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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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"Beyond Fate Album Review"

Beyond Fate is the latest full-length disc from the Brooklyn-based, female fronted band, Die Pretty. They've been creating a stir in the NYC music scene; wowing critics and fans alike with their upbeat brand of pop-influenced alternative rock. Their music contains varied tempos and catchy lyrical hooks that are so attention-grabbing and listener-friendly you will not be unable to get them out of your head long after the player has stopped.

Vocalist and bassist Sarah Orloff has a powerful and unique voice that I feel really helps set them apart from the competition. The songs are not overdone nor is the lyrical content so deep that you need to focus on some really vague message; really this is just good, fun, entertaining music.

I don’t know that I can single out any one track that would be a favorite of mine, but if hard pressed to do so I would have to say the closer, "Hey Girl". It's light, upbeat, super infectious vibe really sets the tone for the rest of the disc. Top to bottom this CD kept my interest and made me want to hear more.

- Pure Grain Audio

"Beyond Fate Album Review"

Beyond Fate, the debut full-length album from New York rockers Die Pretty, out May 8th, is a very ambitious project. At twenty tracks, the album is a collection of every song from the band’s EPs, for better or worse.

Die Pretty’s songs have a driving punk force behind them. Their combination of rock guitar, chugging bass, and pounding drums, gives the music constant movement. There is a certain quality to songs like “Girls and Boys” and “Voices,” that makes them feel like they are shaking the walls.

It’s this sound that makes Beyond Fate come out of the gate swinging. The first three songs, the single “Medicated Nation,” “Voices,” and “Let Me Out,” are the band’s best and most memorable songs. - The Examiner Magazine

"Beyond Fate Album Review - 7.5 out of 10"

Sounds like-A heavy No Doubt meets Republica. Heavy alternative sound with a female pop punk radio friendly voice. This could be the sister to No Doubt’s Return of Saturn.

Review-When I looked at the cover to this cd, I thought the music would sound like Kidney Thieves or Snake River Conspiracy. Boy was I shocked. And, you know what after a few minutes Sarah starts to grow on you. The strongest part of this cd is the first 7 songs. They showcase what this band seems to be trying to show you the listener what they do best. Which is pop punk fun vocals that can make the women beg their men to buy this cd and concert tickets for them. And the guy would also be getting into it, even though he will fight it. Medication the lead off track is so misleading, you are almost expecting some hard edged thought provoking Courtney Love inspired band because this song really does not fit in with the theme of the cd. After that sort of anti-pop intro song you get the No Doubt pop radio with a punky edge feel Voices with its get up and have fun vibe. This is one of those songs that you know in a live setting would translate well. Songs like My Own Mind sound like a very top 40 ish Missing Persons. Esp. with the catchy background vocals. Songs like Grin and Bear it, just seem to jump out of the speakers and tries to grab you and pull you into them. With the guitar and feel, you know they just wanted to show people they could rock. The guitars and vocals are so catchy; it is like a heavy Flyleaf. And the chorus and catchiness of the lyrics, this is the song that could elevate them if Modern Rock Radio would embrace it.
The negative to this cd is that at 20 tracks, the cd starts to lose its steam towards the end. Like they lost focus and could not come up with any more ideas, and just tried to re-do the first half of the cd with different lyrics. But, this is safe bubble gum pop music that could help get them some attention from soundtracks and the CW. Their music contains varied tempos and catchy lyrical hooks that are so listener friendly. Vocalist and bassist Sarah Orloff has a powerful and unique voice that I feel really needs a few more cds under her belt to see where the direction of this band will go. I think this is what Aimee Echo tried to do with The Start when they signed to Nitro for their sophomore cd. All in all, at 20 tracks it does seem to drag and lose its fun and flavor towards the middle and end. But, I really do think this cd for what it offers is really a good buy. Especially with all you No Doubt fans waiting for them to release that comeback cd, this may be a good substitute. I will say this if magazines got a look at Sarah; she may be your next “it” female rocker. I see star in her, get her on a major tour and that would be money. The real test would be what they do next. All in all, I will probably listen to certain songs over and over, and would love to see if they have the live chops to capitalize on this vibe their cd seems to have.

