Die Princess Die

Die Princess Die


DPD's thick dirty sound is ferocious, meaty and gritty. With trashy guitars, distorted guitar and heavy, thick bass, DPD is noisy but still bring the rock to the mix. Reminiscent of old bands on Gravity Records, they are quirky and eccentric and just plain awesome.


Based out of Los Angeles CA, 2 full length records, 1 split 7"and a track on a comp
past shows and tours
Europe Tour in 2007
CMJ showcase 2006
SXSW showcase 2006
SXSW showcase 2005


Lions Eat Lions CD (Gold Standard Labs)
Lions Eat Lions LP ( Rococo records)
Lions Eat Lions Deluxe CD France ( ufv records )
Self Titled full legnth CD (cut lips recordings)
Self Titled full length LP (rococo records)
split 7" w/the manifolds (kill shaman records)
golden grouper compilation (gold standard labs)