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The best kept secret in music


".Diekotic. - "KrystalEyes""

Okay, with a name like DieKotic, the initial reaction is nu-metal that shouldn't have been allowed in the recording studio. Don't get me wrong. I'm a fan of nu-metal til this day. It's in my roots. I grew up on it and still embrace it. Unfortunately, most of the latest nu-metal bands fail to deliver. However, DieKotic is NOT a nu-metal band. They're more metal and metalcore if we're going to dispute over genres.

The band's got a lot going for them. Each individual's part is well balanced and well supported. The guys can play. There's no question about it. I love putting in a CD and being extremely doubtful and then being blown away by the quality and reaction I ultimately get. Now if you know me personally, you'll know that I love blasting this type of music in my car. I don't have two 12" subs for rap. It's all about the bottom heavy guitars and the double bass. So in goes the DieKotic CD. After the first song settled in my head, I hear myself saying, "Yes!" and turning it up :) . The people over at the corner Taco Bell weren't too thrilled. You know what that means? Perfect, haha.

All joking aside, DieKotic has a lot to offer if you're into metal and some aggressive in your face music. You can definitely hear the nu-metal roots along with the metal-core overlays throughout each song. Don't expect Ill Nino. Expect DieKotic, if anything. Each song is well constructed and there isn't an over saturation of double bass, or screaming, or guitar solos. None of that. These seven songs are well balanced and hit you when the time is right.

My favorite thing about this band is their well-tasted use of that really low-sounding bass hit. You all know what I'm talkin' about. If not, grab that shoebox from under your bed of "Bands I Used To Love" and take out Korn's self-titled album. Hit track 2, and you'll hear "Balltongue." 15 seconds into that song and you'll know what I mean. Nevertheless, DieKotic hits me where it counts and I love their sound. I can't wait to see 'em live.

Bottom line: A hard hittin' metal band with lots goin' for them. Support long island metal with DieKotic.

The Verdict: 5/5
by: Rahul - WrankMusic.com

".Diekotic. - "KrystalEyes" Rev."

The cd, and I mean "cd", no packaging, pretty press kit photos, nothing, arrives and I take it home and upload it onto the computer so I can listen to it while trolling for single moms on the internet. That was my first mistake. A big mistake. Crappy little computer speakers do this album absolutely no justice at all. It’s like trying to watch a movie through a toilet paper tube. So next, I take it into the car so I can get a different, and hopefully better perspective. This works out very well. If your aim is to piss off co-workers in the parking lot, this cd will do it. Tons of low rumbling bass, sometimes too much, and lots of screaming. Brash and aggressive. Indeed.

Underneath all of this aggression is some great song writing. I’m talking structurally. These guys know how to put a song together. They are very good at creating moods with lots of smooth transitions that break away from the standard “mellow-scream-mellow-scream” formula. The band is tight on this recording... computer tight... a little too tight for my punk rock tastes. I would like to hear a live performance, and hear them fall into a more natural, non-metronomic groove.

The individual playing on this album is above average in most respects. I would have liked to hear a little more instrument separation in the mix, though. The drums often get overpowered by the bass and guitar, and that’s a real shame, because the drummer seems to be doing lots of inventive and very appropriate stuff under there. The bass is always there, shaking your innards, but seldom shines. And if it is shining, it’s lost in the mix. Now, on to the guitar. I have never been a fan of over-processing a guitar sound, but in this setting it works. This guy is achieving some great tones and thus giving each song it’s own flavor. While all of the other performances follow pretty much the same blueprint in every song, the guitar changes, and therefore the songs change enough to be interesting, but not enough to disturb the flow of the album. And while these effects work for the guitar, I feel they really detract from the vocals. I really enjoy the less-processed screaming parts, but they just kill the more mellow vocals. The singer needs to find his niche and stick with it instead of using a different effect for every song.

I like to keep at least one cd of every genre in my car to coincide with my mood, and that’s where this album will reside for some time to come. When I’m stuck at a light on the West Side Highway, and Mr. Tightass Stockbroker is trying to close the deal on his cell phone, .Diekotic. will be blasting away. Oh, how I love pissing people off.

Rating 8/10
Favorite cuts: Confession, Why I’m Here

Ugly Friend Flip
- The HVScene.com


.DieKotic. is a relatively new band- they were only formed last year. Yet, what they've already achieved is what most other bands would only be able to do in years: they wrote and recorded a 7- track E.P. ("Krystaleyes" - 2005) and played live with Damageplan, Candiria, All That Remains, Shadows Fall, Chimaira, Trivium, Suicide City and more. That is, almost everyone.

