Die Sloe & Dj Smiley

Die Sloe & Dj Smiley

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The unique voice of Die Sloe distinctly sets him apart from other mid west rappers. Die Sloe's rhyming abilities meshed with DJ Smiley's skills on the tables, along with the help of hype-man Elite, promise to deliver a great show.


Die Sloe and DJ Smiley met back in early 2002 at a telemarketing job in Decorah, Iowa. After time they decided to become roommates in summer of 2002, with their love for hip hop being the focal point of their friendship. It was actually the first night they moved in, when Smiley broke out his turntables, that Die Sloe decided to pick up a mic for the first time. He had written obsessively in his free time, but never had the courage to actually "rap" until that night. The rest is just history.
Die Sloe's influence into hip hop began back in the early 90's, when he was living in California. His love for hip hop was deeply rooted, and it only grew as time passed. His influences early were Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Ice Cube, Nas, N.W.A., and countless other west coast artists. Through his study of the culture, and its history, New York artists ended up influencing the mid west MC the most. Mainly, artists such as Jay Z, Eminem, L.O.X., and Saigon gave him the additional motivation to record his maiden album, "Never Say Die", with DJ Smiley being responsible for creating the sound for the record.
Per Capita Entertainment is the company that they, along with Jordan Meltzer had founded. Their quest is to continue to make cutting edge music, along with booking shows. What sets Die Sloe and DJ Smiley apart from the rest of the acts around the mid western area is the ability to give you an extremely raw stage performance.
This is just the begining.....


Never Say Die-LP
Per Capita Anthem-Single, Radio Playable

Set List

Set list varies. It is a mixture of originals off our album Never Say Die as well as newer songs, and some popular mainstream instrumentals with original lyrics by Die Sloe. DJ Smiley blends the set with Die Sloe being the front man and Elite taking on the duties of the hype man. Can do anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour plus of original works, so 1 or 2 sets.