Die Rote Kapelle

Die Rote Kapelle


We're a hardcore band, but we incorporate many other styles. We also write what we want to hear instead of following the breakdown after breakdown formula used by most hardcore bands today.


Die Rote Kapelle started in March 2006 as five best friends playing hardcore with the goal of throwing a stick into the spokes of the genre. They have been compared to bands that transformed hardcore in the 90s such as Refused, Botch, Converge, Deadguy, and Coalesce; the band has found their signature sound that sets them apart from any other band in the Pittsburgh hardcore/metal scene. They've shared the stage with all types of bands: metal, hardcore, grind, rock, punk, indie, emo, pop, etc. Despite playing with this wide array of bands, they still manage to get positive feedback from concertgoers because of their accessible sound and breakneck live show.


Say Macaroni And Hang Up

Written By: Dave Watt

so it never occurred to you?
i can't say it now.
the foam that i'm choking on makes it rough.
i'm rabidly dedicated to you.
so c'mon, let's cut loose!

caught the passion,
caught the love.
hydrophobic dialogue.

i threw a fit in honor of you.
i never expected it to catch on.

i tried to win you a wedding,
but all i got was a heartworm and a headache.
so much for my splendor.

caught the feeling,
caught the zeal.
penicillin sex appeal.
help me or end it.

it's not a cure, it's a medication.

Suddenly Serpent

Written By: Dave Watt

i think everything has been reduced to snake food.
i think small talk doesn't matter.

especially once curled inside the tunnel belly of a snake.
on the bright side, he can't swallow my ego.
let's use this downtime to discuss our vulnerabilities,
such as venom, constriction, and social anxiety.

how much do we have in common?
and, more importantly, which one of us cares?
i've lost my charm in the pile of guts.
but i said i was sorry, and i meant i was sorry.

what do ya say?
let's ditch this place and go for a ride.
snaps and thuds.
now this is what i call a date.

yes, i'm tired.
yes, it's from running through your head all day.
yes, it hurt when i fell from heaven.

(what a plight to troth!)
let's all bow our heads in silent prayer,
for the wickedly beautiful and tragically hip.
check out the chicks you have lined up,
like a funeral procession.
they're all clawing for a seat by the tomb.
clamoring for a chance to view the fashionably late.

this is exactly what i thought would happen.
that girl's your last meal and she's been burnt to a crisp.
feeding frenzy 'till you puke.


"Knifal Stabfoolery" EP - 5 tracks, released August 2006. The track "Say Macaroni And Hang Up" has been played by college radio stations at Slippery Rock University, California University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Pittsburgh.

Set List

We usually do about 6 original songs that stretch to about a half-hour.