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"record review"

DPD's thick dirty sound is ferocious, meaty and gritty. With trashy guitars, distorted guitar and heavy, thick bass, DPD is noisy but still bring the rock to the mix. Reminiscent of old bands on Gravity Records, they are quirky and eccentric and just plain awesome. - punk planet

"Record Review"

I had barely even looked at this record before it had been earmarked for the trash can. The band is called Die Princess Die, all the artwork is washed out black and white pictures colored pink and the press release was so annoyingly hip that I refuse to quote it. So why did I even bother putting it in? You're probably thinking "Because that's your job, asshole!" (and I'd be lying if I denied that was part of it) but the only real reason I even listened to this record was the actual contents of the cover art, a tight close-up of a filthy, thick mustache. I figured that despite all the undesirable outward qualities of this record, any band with enough of a sense of humor to put a giant mustache on their cover couldn't be all bad.

What I found contained beneath the mustache was a dirty rock record sprinkled with a wealth of musical elements, one that simultaneously takes so many musical approaches that the end result is dizzying at times. If you could imagine the combination of Converge's latest material with the hook-laden electro-fuzz of Big Black, you'd be on the right track. While they usually aren't particularly heavy, they are always just plain LOUD. The vocals combine the throaty wails of Sweet Cobra with the attitude of A.R.E. Weapons. Despite the frequent technically creative drumming on this record, it's also not particularly complicated, relying instead on its thick grooves to build the framework of the songs. Though there's a lot more going on here than I can really capture in words and comparisons, this should give you an idea of whether or not you'd be interested in checking them out.

Bottom Line: This isn't the sort of record that I'm used to getting so a lot of the usual criticisms don't apply here. It's impressive without being amazing. For anyone to say that they're not doing their own thing would be pretty absurd, but one might not necessarily care for their brand of rock. Fans of loud and progressive music should appreciate a band that has obscured the line between loud indie rock and all the often confusing genres that loosely affiliated make up the term "hardcore" these days. If you dig what bands like These Arms Are Snakes or Blood Brothers are doing (not necessarily with their sound, but with their musical approach), or if you just wish more bands were marching to the beat of their own double-bass-less drums, check out Die Princess Die's record. It's one of the most enjoyable debuts of 2004. - lambgoat

"record review"

I don't even know how to describe this album and in this case, that's a good thing. From the dark-electro intro song (called "Introduction" as fate would have it) to the end of the album, this CD is filled with all sorts of fun moody noise that can go from making you dance to making you go into a corner where you curl up into a ball and weep. I was a little worried when I saw that there were remixes of a couple of the songs on this album, but they don't detract from the overall record at all. If anything, they add more richness to it as if they were reprises in a musical...a scary violent musical, but I think I've made my point. I think my favorite song on this album is "The Shakes", but I enjoyed every single song on this album. You can be sure that I'll be asking them to play on No-Fi "Radio" sometime this year. Oh, and the CD design is really good too. I love when that happens. Get this one for exploring a forest late at night.
- no fi magazine

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please go to the press section at
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Lions Eat Lions CD (Gold Standard Labs)
Lions Eat Lions LP ( Rococo records)
Lions Eat Lions Deluxe CD France ( ufv records )
Self Titled full legnth CD (cut lips recordings)
Self Titled full length LP (rococo records)
split 7" w/the manifolds (kill shaman records)
golden grouper compilation (gold standard labs)



Based out of Los Angeles CA, 2 full length records, 1 split 7"and a track on a comp
past shows and tours
Europe Tour in 2007
CMJ showcase 2006
SXSW showcase 2006
SXSW showcase 2005