a family of metal heads


The roots of this band go back to 2003 when Ogre and Hatchetman met in high school. Hatchetman's band then...Poisoned Dreams needed a drummer so Ogre stepped up. Later on that year Kenny was introduced to Hatchetman and they shared similar interests so Kenny qiuickly became guitarist for Poisoned Dreams. After that band broke we all slipped out of contact until Ogre called Hatchetman to be vocals on the project he was working on. We started DieNotAlone in early JAN. of 2006 out of the remains of our old band. We are influenced by everything from ICP to Pro-Pain to Drowning Pool to Pan-Fucking-Tera. We are the heavier side of melody but try to keep it melodic, but love to play faster too. We broke up for a few months due to personal reasons from everyone. Now we are back together jamming out and kicking ass again! We spent 4 months playing shows at The Clubhouse Underground making a name for ourselves playing shows with local heros Lowcrawl, State of INSOMNIA, and HateFX. In March of 07 we decided to take a break and venture of other bands and just relax. Eric joined the band in june but shortly after left due to personal reasons. We asked our friend Jr to join us to play our up coming shows.....he offered to become a full time guitarist so welcome to the band bro! In our 3 month of abscence we have lived, learned and now we have more to say and we know exactly how we will say it! thanks to everyone that kept in contact with us one way or another! and we are coming back with a few suprises....

Set List

Dreams of Damnation
Army Of Dreams
Dead Eyes
Untitled 248-b

our set is 30 to 45 minutes. we dont do covers!