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"DieMonsterDie Reviewed"

The fearsome foursome known as DieMonsterDie unleashes a new barrage of sinister songs with Honor Thy Dead. The fiendishly frightful post-punk songs conjure images of the monstrous band members going on an excursion into a haunted cemetery in the dead of night to dig up their own brand of graveyard shock n' roll. Tracks like "When Dead Things Rise Again," "1,000 Corpses Walk The Earth" and "Dead Alive" all still relate musical tales of goulish zombies stalking the living. "Drucilla's Ghost" and "Tired, Sticky and Red" get skulls banging with fast paced drum rhythms, edgy guitar riffs and gravel-throated vocals. In addition to the album's 15 tracks, the cd also contains 8 bonus tracks, for a grand total of 23 terrifying tunes. Honor Thy Dead is a fitting tribute to the restless souls who lie buried deep in their graves and those who have clawed their way out.
- Dark Realms: July Issue # 27

"DieMonsterDie: Only The Dead Will Survive!"

The band exploded onto the Horror scene a few years back and has been dominating it ever since! This cd is living proof. There simply isn't a band around that works as hard as these guys do. Not only do they put out quality music but they also promote it. If you go anywhere on the net, you'll hear about the band.
The monsters have grown alot with the releasing of this cd. Lead vokillist, Zero has become the undead crooner of a lifetime. In my opinion, there isn't a singer in the Horror Rock industry that can come close to filling his shoes. He's the Frank Sinatra of Horror Rock!! If that isn't enough, he plays guitar like nobody's business. Bassist, Raven Blades has grown by leaps and bounds. Blades' playing is not sloppy like I have become accustomed to in this genre, he does it with finesse, the tightness of the songs illustrate that well; If only other bassists in this genre would take a lesson from him... Drummer, Meatwhistle, has always been the best at what he does! Nobody can touch this guy's stroke, he's one of the best pocket/groove players to ever sit down behind the kit. His play on this album is legendary. Newcomer, Mercury Rising, makes his debut in a big way, his guitar riffs are slick as shit on this cd! The monsters couldn't haven't picked a better musician.

"Only The Dead Will Survive" is packed with fourteen horrifying tales of love lost, love gained and life taken! "One Night At Devils Rock" kicks off our journey into the dark and it literally feels like I've just stepped on the boat with the ferryman. This track wreaks of good ole Rock N' Roll, the production and mix is top-notch as well. The rhythm section is phat and the guitar riffs/leads are fucking slamming! The vocals and background are extraordinary, the crooning is so warm and rich I get goosebumps from my goosebumps. The storyline of the song is damn fine, this disc couldn't have started out better. "October Slowly Dying" is a much quicker paced track. It comes a storming out the gates like an escaped mental patient! The vokills and lyrics are extremely commanding, they direct the traffic of the song. Meatwhistle's drumming is mindblowing, I believe he wears the bell of the ride cymbal out on this song, it's badass! The guitars have a nice oldschool sound, the lead break will melt your face off! "Inside I Quietly Bleed" is another fabulous track filled with rich and elegant croons. I am starting to think vokillist Zero could charm snakes with his pipes, his melody lines are beautiful. The music is tough to beat too, it's radio friendly Rock music. The guitar riffs and rhythm section drive the emotion of the song even further into your brain. The lead break of this track is heartwarming, it's not too technical, but I am a sucker for chorus effects and leads that play along with the structure of the track. Not everybody has to play like Eddie Van Halen, keep it between the lines and rock out with your cock out is what I always say. The fleshy goodness doesn't cease here, oh no! "No Tomorrow For The Men Of Future" is downright bangin! The Punk Rock/Rock N' Roll guitars fused together with murderous lyrics make the dead boy in me scream out in pleasurable pain! Closing out, we come to my favorite track off the album... "Black Is The Color Of Darkness". The song structure is soaked in Boo-wop croons backed closely with more crooning background vocal arrangements. It's more than evident the influences came straight out of the 50's. If you thought the Platters were great, you aint heard nothing yet! The song has such a somber melancholy, my heart breaks every time I hear it, but I just can't stop myself. Zero's vocals combined with the background vocals are fucking awesome!! I've been in the Horror Rock scene since it began and there has yet been a song written this good. NONE! Light that up, smoke it and pass it around, kid.

