(die) PILOT

(die) PILOT


The long history of (die) Pilot is a tale of proving grounds and a stable earth pulled out from under you. It is a history of dirty hotels, unkempt beds and embezzled lots on the black street.


(die) PILOT originated in the Northern Kentucky / Ohio area as an accoustic folk duo between singer/ songwriter Eugene Brown and guitarist Justin Wright.

Eventually, Brown moved to Denver where he completed the band with an array of musicians whose influences range from folk to experimental noise. The result is a band that delivers a very high-impact show that takes the audience on an emotional invested journey with the band members, who play as though they were men wrongly sentenced to death yet still retaining joy and the knowledge of the smallest beauty that surrounds them.

In 2006 after the release of their first album, "Radiation, Weather, Art", they were voted Denver's Best up-and-coming band by the city's acclaimed Westword. They have continued their dedication to creating music that is at once familiar, yet startlingly wonderful.

Their new album, "Mutiny", was made this past year through various line-up changes and a host of set-backs but it remains one of the most highly anticipated releases by any of the local bands. They have pushed forward musically from the ambient folk epic "RWA", and continue to play many critically acclaimed shows. The band is ready to take that big step from being local critic darlings to a band known and appreciated for the quality music it creates.

With a line-up that is fully dedicated the possibilities of what music can and should be, (die) Pilot is on the forefront of music. Be it Ennio Morricone influenced sambas, restrained singer/songwriter numbers backed by slide-guitar and tasteful violin, dance infused rock numbers, or the most gloriously beautiful and inspiring pop tune one would ever hear, (die) Pilot is a band for all seasons who constantly test themselves and the limits of all styles.

Their new album, "Mutiny", reflects this. It is the result of disparate musicians coming together to create something they all can be proud of.

The band is in the currently in the studio mastering a new EP of over 40 minutes of new music that will be released in Dec. 2008

(die) PILOT has been compared to bands like Bright Eyes, Arcade Fire and Wilco but they still emerge with their own identity intact. Some of the great bands that they have had the opportunity to share the stage with are, but not limited to Wovenhand, Augie March, The Avett Brothers, The Lilys, Born In The Flood, Porlolo, The Photo Atlas, Tokyo Police Club, Meese, Asobi Sesku, Shearwater and most of Denver's finest local acts.


Walk To The Sun

Written By: Eugene Brown

Well the heat its so bad
I've felt locked here for days
But I'd walk to the sun
If that means you will change

And I know what your thinking
Hell I'm changing too
So honey don't you worry
Cuz I know my way through

No honey don't you worry
Cuz I know my way through

So you tell me your secrets
And I'll spill out my lies
And then we can sift through them
To find compromise

In this world of envy
And spectacle nights
And those bottomless pits
That you pass of as eyes

In this bottomless pit
That we both know as life

And the fights last so long
Till my shits on the lawn
And the doors that are broken
From the fist of my arm
And the way that you
Seem to speak
To me now

But hopefully soon
On a grand afternoon
We'll sit at a park
Where the flowers in bloom
Can remind us of our hearts
All bandaged and scarred
Can remind us of just how
Stupid we really are

When I was kid
Arizona seemed far
Till I witnessed this country
In my daddy's black car

And then the north and the south
And the east seemed the same
When my sister and I would play
Traveling games

When my sister and I would sing
Songs of the day

But we made a wrong turn
Leaving Yellowstone Park
And drove straight through Montana
Until it got dark

And the following day we saw
Custer's Last Stand
Imagine the natives
Being drove off the land

Now imagine a young boy
Becoming a man

And some memories get lost
When you aimlessly walk
Through a life filled with lusts
That scream "help" when you talk
And the coldest that you've
Ever felt was
Doused in flames

And theres that struggle with God
If he's real or he's not
And my lack of redemption
If I get proven wrong
Or a sign that we
Were recorded all along
But until then Ill just keep
Singing these songs

Broken Frames

Written By: Eugene Brown

Well you ask
For the key
And I reach
For some simple solution to this
And you cry
When I leave

So I wait
For the shock
But you stall
Like I'm someone that you've never heard of
And I fall
When you dream

So just take all the pictures
Cut me out
Till I'm obsolete
Take the glass from the frames you've dropped
Cut yourself
Till the feeling stops

Till the feeling stops
If it ever even happens
And your eyes goes to dark
From the center of your eyelids

From the center of your eyelids

Now I sit
In a box
Don't attempt to release or embrace
And you lie
To my face

And its guns
Knives and shells
Or your pens
Well you're a lover
A no one
A friend
And it's pride
You defend

So just take all the pictures
Cut me out
Till I'm obsolete
Take the glass from the frames you've dropped
Cut yourself
Till the feeling stops

Till the feeling stops
If it ever even happens
And your mind goes to dark
The only sinner on your island

The only sinner on your island

In A Younger Age

Written By: Eugene Brown

You conjure up my name
And find it good to cure yourself
Of anything that incomplete

And in a younger age
I tried to stay between the lines
But breeched that thought a thousand times

And we could dance across this town like strays
Until we learn to move around
Chalking up the precious time we often waste
Oh on anything
We can't change

And you say
That we're older now
Walk away

Walk away
Walk away

You lost your way
On a path made of foriegn slopes
But soon your soul and ground elope

And in your younger days
You tried to stay between the lines
But couldnt avoid the open mines

And we could dance across this town like slaves
Until we learn to move around
Chalking up the precious time we often waste
Oh on anything
We can't change

And you say
That we're older now
Run away

Run away
Run away

Run away
Run away

Pear Tree

Written By: Eugene Brown

My father picked me up on a Sunday morn
And said his father's heart had given in
Out digging a hole
To plant a pear tree

Well my grandmother she was taught to abide
But left it all behind soon as the fresh dirt
And we don't speak on it
Or anything

Else embarrassing
To what we believe
To be the most important things
We could ever leave behind

And if she didn't see the world
Outside of his ways
Then she would never really felt or understood
Her time nor place
And that's a risk no soul should take

An old friend's mother met his father, and it was
Before you could even blink and they were married
So I guess that true love really does exist

But years of welding gave him headaches
And he went in just to come out a hapless prisoner
Of his own body
Till he killed himself

Sometimes you have to cheat
To find the truth
But there will always be something worthy
You're gonna lose

But if he didn't see the world
Paralyzed and licked
Then we would have never really felt or understood
Whats it means to swim
And that's a fact that we tend to forget

Well I spent some time searching for meaning
And you know it always seems to come when least expected
A small hotel in
North Kentucky

And it wasn't long I got to thinking
When I noticed life ain't much for living
But more of getting dressed
Before its time to leave

And if your fast asleep
In hindered dream
Just remember there are those of us
Who have tread upstream

And whether we made the shore
Or chose to sink
It don't matter when you're up against
The mutiny
Of all the things you used to be

I went up to visit on a Sunday morn
To laugh with my kin amongst the spring
And I saw myself
Inside a pear tree


LP: Radiation, Weather, Art (2005, Self-Released)
LP: Mutiny (Released June of 2008)
EP: A Kind and Gentle Blasphemy (Due out in Dec.2008)
Has received international and internet radio play.

Set List

9-12 songs depending on the venue and what other bands we're playing with so that we compliment each other. We can do fully acoustic sets based on strong singer/songwriter style songs or full out rocking shows that leave us dripping with sweat. With a repertoire of over 30 original songs its pretty easy for us to choose out a set list that works well for the event.
We rarely play covers, and when we do its for a good reason and done in our own style.