7.5 out of 10 - Wicked Channel

"Beyond Fate Album Review - Gets an 8 out of 10"

We Scots like ‘value for money.’ Everybody does I guess, but we as a race have created our own stereotypical identity based on this fact. And with twenty tracks (yup – two, zero!) spanning one whole hour, this is exactly what we get with DIE PRETTY’s album, ‘Beyond Fate.’

I recall reviewing their ‘Battle Over Brooklyn’ EP last year and feeling suitably impressed, but wondering how they would fare over a longer effort. ‘Beyond Fate,’ the second full length album from the band provides the answer.

Twenty tracks is a bit of a daunting prospect. There’s the danger of it becoming a bit familiar, tedious even, in the latter stages. But I think DIE PRETTY manage to get away with it. How?

Well, I reckon (though I have no confirmation of this) that with so many songs at their disposal, some of these were written a good while ago. Consequently, there are two distinct sides to the music of DIE PRETTY, as indeed there are regards the vocal styles of Sarah Orloff.

Firstly there is the ‘Rock’ side and Sarah’s powerful voice roaming around a high range and sounding something like a combination of Amy Lee from Evanescence and the grittier Andrea Zollo from Pretty Girls Make Graves. This is most prevalent in the album opener, ‘Medicated Nation.’

And then there is the more ‘Punk’ side to the band’s style. Tracks such as ‘Girls And Boys’ and ‘Heart Of Stone’ have a more frenetic feel and frantic drumming while on ‘Paint It Red,’ the vocals and harmonies combined with this energetic backing create something akin to early Go Gos! My personal favourite though, ‘Knife, Bullet, Noose,’ is screamed and sneered in a manner that at points reminds me of Brody Dalle.

And let’s not forget the Country infused ‘7th Avenue.’ Well, it’s certainly not a ‘Country’ track’ but the guitar and galloping drums do give it a little tweak in that direction. The softer, more ballad type ‘Microphone’ also mixes things up a little as the album approaches the mid point.

In general the more ‘punk’ side to DIE PRETTY manifests itself in the second half of the album, and this I think is most definitely the stronger half.

My initial ‘fears’ were certainly allayed by the time I reached the end of ‘Beyond Fate.’ This is a pretty damn fine album – but it could have been two!

(Available now via the DIE PRETTY website)


__________________________ - Loud Horizon



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"Bittersweet reviewed by Maggie Hobbs"

Bands now appear to market themselves according to gimmicks. Maybe it's the quirky lyrics. Maybe its the makeup, on men and women alike. Sometimes its with the synthesizers, adding a slight twist to straight-up punk rock. That's what makes Die Pretty stand out in all of this- their gimmick is specifically that they do not have one.

What Die Pretty do have is a raw, unpolished quality to their music that puts them more in the vein of early punk rock, when gimmicks were eschewed in favor of attitude. Die Pretty, composed of Sarah on vocals and bass, Skip on guitar and vocals, Angelo on drums and Tommy on guitar, are that much more refreshing as a band, as it is not the makeup or the outfits that make the band, but the music. As it should be.
Female-Fronted Band

What one notices immediately when listening to Die Pretty is the frontman- or in this case, frontwoman- for the band. Though women have been present in punk rock since the beginning, lately they seem to be less and less showcased in punk rock.

Like with most things in punk rock, if it does not have a certain edge to it, it does not fit in with the music. Die Pretty's Sarah may not have an American idol voice- but that's for the best. She uses her greater vocal range than most male punk band frontmen to her advantage. While the track "Can You Hear Me" is slower than most Die Pretty songs, Sarah's voice becomes hushed to match, but kicks into higher gear on songs like "Grin and Bear It." While sometimes the vocals feel more strained and higher-pitched (seen in the track "Heart of Stone"), they blend in well with the music.
Raw Punk Rock

Die Pretty have a penchant for combining the melody of pop-punk with the speed and aggressivity of hardcore punk and early punk rock, combining elements of new school and old school punk rock. The unpolished feel to the album- in particular to the raw emotion of the vocals- adds an edgy feel that is sadly lacking in new school punk rock.

