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The best kept secret in music



my first thought:"spooky".my second:"spooky".i didnt get to a third i was too busy enjoying the music.i dont think i can compare it to anything i've heard before.it was just an elaborate,intricate expirience.an emotional ride with many twists and turns which was as captivating as it was entertaining.this band takes four birdies.__(symbols used by zaphod to rate acts,four being the highest possible mark.) - zaphod (miami indie zine)

"alternative-rock opera"

six silver spiders,"the lost demos"

"let the sun set,light a candle,burn some incense,hold a lover,and pop"the lost demos"-the first release by ft.lauderdale-based quintet six silver spiders-into the stereo.
the release is hypnotizing yet disquieting.the serpentine dual guitars of tommy rand and james veda,the fluid bass lines of tyson reed,the swirling keyboards of anthony gavin,the steady drumming of jason gates and veda's highly affected,enigmatic vocals,mesh into a melodic sonic trance.factor in a story line penned by veda exploring the uneasy cohabitation of body,mind and spirit-peppered with between-song musical segues-and the result is an ambitious alt- rock opera.
but unlike didactic rock operas by the who and pink floyd,"lost demos" is more like a faulkner novel,where the reader must work to supply the plot line.it probably wasn't intended to be operatic,it just turned out that way.that is the beauty of true pop art..." - XS magazine(ft.lauderdale late 90's)


six silver spiders - the lost demos
die maudlin tiara - die maudlin tiara


Feeling a bit camera shy


Die Maudlin Tiara

Die Maudlin Tiara is singer-songwriter / instrumentalist James Veda and drummer Jason Gates. The two recording artists have come together to switch on the electric lights of the electro-psychedelic art-rock scene. Die Maudlin Tiara evokes the raw intensity of post punk and infuses it with the hallucinatory ambiance of dark wave while combining it with the meticulous artistry of seasoned song-craft and pure pop sensibilities.
DMT was formed after the untimely demise of a band at its peak. Six Silver Spiders, the seminal South Florida alt-rock band of the 1990’s, foreshadowed many of the major currents in modern alternative rock that are embraced today. Sadly, Six Silver Spiders were too ahead of their time, and wound up obscured by the “gangsta” and “grunge” movements of the nineties. Today with the success of groups like Radiohead, Interpol and the White Stripes, much of what SSS was doing back in the early nineties now seems prophetic. Despite a dark hiatus, Veda and Gates have re-emerged with DMT, the figurehead of a frustrated and beautiful new noise.
Veda sings as if overcome by an otherworldly force, lurking into the chests of every listener; painfully, sweetly warming them with his blanket of accessibility, only to rip it off and leave each listener shivering under the power of his chilling tongue. The panoramic palette of guitar textures drift back and forth from shimmering chord figures, currents of reverb drenched feedback samples, waves of tape-delayed melodies and tangled acoustic slide treatments.
Keyboards filter through the soundscape like water trickling through a stone-walled canyon. Electric piano, Wurlitzer and vintage synth sounds give the tightly structured songs a gentle solace.
Gates provides the vital energy as he locks down primal backbeats, accentuated by the grace of a skilled jazzman. Every hit, crash and splash of his kit is well timed and almost seems to add a melody of its own. Gates channels years in the woodshed into every tasteful stroke.
DMT achieves a feat attempted by throngs of other bands aspiring toward success: an authentic voice that cuts through the mediocrity and hype, an alchemical marriage of haunting familiarity and striking originality. The fastidious arrangements melded with the shape-shifting lyrics make DMT a band worthy of recognition.
Die Maudlin Tiara’s first self-titled release is due out this summer. Advanced promotional copies are available now. For the latest information contact DMT directly by email at maryscrown@aol.com; or by phone at (754) 246.3644.


Ø Title: Die Maudlin Tiara
Ø Artist: Die Maudlin Tiara
Ø Formats: CD, Digital Files
Ø Prices: $9.98 (physical album), $5.98 (digital downloads)
Ø Brief Overview: Experimental Indie Art-rock, stylistically similar to Flaming Lips, Sparklehorse, and Radiohead
Ø Release Date: Summer 2004
Ø Description: Imagine a great American songwriter (see Lou Reed,Bob Dylan,Neil Young), placed in the context of today's experimental, indie art-rock climate: authentic, self-produced, home-recorded electro-psychedelic madrigals.
Ø What differentiates this release from others in this category? The music is strikingly compelling, the perfect dichotomy; at once hauntingly familiar yet unmistakably original. Plain and simple, it is great songwriting.

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Contact Information: email: maryscrown@aol.com, phone: (754) 246-3644, mail: 4680 SW 33rd Ave, #3, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312