Impressive, huh? Well, so is "Krystaleyes": if Pantera jammed with Fear Factory, if Damageplan were to release a split release with Static- X, all seen through a more "sentimental" (nothing to do with emo, imagine the melodic routes of Lostprophets of Deftones) perspective, this is what would come out.

However, that limits them in no way, since .DieKotic. have been able to shape their own style. All you have to do is listen to their entire E.P. either at PureVolume.com or MySpace.com. Short, catchy riffs, staggering bass and constant changes between rythmic double- pedal and stable grooves, all covered by Sean's screaming or melodic vocal lines to form little diamonds like the sentimental "Krystaleyes", the haunting melodies of "Lesson Learned" and the explosive "Why I'm Here". It may sound familiar, but after a few listens it will be more than that: it will be .DieKotic.
- RashRock.com


"Krystaleyes" EP - 2005

1 - Krystaleyes
2 - Lesson Learned
3 - Confession
4 - Sour Priest
5 - Rebirth
6 - Why I'm Here
7 - Bloom

Tracks" Why I'm Here" and "Confession" on rotation at 89.5 WRHU in NY.


Feeling a bit camera shy


DieKotic encompasses a passion for heavy music that is shared by its four steadfast members. It is a passion that is strong, driven, and undeniable. While most bands are quick to shy away from, and seemingly dread, an identity with any classification or category that may fit their sound, the members of DieKotic embrace their footing in the grounds of metal. But do not be mistaken, as the band’s creative approach to its music is never narrow-minded nor is it complacent. Instead, the members continually challenge themselves to progress their sound in an effort to break new ground, remain original, and reach out to a broad musical community beyond the overlooked metal scene of Long Island. One only needs to attend a single show to realize the energy and professionalism DieKotic puts forth not only into their music, but into their intense, engaging stage performance as well.

DieKotic’s sound is undoubtedly rooted in metal with respect to all of its forms. Taking influence from bands like Killswitch Engage, 36 Crazyfists, Nothingface, and Pantera, it begins with Mike’s schizophrenic guitars that pound out crunching riffs, harrowing hell chords, and soothing acoustics to provide each song with engaging variety. From there, Joe’s drumming ranges from simple, steady beats to all out chaos with churning double bass pedals – all appropriately placed. Then SaKe’s clever bass lines become the glue that holds the rhythm section together as he accents each movement with his own creative style. And finally, Sean’s vocals call out his expressive lyrics with enticing melodies and diverse screams that resonate and connect with listeners. Each song in DieKotic’s library is its own journey with multiple paths leading to brutal breakdowns. It is perhaps the diversity found in the band’s complex compositions that may indeed be what separates DieKotic from the average metal band.

The band took form in late March 2004. Once solidified, the band wasted no time devoting countless hours and sleepless nights to rehearsal and writing fresh material despite the grief they would cause themselves, their jobs, ..and their girlfriends. It quickly became clear to the band as well as others that there was something special about the music coming out of their instruments. The undeniable chemistry apparent within their music and their personalities has led to a firm bond of friendship between the four members, and thus their desire to succeed is that much stronger. And that is reflected by the progress they have made up to this point.

After finding their sound, the band was ready to lay down tracks for their 7-song debut EP: Krystaleyes. It is a project the band is quite proud of not only for its sound but also because they funded, produced, created artwork for, and duplicated it all on their own. It has recently been self-released in January 2005 and is already creating a buzz across Long Island and beyond.

DieKotic started playing out in July 2004 and immediately began to make positive and memorable impressions on their audience. In just their sixth live show, the band was honored to participate in Locobazooka 2004 in Fitchburg, Massachusettes in front of a massive audience. It was here DieKotic had the privilege of sharing the stage with influential bands Damage Plan, Candiria, Shadows Fall, Diecast, and All That Remains among many others. This was no doubt a high point in DieKotic’s young existence and will forever be cherished not only for the amazing experience, but also for the chance to meet and play with the late, great Dimebag Darrel Abbott.

From here DieKotic is driven to break out of their local scene as a premier Long Island metal band. Having already been invited back to play Locobazooka 2005, the band intends to reach out with its music and performance to a broader audience in order to fulfill dreams of large crowds, life on the road, and spectacular room service.