Read more: http://punkskamusic.suite101.com/article.cfm/album_review_die_prettys_bittersweet#ixzz0FV7MDdT6&B

http://punkskamusic.suite101.com/article.cfm/album_review_die_prettys_bittersweet - Suite101

"Reviews for new album -"

http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=22963792&blogID=466296660<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />....

DIE PRETTY – Bittersweet: All I can say is what a great band? From the opening moments of this ten track CD I was blown away by this NYC Punk/Rock crossover band. The main players of this band are a brother and sister and boy do they rock! This album opens up with 'Girls And Boys' one of the best tunes I've heard in 2009 and then it just gets better. Just listen to tunes such as 'Grin And Bear It', 'Angela', 'Can You Make It' and 'Heart Of Stone'. You'll be blown away by Sarah's vocals and great bass lines. Not forgetting Skips guitar and vocal work either! For a band who've just been going three years they're put together one of the best albums I've heard in years both lyrically and musically. The production is spot on too and this comes well packaged too! 9.5/10....

- Various Websites and Magazines

"Die Pretty get recommended Album of the Week"

Good recommendation for album of the week...translation is below...

Does anyone still have a copy of the September 2006 issue of “Tattoos for Women” lying around? The cover is graced by non other than “DIE PRETTY” front-woman Sarah who, along with her band colleagues that include her brother Skip, is heralded as the “Punk Rock Hope”. This turns out not to be a false promise if one gives their debut album “Bitter Sweet” a listen. Contained is good strong dose of melodic punk rock songs that remind one of Pennywise, Social Distortion and No Doubt, with Sarah’s vocals sounding like an exhilarated and edgy Gwen Stefani. - Musiktipps

"Die Pretty from Punkrock! magazine"


DIE PRETTY from New York have absolute catchy potential. “Girls And Boys”, the first track on the debut CD “Bittersweet” goes straight to your head and reminds one of the fantastic band DOVER. The songs go straight ahead balls to the wall style with the background shouts on tracks like “Angels” making you want to stick your fist in the air and go crazy. - Punkrock! magazine

"Die Pretty"

This band has already shared the stage with the likes of PENNYWISE and GOLDFINGER, and this is exactly the direction where one is to find the sound of DIE PRETTY: fast, melodic punk rock topped off with accomplished female vocals. The entire approach of DIE PRETTY reminds me of TSUNAMI BOMB, who have released a similar calibre a few years back with their album “The Ultimate Escape”. DIE PRETTY has definitely managed to imprint their name in my memory as well as the newly founded label. (8/10 Points)

http://www.allschools.de/recordReview.php3?ID=54221 - All Schools Network

"Die Pretty"

We are dealing here with a successful synthesis of vocals reminiscent of Gwen Stefani in her NO DOUBT days, SOCIAL DISTORTION inspired riffs as well as harmonies pointing towards PENNYWISE. Ten highly melodic and largely straight lovely pearls that are perfect as the sugar sweet backing track for summer rendezvous of passionate skateboarders. (7/10 Points)

http://www.ox-fanzine.de/ - Ox Magazine

"Die Pretty "Bittersweet" review"

DIE PRETTY play fast, straight ahead punk rock influenced by the likes of Pennywise, Green Day and Social Distortion. Enthralling and hitting the spot, straightforward no frills and great, that is “Bittersweet”. (4/5 Points)

http://www.bumbanet.de/2009/01/die-pretty-bittersweet/ - bumbanet.de

"Die Pretty review"

DIE PRETTY play refreshing, unpretentious Punk Rock-Power-Pop that gets you tapping your feet and that knows how to please. Memorable riffs, catchy refrains as well as a clear and crisp female voice interweave to form ten excellent songs of which none disappoint.
- (Kinkats Magazin)