There are so many other great songs on "Only The Dead Will Survive" that I could talk for days about this cd. This is a disc that everyone should experience at least once. It hasn't left my person since I received it, I take it everywhere! There is nothing like blasting this cd while riding in a badass machine with the motor skin't back! What's better than tunes, adrenalin and gasoline. NOTHING!

- Black Angel Promotions

"DieMonsterDie: Honor Thy Dead"

When a band writes a song about one of the most insane, blood-soaked horror movies of all time, Peter Jackson's zombie-choppin' masterpiece "Dead Alive", you know you're gonna be in for one helluva good time! Diemonsterdie come at ya from Salt Lake City Utah, home of the 2002 winter Olympics, and thousands of religious nut-jobs. "Honor They Dead" is the band's third album, well, sort of the second, but you could also call it the fourth... let me explain. Three of the band members of Diemonsterdie were first in a Horror-Punk band called "Casa Diablo". They released one album called "The Continuing Mission To Destroy Rock And Roll." They then took time off and came back as Diemonsterdie and recorded "No Future For The Weak". This ended up sitting in the can, and they went on to record another album's worth of material, which would surface as "What Is And Shall Always Be". So, WIASAB was released first, then Honor They Dead, and now, according to the band, NFFTW is supposedly finally going to see the light of day. The band is, as you've already guessed, a Horror-Punk outfit, but for a change, they aren't a Misfits clone (not that there's anything wrong with that). Although they have opened for the legendary 'fits, as well as ex-Misfits vocalist Michael Graves (now defunct) band "Graves". The sound here is very melodic, but that's not to be misinterpreted as being soft. I mean that the songs, while being mosh-inducing, are at the same time full of catchy hooks, and easily remembered rhythms. Although I called them Punk, there are also large doses of good old-fashioned Rock n' Roll as well as Heavy Metal that creep into the bands songs whenever they deem it appropriate. Plus one could make arguments that they hear traces of Death-Rock, as well as Gothic elements. The vocals show a vide variety, at times Mr. Zero Delorian can croon with the best of them. At other times he sounds all clean and crisp, and at others all harsh and gritty, almost like Boo Gruesome from Eerie Ln.. If you're into this scene (and since you're reading this, you probably are), and down with bands such as Blitzkid, then it's a no-brainer that you need to pick this up ASAP! For more info, check the band out at diemonsterdie.net.
RATING = 8.5 Horror-Punk (Released 2004)

- Urotsukidoji'

"DieMonsterDie Live"

Die Monster Die
[Shock Rock]
diemonsterdie is loud, fast shock-n-roll with catchy melodies, hooks and arrangements....the future of shock rock for a new de-generation. After touring the U.S. twice in support of their debut album, they are currently recording a follow-up to be released in June 2003. Diemonsterdie's live show is an assault to the senses, combining sheer spectacle with high-energy graveyard rock. Their inspiration stems from the music of performers like Misfits, Alice Cooper and KISS. Someday perhaps they will be legendary like their forefathers. If not...they will die trying.
- Dark Arts Festival

"Zero Delorean Interview"


Zero Delorean in action Posted on Dec 31, 2005
by AvNatten


A good horror-punk band is hard to come by. Utah's Diemonsterdie are doing their part though to keep the genre alive, or dead alive so to speak. Combining the classic sounds of originators The Misfits with a touch of metal keeps this band of the damned interesting. Come along as vocalist/guitarist Zero Delorean fills us in on the bands latest happenings and tells us what fuels his zombie filled world.

