Diesel & Dixie

Diesel & Dixie

 Austin, Texas, USA

"Motorhead meets Lynyrd Skynyrd with some Zeppelin blues." "A dirty Kansas." "Not just a show but a party that people are a part of." These are all quotes from other people, but we'll leave you with what we did pitch in a NYC elevator once. "What the past 30 years of Rock N Roll have been missing."


Rising from the darkness, Virginia drummer, Adam "The Hacksaw" Brady's furious backwoods pounding was Floridafied by True Lawton's "The Swamp's a Burnin" electric guitar stylings. The duo began to create a fiercely hard-hitting original blend of blues-infused Southern Rock. Both members were born of a background of fast-paced hard and heavy music. Influences ranging from bands such as Lords, Converge, Valient Thorr, Mastodon, Coliseum, Reflux, etc. The bond that glued the two together was their odd interpretation and love of Hank Sr. style country and Burnside style blues.

The pair relocated to New York City shortly after they began. There they found the undeniable focus of their musical direction. The eighteen wheeler rampage of thunderous mayhem blazed its way through the next year until truckstop hop-on, Richard "Ronald Reagan" Earnest joined the stagecoach of Southern runaways providing the purest desert blasting steeple toppling laser scream vocal explosions. With the core of members complete, the crazed country rebels decided to bring their unique brand of justice to the place it would truly be appreciated - Texas. The boys have resided there ever since.

On the cusp of releasing their first full length entitled, "Shortwave Rodeo", they continue to blow the minds of those who are lucky enough to be onlookers. Attendees have described their shows as an intense fusion of hilarious show antics, Zeppelin-esque freeform improvisational transitions, and just plainly a hell of a great time. In an age where the music world is awash with bands more concerned with connecting through facebook than their music, Diesel and Dixie stampedes right over those lame asses. If you're in the mood for an old school auditory ass kickin' your best bet is to seek out, with all your strength, the next Diesel and Dixie show.



Written By: Diesel & Dixie

Wasteland of humanity
Weeds of two thousand years
Overgrowth is all I can see
Reasons for mothers tears
Death is a state of mind
What you're in while you're alive
The sin and the sacrifice in endless cycles

They've come eighty times or more
Each time we bowed and called them Lord
I don't think I can take any more
'Cause something else is what I'm sold

(We eat. We breathe. We live.)
We're all gone with it
(Don't break. Hold fast. Have faith)
Unless you change your mind
(Belong. Behave. I'm free)
We're all trapped in it
(I'm right. You're wrong. Know peace.)
And wasting precious time

You can't see that you're the operator
When you find out, it stings
In days past I was the operator
Now cured of that disease
Burn down this apparatus
I cant see past these trees
Find out just what it means
To have a savior in me

Grey Yard

Written By: Diesel & Dixie

You greet the wold as you open your eyes
Pulled through time and space following the light
Stand, walk, run, feeling sensations like fright
Awareness sets in. Your dreams start to take flight

Stroll past an epitaph, one you've seen before
Thinking life above must be better than below
Got so much time ahead and room left to grow
You'll make this one better than the one that came before

The adventure awakens your soul
More to life, more than just getting old
Fall in love. Fall in love at first sight
With the light as it takes you, it takes you

Long nights and hard work traveling the road
Years pass like hours wearing down that headstone
You long forgot the taste of fire and limits high in the skies
Until you see the light again in a young child's eyes

See through the old mans eyes
Stand on the edge of a six foot dive
Beneath familiar words set in stone
That sparked so many dreams now left behind


Written By: Diesel & Dixie

Nineteen days to feel alive
Thirty-three to claim as prize


Had to go we cannot stay
Little known to the blockade
Hike the skirt and douse the lights
Slip away in dead of night

Forty-eight 'til screws away
Ruler rouse 'til break of day


Headed home to Wilmington
Back to the south where I come from
I fight this war to free my land
From prying eyes and greedy hands
But if they win They'll probably say
That one nation is a better way
One thing that will never fade is
Southern sons on northern waves



Written By: Diesel & Dixie

Hey all you outlaws
Let me hear you yell
Time to break you out of
Those dirty prison cells

Fightin' shootin' drinkin'
All just for the thrills
Lawman sees us coming
He's headed for the hills

You take and make outlaws of us all
We stand. We fight. This is our call
I can't be bought or do what I'm told
My blood. My body. My land. My soul

This is an outlaw roundup
With our guns raised high
If you aint with us
Then just reach for the sky

We're here to move the mountains
We were born to part the seas
Your troubled river is rising
We're no longer at your feet
Make way for us. We are the new law
Now, you know, you did it to yourself
Had time on your turn for stacking the deck
Now you gotta deal with what you're dealt


Shortwave Rodeo - Released March 2011
E.P. - To be released Fall of 2013

Set List

Jaw Gone
Twist The Tigers Tale
Never Again
Grey Yard
Georgia Overdrive
Arkansas Toothpick

40 - 50 mins