"Bittersweet review"

The explosive and break-neck tempo invariably tear you along and result in head bobbing and time passing double quick. DIE PRETTY position themselves musically as a mix of Social Distortion and Lady Luck, the other outfit of Roger Miret. The song writing on the debut album of the east coast rockers is focused and tight.
- (music-scan.de)

"Die Pretty review"

Musically one is presented with straight Punk Rock. Played tightly with a touch of Pennywise, a touch of Social Distortion, whereby the sound mainly is more rock orientated owing to the vocals which remind one of No Doubt at times.
- (Useless Fanzine)


"Beyond Fate" - MVD/Cargo Distribution nationally and internationally

"Battle over Brooklyn" EP 2011 - JMD Distribution

"Die Pretty" EP(Self Titled) 2010 - JMD Distribution

"Bittersweet" (Unconform Records 2009 Germany) iTunes



Most bands in their mid 20s don't have to deal with Cancer and the scars it leaves on band members and loved-ones. But for Brooklyn based and in your face, Alt/Rock "Die Pretty", they did.

Sibings, Sarah Orloff and Sal Leo began writing music together when they were teenagers and formed their first band The Flying Bobbz…named after an amusement park ride. So Cal Punk and Ska bands heavily influenced them. They performed in and around different bars and halls in their hometown of Johnstown, NY. They quickly gained a following and even had regular rotation of one of their songs on a popular FM rock station WQBJ.

After college Sarah Orloff, singer/bassist and Sal Leo, guitar, met fellow guitarist, Tommy Cai (Chinese) and drummer, Angelo Merendino (Italian) after posting an add on Craigslist, they had a real melting pot of a band. It was exciting and in 2008 "Die Pretty" the Alt/Punk band was born.

Their first album "Bittersweet" was picked up by an indie label Unconform Records, out of Frankfurt Germany in 2009 and "Girls and Boys" was radio candy. Having a debut record out in Europe was thrilling; it quickly sold 900 copies before the label sadly folded. They continued to write songs, using New York City as their inspiration. Living in the city certainly provided a canvas of life experiences to work with, which can be seen inked onto Sarah and Sal. They had appearances on TVs NY INK (TLC 2012) and Modeling assignments for INKED Mag (2011). They played the top live venues in NYC regularly…including Arlene's Grocery (Most recently: March 30th 2012 SOLD OUT SHOW) and Gramercy Theatre to enthusiastic fans and it was inspiring.

In 2011 "Die Pretty" was named one of the "TOP 100 UNSIGNED BANDS of 2011" by Music Connection Magazine. They went back into the studio to finish work on their 2012 record with Producer/Engineer, Oliver Straus, in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Sadly, Angelo's wife passed away from Cancer in 2011. Devastated and under the stress of it all Angelo could not go on playing music and left the band. They'll always have the two of them close to their hearts and remembered in the stories the Tattoo's tell on both Sarah and Sal. The new album "Beyond Fate" is dedicated to Angelo and Jennifer. http://mywifesfightwithbreastcancer.com

"Die Pretty's" value proposition, a 20-song album, CD & Digital, ($9.99) will be released nationally on May 8th, 2012 entitled "Beyond Fate" to brick & mortar stores thru distributor MVD. They hope that this will be their breakthrough release. The first single off the release is "Medicated Nation" (Video on Outlets Nationally), the struggle of so many people needing meds to live a somewhat normal life is already getting radio play in New York, Phoenix and Los Angeles and the music is spreading with tour dates following. They have also been nominated as an "Artist On The Verge" at the New Music Seminar. "Die Pretty" hope that the memory and struggle of the last few years won't be forgotten and their inspiration within the music will live forever like the stories in ink that adorns their skin, for all to enjoy.

For Interview Requests, CD Review Copies or Photoshoots, contact: Ian Faith 310.386.7327
Global Creative Group, Inc
info@GCGMusic.com or visit www.dieprettymusic.com