Please introduce yourself and tell us what your role in Diemonsterdie is?

Hailz mortals, I am called Zero Delorean and I am the lead vocalist and guitarist for Diemonsterdie.

Will you please introduce your bandmates and tell us a little about them?

I am honored to introduce my comrades the inimitable Meatwhistle on drums, bass by former CIA master spy Raven Blades and millionaire playboy Mercury Rising on lead guitar.

How did Diemonsterdie come to exist?

Raven, Meatwhistle and I had been knocking around in bands locally for years. We had all been together in a band called Casa Diablo for a few years but that band eventually split up. We find that the chemistry we have when making music is hard to come by. For us, the magic just wasn't there when we played in other bands. In 2002 the three of us found ourselves creating a new band and a year later adding a fourth member on lead guitar.

What were your intentions when you formed the band?

Diemonsterdie set out to make a band where we held nothing back. Visually we wanted the band to stand out, to make it so the audience could not look away while we performed. We wanted to command their attention and people love a spectacle, so that's what we sought to deliver with the masks, costumes, blood and props. A bit of KISS here, some Alice Cooper there you know? Our song lyrics had mostly been of horrific nature in Casa Diablo, so the songs practically wrote themselves once the band found a thematic focus in horror.

How has the band changed and evolved from the beginning until now and on each of your albums?

Everything just keeps getting better! The masks and costumes are much better looking now than in the beginning with Raven's appearance changing the most of all. My God, if you could only see the photos of those early, early days. The band's look is very sharply focused now, as we have all taken on an alternate personality. The songwriting improves constantly as well.
Our first album "What Is Shall Always Be" was recorded for very little money in very little time, in a damp basement rehearsal space. We were excited about the band and eager to get something out there for people to hear. I had a very different vocal style at that time, more like Motörhead or GG Allin with more throat and gravel and less actual singing. Musically it was more punk sounding.
Diemonsterdie added a fourth member on lead guitar called LaVerne LaVey for the recording of our second album "Honor Thy Dead". We recorded it in a professional studio called Boho Digitalia and vocally I sang more, gargled less. Background vocals were improving and musically the band was tighter with LaVerne's guitar style adding some heavy metal influences to the brew.
We returned to Boho Digitalia to record "Only The Dead Will Survive", this time with master-axeman Mercury Rising on lead guitar. Mercury's style is a lot more rock n' roll than metal so this is one horror rock album that ROCKS! Great solos, songwriting and melodies with tons of hooks!

Why did you choose Diemonsterdie as your band name?

Diemonsterdie was a name that came to me while still in Casa Diablo. I always thought that if Casa ever broke up I'd like to do a horror band called Diemonsterdie that was completely over the top. Next thing I knew I had my chance. The name seemed perfect for a horror band and brings to mind images of the classic horror era. It's almost as if I plucked the complete concept right out of the atmosphere via the metal plate in my head.

Anything new going on in the world of Diemonsterdie?

Diemonsterdie has a lot of good stuff coming up in the near future. We plan to begin recording a new album early in 2006 and this time we want to include a bonus DVD packed full of live footage, interviews, behind the scenes extras, short films, music videos, photo gallery and anything else we can fit on the disc.
We are appearing on "The Horror Of It All Volume Two" compilation series by Doctor Cyclops Records. There's 32 outstanding horror bands on a 2-CD set so watch for it to come out by the end of December 2005.
We are going to re-release our album "Honor Thy Dead" which has been out of print for quite some time.
Diemonsterdie's albums are becoming more and more available thanks to our distribution through Cargo Music. In the U.S. you can find them in any Hot Topic store, which is a good-sized chain and if it's not - Nocturnal Horde

"DieMonsterDie Get Blood!"

