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Die Like Televison has been selected as a VH1 Song of the Year Finalist.
Your lyrics describe your feelings and take the listener into a state of hopeless aggression. Both melody and voice have the power that will make you remember the song and the performance. This song comes straight from the heart.
The vocal has a measure of heart and emotion that are poured into the memorable performance. The colorful instrumentation gives the song a very unusual and original sound. The electric guitar stands out from the rest of the instrumentation and is perfectly performed for this song. The structure is right on target and has tremendous flow.
This is a very well performed song with every aspect. You show excellent style and emotion. This is a true asset to your product and should be highly accepted by potential buyers. - VH1 Song of the Year

Die Like Televison has been selected a a VH1 Song of the Year Finalist!

Listening to the song I can’t help but to be drawn into your expressive attitude. Your disdain takes the listener on a wild and emotional ride through your inner thoughts. The presentation with aggressive guitars and upbeat tempo give the song a unique and original sound. The title works very well to grab attention.
Your vocals are very compelling with a persuasive attitude. Your musicianship shows talented skill with putting together the right instrumentation to really push the song with intriguing melodies. The production is very suitable with outstanding qualities.
Your lyrics are very persuasive and clever; this should be highly attractive to potential buyers.

- VH1 song of the Year

Die Like Television has been selected a a VH1 Song of the Year Finalist!

Your lyrics show an aggressive character with wild ambition and attitude. Your wording represents these ideas passionately and the emotion is carried throughout the whole song.
The vocals show raw emotion with a strong delivery. The guitars are aggressive and the drums are explosive. The melodies are persuasive and original. As I listened I was intrigued by the eclectic mix of influences the fuel the song.
The raw nature of the song is represented here, and the diversity and originality make it a delight to listen to. - VH1 Song of the Year

Die Like Television has been selected a a VH1 Song of the Year Finalist!

The emotion poured into this composition is truly gripping. You poetically phrase your wording and descriptions. The overall impact is attributed to the aggressive performance. The representation is very effective with the tight staccato verses.
The vocals have a natural and emotional feel that sell the song very well. The acoustic rich and precise. The verses come across very strong and create wonderful dynamics. The structure works very well in this format. The production is clean with excellent qualities.
The emotional feel of this composition is very appealing and blends with your unique style. - VH1 Song of the Year

Die Like Television has been selected a a VH1 Song of the Year Finalist!

Your lyrics create strong images of surreal thoughts. You have distinct, emotional phrasing with your delivery that draws the listener completely into the song. The musical composition has strong flow and the instrumentation is powerful.
You have a very distinct vocal quality that suits this material perfectly. It’s almost as if your bending out of key but this fluctuation gives your voice an original sound. Structurally, this song is formidable. You have a very strong gripping performance with every aspect. Your style is unique and very original. - VH1 Song of the Year

Die Like Television, recipient of 5 honorable mentions Billboard 13th annual songwriting contest.

Title: You are what you are
Nice groove; fresh sound and approach. Chorus exceptional. Great songwriting musically.
- Billboard

Die Like Television, recipient of 5 honorable mentions Billboard 13th annual songwriting contest

Title: Wanting to be the one
Great song structure; rockin’. Very talented writing.

- Billboard


Die Like Television EP. Currently tracks from this project are streaming on Myspace.com, Garageband.com, Broadjam.com, Buzzplay.com, altsounds.com, betarecords.com, and t-townmusic.com as well as on the Die Like Television website.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Gripping, expressive, formidable....a wild and emotional ride! (VH1 Song of the Year) Fresh, exceptional, great songwriting! (Billboard) This unique four piece performance group, out of Toledo, Ohio, selected as a top 5 songwriter finalist for VH1's Song of the Year for their song "Wanting to be the one" and recipient of 5 honorable mentions from the billboard 13th annual songwriting contest, takes the energy from the powerful personal experiences portrayed in their lyrics and combines it with provocative musical compositions, baring their souls to their audience and fans. At times it is difficult to decipher which element drives their music more, the powerful melodic delivery of their mind melting lyrics, or the unrelenting hooks of their musical compositions. As of this moment, in an attempt to gain internet exposure and more fans, tracks from Die Like Televison's EP are available on Myspace.com, Garageband.com, Sonicbids.com, Broadjam.com, Buzzplay.com, Altsounds.com, Betarecords.com, and T-townmusic.com as well as on the Die Like Television website. Writing and performing together for over four years the bands’ four members, Patrick Casey, drummer and percussionist, Robert Schlender, lead guitars, backing vocals, Barrett Daniels, bass guitar, backing vocals, and Matthew Karp, guitars, lead vocalist, songwriter, have become a truly cohesive and alarmingly creative team with a work ethic and dedication to their musical aspirations rivaled only by the potency of their compositions themselves.