Die Right Now

Die Right Now


We are essentric, different from the normal sound, it is hard to put us in a catagory for a style. We play anything pretty much whatever we feel at the time, we can play a melodic chours and quickly turn it into a hardcore breakdown and it will all still fit.


Die Right Now, formed in Nov. 2005, is a screamo/post hardcore/emo/awesome core band from Bangor Maine. Tyler - vocals, Rick - lead/rythm, Dustin - drums, Candice - rythm/lead, Scott - bass. Formed from the ashes of bands such as My Dying Breath, 7 Day Weekend, and Dysfunctional Homeshow. The bands that have influenced us is senses fail, Alexisonfire,underoath, and Chiodos.
we have proven that we can play with anyone weather it be a heavy metal monday, or show on the week end with an indie band we cn do it all. We have a great mixture with the heavy screams and melodic vocals countered by the the moshy breakdowns and catchy chourses.
Thjis band was put together mainly by the vocalist Tyler who was in previous bands wil all members except the drummer dustin and he knew there woul be potential and who really wanted to work thard to make all dreams come true and threst in history, starting off as strangers we have now formed a family like bond and are ready to show the music would what we have to offer.


We currently have a new cd out it is called "I'm Sorry I Killed You" and on there it features the single "You know it's over when you're not my friend on myspace anymore" and you can hear us on a local radio staton 89.3 whsn and or hear us on myspace at myspace.com/dierightnmow or on purevolume.com/drn .

Set List

1.Miss Unemployed dropout
2.Let's play appointments...I'll See you next tuesday
3.Car crashes are makeovers for pretty people
4.Seeing you lying there reminds me of a morgue
5.I have better things to do tonight then die for you..Again
6.I slit My wrists in the shower to wash away the memories of you.
7.You know it's over when you're not my fried on myspace anymore.

our sets are 30 minutes long usually but we can extend them if needed.