Get Blood: Music For The Wretched And Cheap
(Doctor. Cyclops)
Rearing up from the great Mormonic wastelands of Salt Lake City, Utah, Diemonsterdie have spent the past half-decade brewing up a truly unique brand of horrorpunkmetal. Not as knotted in the Misfits' apronstrings as many of their peers, DMD are better compared to the likes of grue-rockers Impaler, Slipknot (visuals only - latex masquerading abounds) and, amazingly, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

While I have yet to hear a full DMD offering in its entirety - 2004's HONOR THY DEAD being their second and most recent - GET BLOOD is a 20-song retrospective, spanning the band's primordial days as Casa Diablo straight through to now. While the newer likes of "Hand Of Iron, Fist Of Steel", "Gravedigger Girl" and "Rotting In The Attic" are considerably more polished and "fuller" sounding the cadaveric calamity of 1998's "Bob", "Flowers For Audrey" and "Dead And Gone". For me, the best lies in the purulent, maggot-writhing gooey center - "House Of The Devil (Hellbound)", "Sky Bleeds Red", "Tornado" and the glorious "How Many People Do I Have To Kill". If the names of Zero Delorean, Raven Blades and "Meatwhistle" and pics of a half-skulled, pentagle-sternumed, blood-drizzling vocalist aren't enough to lure you in, note that this release is absolutely FREE (involuntary hellportal opening and subsequent demonic possession notwithstanding).
- HorrorWoodBabbelOn

"Zero Delorean Interview 2"

1. Oh My Gore : "Which is your favourite movie and why ?"
"HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH". Some of my good friends are drag queens plus the music is outstanding. "THE SOUTH PARK MOVIE" always makes me laugh. "RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD" is a perfect blend of humor and horror. "HOUSE OF 1.000 CORPSES" was also very good. Creepy characters, sympathetic victims and victims that made you want to see them die. "FRANKENSTEIN" with Boris Karloff is the best. I loved that monster, hated the villagers. It's hard to pick a favorite...

2. Oh My Gore : "Which is the movie that you disliked the most and why ?"
I can usually find something to like in every horror film. On the other hand, I really disliked both "THE PHANTOM MENACE" and "ATTACK OF THE CLONES". I know neither is a horror movie but both movies are horrors. Each movie was a huge disappointment for the same reasons. Both were poorly cast and written. All the actors seemed to have lost the ability to act, the story was incredibly boring and the special effects were unconvincing. I've seen more chemistry between actors in television commercials than what existed between Hayden Andersen and Natalie Portman. They might as well have been cut out from cardboard.

3. Oh My Gore : "Who is your favourite producer & director and why ?"
I like Quentin Tarantino because his movies are a little weird, they always have interesting characters and there are twists in the plot to keep things unpredictable. He can tell a nicely fucked-up story...

4. Oh My Gore : "Who is your favourite actor and why ?"
Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney. They were the masters. They specialized in portraying monsters when the cinema was still an art form, the concept of a formula movie was still in the future. Actors who play monsters now are not held in such high regard. For mainstream cinema I usually enjoy John Travolta's work, unless it's a film involving talking babies and dogs...

5. Oh My Gore : "Which movie scene struck you the most ?"
I can't narrow it down to a single scene, however the carousel scene from "LOGAN'S RUN" was good. Everyone believing they would reincarnate when really it was all a method of population control. I enjoyed the surreal boatride scene from "WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY". That movie was not made for children. I Loved the musical number "KYLE'S MOM'S A BITCH" from "THE SOUTHPARK MOVIE". "EVIL DEAD" where Ash's hand attacks him. In "DAY OF THE DEAD" where Bub the zombie says "Hello Aunt Alicia" into the phone, thus demonstrating that an old zombie can be taught new tricks. "THE SHINING" when Jack Nicholson flips out "all work and no play"...

6. Oh My Gore : "Which band, according to you, symbolizes horror the best ?"
Alice Cooper symbolizes horror the best. His stage show is always theatrical, a feast for the eyes, his lyrics are often darkly humorous and he knows how to set a mood musically. He is the original horror rocker and his good albums are classics. His newest album is the best he's put out in years!

