Graveyard Rock N Roll from the bowls of salt lake city.Die Monster Die [Shock Rock] diemonsterdie is loud, fast shock-n-roll with catchy melodies, hooks and arrangements....the future of shock rock for a new de-generation.


DieMonsterDie is the explanasion to thier surroundings, salt lake city utah, religion,gg allin, Misfits, Kiss and Ramones not to mention an insatiable love for horror movies and comics.

The band was born in 2000 and have released 4 albums on thier own record label Dr Cyclops Records. in this time they have toured the western sphere of the United States 3 times. since then the band has acquired distribution for thier label, both physical and digital as well as fans from all over the world, and has spread the glory and gosspel that is Horror Punk. the ultimate goal is to tour Japan, and Europe, where thier fan base is much more substantial. DieMonsterDie is the TRUE meaning of independent, if you can do it yourself do it. it is a law they live by to the highest degree....after all they are the undead. DieMonsterDie is always looking to tour, and welcomes the offers, one thing is for sure, the live show will leave you fearing for your life, singing along and covered in blood.DieMonsterDie's fan club "The Zealots of The Bloody Circle" are true horror fiends, and support the band to an enormous degree, this is why all that join The Zealots are family! join us wont you.

Among some of the bands DiemonsterDie have shared the stage: Type O Neagtive, the Misfits, Gwar, Celtic Frost, Mortiis,Genitorturers,Koffin Kats, The Cramps,45 Grave,Sasquatch and the Sickabillies, and more.



Written By: DMD

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The Continuing Mission To Destroy Rock N Roll~1997(out of print)

No Future For The Weak~2000~(set for re-release Dr Cyclops)

What is Shall Alway's Be~2002(out of print)

Honor Thy Dead~2003~(out of print)

Get Blood:Music For The Wicked And Cheap~2004~(FREE compilation available @:www.pogocam.de)

Only The Dead Will Survive~2005~Dr Cyclops Records

Honor Thy Dead~2007~(re-release Dr Cyclops Records)

Lifes Blood:Past Present Future~2007~(FREE compilation available @: www.horrorpunks.com)

*coming soon*
A Great And Terrible Loss~October/November 2007~Dr Cyclops Records

Set List

DieMonsterDie currently have over 80 original songs in thier catalog, and can vary between 15-20 minute sets for as long as 2-3 hours of stage time. Generally DMD plays for 45-50 minutes. and do destroy everytime. DMD also have and arsenal of covers they enjoy to play , including: Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper ,GG Allin, Rolling Stones, Misfits, Ramones and many more.