally, Sean’s vocals call out his expressive lyrics with enticing melodies and diverse screams that resonate and connect with listeners. Each song in DieKotic’s library is its own journey with multiple paths leading to brutal breakdowns. It is perhaps the diversity found in the band’s complex compositions that may indeed be what separates DieKotic from the average metal band.

The band took form in late March 2004. Once solidified, the band wasted no time devoting countless hours and sleepless nights to rehearsal and writing fresh material despite the grief they would cause themselves, their jobs, ..and their girlfriends. It quickly became clear to the band as well as others that there was something special about the music coming out of their instruments. The undeniable chemistry apparent within their music and their personalities has led to a firm bond of friendship between the four members, and thus their desire to succeed is that much stronger. And that is reflected by the progress they have made up to this point.

After finding their sound, the band was ready to lay down tracks for their 7-song debut EP: Krystaleyes. It is a project the band is quite proud of not only for its sound but also because they funded, produced, created artwork for, and duplicated it all on their own. It has recently been self-released in January 2005 and is already creating a buzz across Long Island and beyond.

DieKotic started playing out in July 2004 and immediately began to make positive and memorable impressions on their audience. In just their sixth live show, the band was honored to participate in Locobazooka 2004 in Fitchburg, Massachusettes in front of a massive audience. It was here DieKotic had the privilege of sharing the stage with influential bands Damage Plan, Candiria, Shadows Fall, Diecast, and All That Remains among many others. This was no doubt a high point in DieKotic’s young existence and will forever be cherished not only for the amazing experience, but also for the chance to meet and play with the late, great Dimebag Darrel Abbott.

From here DieKotic is driven to break out of their local scene as a premier Long Island metal band. Having already been invited back to play Locobazooka 2005, the band intends to reach out with its music and performance to a broader audience in order to fulfill dreams of large crowds, life on the road, and spectacular room service.


Why I'm Here

Written By: Sean Cuthbert

this is why

it's getting worse
there's something rank in all this
your time is over
and I reap the benefits you disgraced

there's nothing left
your abandonment lined with fear
is my inspiration
I'll walk the line you saw too thin

this is why I still cry for you
there's nothing left I can do
so you want me
to show you what life you're missing?

built your own destruction
this is why I'm here

there's no return
so you need not turn around
before you lies
a future of discarded dreams

it's all that I want
it's mine I'm never looking back
enjoy your memories
recall the life you second guessed

everytime I close my eyes
I try to realize
that when I look into your life
I see myself covered up inside

you cursed this world
now I am chosen
the vow is mine
and I will rise

it's why I'm here

hide me fron your eyes
you know that I won't die
it's my time to rise
you know that i won't die

this is why I'm here


Written By: Sean Cuthbert

The color’s lost in your eyes
So I back down again and seal these words within my boiling heart
It’s easier this way
I see your spirit broken
And my conscience is guilty
For words I have not spoken
I am Sorry

Recall the winter when you adored his name
And he betrayed your harmony
I hid in silence
But I could have saved you

Cuz I knew all this time
I kept it all from you
And now you know the truth behind the lies that I once told you
This is my confession, forgive me

What have I done?
Can I amend this?
Please find it in your heart

Cuz I can’t lift this weight anymore
I’ve held it far too long to keep me standing
And I just left you shallow at a time you needed me
This is my repentance, forgive me

We can’t change this mistake
Did I say I’m sorry?

You chose to trust me
I failed to keep that pure
I’m at your mercy
I am no friend


Written By: Sean Cuthbert

Here we are tortured souls staring at the walls
You brought me here yourself in mind so I could take the fall

A vicious cycle of spinning words...

(Look at me) You say you want me
(Lie again) and you want to stay
(Tender eye) But how can you say this
(Deal within) then turn away?

God forbid you represent your words with how you feel
Yesterday you pledge your heart and swore this love was real

(Look at me) You say you need me
(Cry again) to step away
(Foolish eye) But how can you say this
(I give in) in just one day?

I've grown sick of indecision shredding my emotions
I'll wake up with peace of mind and start a life without you

(Look at me) You say you love me
(Die again) and beg I'll stay
(Krystal eye) Well I can say this
(Peace within) you wanted it this way

With peace of mind I'll walk away
and reinvent my life

I can't waste my time beside you

(Suffer) When I am with you
(Suffer) When you're away
(Recover) I can remove myself
(Recover) Cuz you brought me down


"Krystaleyes" EP - 2005

1 - Krystaleyes
2 - Lesson Learned
3 - Confession
4 - Sour Priest
5 - Rebirth
6 - Why I'm Here
7 - Bloom

Tracks" Why I'm Here" and "Confession" on rotation at 89.5 WRHU in NY.

Set List

Changing from show to show, set list includes the following songs:

Lesson Learned
Why I'm Here
Sour Priest
My Only Weapon