7. Oh My Gore : "Which movie soundtrack do you like the most ?"
It's hard to choose just one,"CONAN THE BARBARIAN" and the original 1933 score to "KING KONG" are very atmospheric. Can't forget the music from "HALLOWEEN" and "ALIEN". I enjoyed the soundtrack to "HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH".

8. Oh My Gore : "Which movie poster do you like the most ?"
The movie poster for "LOGAN'S RUN" (1976). It reflects the 70's pop art style perfectly. A true work of art. Any poster for the old Universal Studios monster films is also good, like "CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON" or "FRANKENSTEIN".

9. Oh My Gore: "Freddy or Jason ?"
Jason because he cannot be stopped, he's a Juggernaut. Silently, relentlessly he keeps on coming until everyone is dead. His silence allows the terror to set in. Freddy is all lame one-liners. He's gotten less scary and more stupid with each movie. Freddy has to catch you when you are sleeping and to escape you just wake up, Jason will fuck you up awake or asleep.

10. Oh My Gore : "What do you think about Oh My Gore ! ?"
Horror fans can rejoice because Oh My Gore is fantastic!
If it's horror you're looking for then Oh My Gore is the place to go!

- oh My Gore!

"Blood Drive and Interview with DieMonsterDie"

For fans of rock with a twist of the macabre, you can’t do much better than Utah’s Die Monster Die. Not only do they look like they stepped out of a horror movie, they’ve also got a stockpile of killer tunes to dispel any notions that they’re just getting by on image. The band (Zero Delorean – vocals and guitar, Meatwhistle – drums, Raven Blades – bass, and Mercury Rising – guitar) came onto the horror rock scene in 2002, and is currently poised to release their fourth full length album, ‘Message From Secret Planet X’.

Utter Trash: So what made you decide to play horror rock?
Meatwhistle: Before Die Monster Die, Zero, Raven, and I were in a band called Casa Diablo since 1996. We always wrote about kind of creepy, horrifying stuff, but we didn’t realize there was a name for it until we decided to try and go big and change the band name. We’ve always been into comic books and horror movies and all sorts of stuff like that, so we said let’s put this band together where we really go over the top with the horror idea.

It wasn’t until about 2002 when we got on the internet and started to find bands like Blitzkid and other bands like that, that we finally realized there was a name for what it was: horror punk or horror rock. We never really knew there was a community out there, a whole genre of underground music that fit with what we were doing. So it was really cool to get online and find all these bands from all over the world that were kind of doing the same thing we were doing. And some bands were right in our own backyard in places like Arizona and Southern California. So it was really cool to step this up a level, get online and find out that there are a lot of people who like it.

UT: What artists influenced you?
MW: I would say that one of our main influences at the time we started, because we did a lot of his songs, was G.G. Allin.
Zero Delorean: Kiss, Alice Cooper, hell, even Marilyn Manson. Everybody who did a big flashy stage show. It’s all about the visual element.
MW: W.A.S.P., Impaler…a lot of punk and a lot of metal that really go over the top show-wise. That’s what we decided we wanted to do, maybe to drag people into the music a little bit deeper. To me it’s always better to see a concert where there’s a stage show involved in it. When you get four or five guys on stage in their baggy shorts and backwards hats it bores me to death. But when you’ve got something more than the music… the theatrics and the whole stage show is what we really like about what we’re doing now.

UT: Well let’s talk a little about your stage show, and the masks you guys wear.
MW: The masks came in with the name change, but we were already headed that way. We had the skull microphone stands, makeup and spikes. It was all there, minus the masks, when we were Casa Diablo. You definitely have to learn how to play in those things because they’re extremely hot. We never play without what we call our suits. We could be playing an outdoor festival in the middle of July and we’ll have our masks on and we’ll be ready to go.

Besides that, we do a lot of everything. The last show we had a girl climb up onstage for a song called “Wedding Dress” and we spit blood all over her. We usually have severed heads, smoke machines, bubble machines, backdrops… pyrotechnics if we can get our hands on ‘em and the clubs will let us use them.

One of the biggest things for us is crowd participation. Everyone’s welcome to join in and have a great time. Anything goes at our shows. You’re welcome to get up and sing with us, do anything you want as long as you don’t try to stab us or anything like that.

UT: Some people might be surprised that a band like Die Monster Die came out of Utah. What’s the rock scene there like?
ZD: We have one of the best night lifes in America, I would say.
MW: I’ve talked to people in other parts of the country or the world and they’ll say things like, “Do you guys have computers?” I’m talking to them on a computer! It does have kind of a bad rap. The Mormon thing is everywhere, but it’s not really anywhere, either. The things that we do and the places we go and the crowds we play for are so far from the Mormon thing that’s going on. There’s an excellent music scene here. There are excellent bands, great clubs… everything. I guess on the surface you see the Mormons and the big religious side of it. But when you get down into the scene where we’re at, you find out there’s a lot of things going on. And the crowds here are great.

UT: Where do your ideas for lyrics come from?
ZD: God only knows where they’ll come from. “A Bag Of Limestone, A Crawlspace, And You” was written about some Jody Foster movie I saw on TV when I was a little kid. Her grandpa died and she put him under the floorboards. Then she had to keep killing people to keep it secret. Usually I come up with an interesting title and then build a song around that.

UT - Utter Trash

"Devil's Night With DieMonsterdie"

So how are things at the moment?

Meatwhistle: Right now things couldn't be better, we are fresh off a date here in salt lake city, with GWAR it was an amazing show, Gwar are great Guys, and we gained many new fans.
things couldn't be better.

Zero: Furthermore there will be an abundance of new releases from
Diemonsterdie in the near future.
Our new album is set for an early-2007 release and we also plan to re-release our extremely rare "Honor Thy Dead" album by next spring.
I think Honor Thy Dead is an outstanding piece of work and I'm excited that it will finally be widely available.
The first printing was very limited so if you own an original copy it will be a rarity.
The new printing will have a new artwork layout so you'll definitely be able to tell them apart.
Finally we'll be appearing on The Horror Of It All Volume 3 compilation with one song plus a video of the band.

Tell us more about your band DieMonsterDie?

Meatwhistle: For me DMD is my lifes blood, i love the band,my mates, and everything we do.
we have been together for a long time, and it still feels so new.

Zero: We've all been musicians for years and Diemonsterdie marks our return to the grand traditions of rock n' roll.
The songs all gotta have hooks and the band must have Presence.
The crowd only loves you more when they find you visually compelling.
Personally speaking, with Diemonsterdie it's as if the monster in me has finally clawed his way through the skin and gets to enjoy being in the driver's seat.
It's been building for years and now it's to the point where I barely exist as a human being in the 9-to-5 world.
That guy is more like a disguise I wear to blend in until the next show.
We set out simply to form a band that was impossible to look away from when seen live.
Since 99% of what I write has a dark theme or monsters or aliens we knew right off it would be a horror band.
It was surprising to find there is such a dedicated and widespread underground for this type of thing.

Biggest influences musically?

Meatwhistle: the entire band has a very huge music history,
I love everything from Ramones to Satyricon, Slayer to the Bee Gees,
Zero has a vast collection and eclectic taste.

Zero: GG Allin the ultimate rock n' roll madman influenced me a lot psychologically.
It had a lot to do with my state of mind at the time I discovered his music.
KISS and Alice Cooper made a huge impression on my young mind.
They were fucking superheroes to me because I owned the comic books they appeared in and there they were doing the biggest, most theatrical shows ever.
That kind of rock n' roll really appealed to me.
Black Sabbath, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost- that stuff was so grim I just loved it.
Ramones, Misfits, Judas Priest- the list goes on and on.
If everything I like to listen to influences me then I am influenced by one Hell of a lot of bands.

DMD is from salt lake, hows the scene up there?

Meatwhistle: I like to think of it as the west coast epicenter for horror bands,
the people here are willing to accept new ideas and music.
and with every show, the crowds get bigger and more devoted.

Zero: Horror's rising and it's become a thriving scene in Salt Lake City.
The variety of styles in horror music draws more people in every day,
it's just a matter of exposing them to it so they realize that this is something they will like.
Everybody secretly has that morbid fascination with death and thing forbidden and horrible.
Horror music gives them a way to express their inner demons and sinister urges to a snappy backbeat.

Your views about the horrorpunkrock scene these days?

Meatwhistle: it is definitely coming alive!

Zero: It seems to be growing steadily and there's a lot of great bands to represent it.
It's also becoming more of a community as it gets more organized.
Hopefully the scene will be able to maintain it's cool one-big-family vibe as it gets more popular and not fall victim to pop culture overexposure.

In your view, what´s the difference between European and North American scene?

Meatwhistle: Europe our fiends! they love horror punk/horror rock,
i think it is a much larger scene in Europe, the North American scene is growing by leaps and bound every day,
that is why we started worldhorrornetwork.com to bring the fans and all of the bands together in the US.

Zero: It's definitely larger in Europe but the US it catching on.
Europe also has all those ancient different cultures to draw upon for inspiration.
By comparison, the US only has a few hundred years of history and essentially one culture.

Let´s talk about you CD "ONLY THE DEAD WILL SURVIVE". Are you happy with the result and was it a hard project?

Meatwhistle: i dont think any band is every truly satisfied with a recording, i love the album,
i beleive it to be our best to date, we have sold thousands of copies, and i would like to think our fans, love the album as much as we enjoyed ma - Tales from the Shadows Of Your Soul.


The Continuing Mission To Destroy Rock N Roll~1997(out of print)

No Future For The Weak~2000~(set for re-release Dr Cyclops)

What is Shall Alway's Be~2002(out of print)

Honor Thy Dead~2003~(out of print)

Get Blood:Music For The Wicked And Cheap~2004~(FREE compilation available @:www.pogocam.de)

Only The Dead Will Survive~2005~Dr Cyclops Records

Honor Thy Dead~2007~(re-release Dr Cyclops Records)

Lifes Blood:Past Present Future~2007~(FREE compilation available @: www.horrorpunks.com)

*coming soon*
A Great And Terrible Loss~October/November 2007~Dr Cyclops Records



DieMonsterDie is the explanasion to thier surroundings, salt lake city utah, religion,gg allin, Misfits, Kiss and Ramones not to mention an insatiable love for horror movies and comics.

The band was born in 2000 and have released 4 albums on thier own record label Dr Cyclops Records. in this time they have toured the western sphere of the United States 3 times. since then the band has acquired distribution for thier label, both physical and digital as well as fans from all over the world, and has spread the glory and gosspel that is Horror Punk. the ultimate goal is to tour Japan, and Europe, where thier fan base is much more substantial. DieMonsterDie is the TRUE meaning of independent, if you can do it yourself do it. it is a law they live by to the highest degree....after all they are the undead. DieMonsterDie is always looking to tour, and welcomes the offers, one thing is for sure, the live show will leave you fearing for your life, singing along and covered in blood.DieMonsterDie's fan club "The Zealots of The Bloody Circle" are true horror fiends, and support the band to an enormous degree, this is why all that join The Zealots are family! join us wont you.

Among some of the bands DiemonsterDie have shared the stage: Type O Neagtive, the Misfits, Gwar, Celtic Frost, Mortiis,Genitorturers,Koffin Kats, The Cramps,45 Grave,Sasquatch and the Sickabillies, and more.